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How to record the Webex meeting on computer

Want to know how you can record your Webex meetings easily? Perfect! It's time we finally do it. Read in detail to learn how to record Webex meetings in this complete guide.

Ethan Hill Updated on Nov 29, 2022 8:39 PM
  • Desktop Webex offers a recording service for hosts to record the meeting.
  • Participants can record the Webex meeting by PowerPoint on Windows pc.
  • To record the Webex meeting with audio, the OBS Studio can be a safe bet.
  • You can try a more straightforward and user-friendly tool AppGeeker Screen Recorder to record Webex meetings with audio on Windows and Mac.

Online meeting is convenient for remote-work users to communicate with fellows.

With the development of the internet, various careers allow people to work from home, which prompts the release of online meeting software like Webex for convenient work communication. But what if an unexpected Webex meeting comes up when you're already swamped with other commitments? It's possible that recording Webex meetings would be the easiest option for checking later. Then how to record a Webex meeting flawlessly?

Don't panic. We've got your back. This article will show you how to record Webex meetings using any device and suggest alternatives to Webex's video recording features. So, without further ado, let's delve into the Webex meeting recording process!

Table of Contents

The recording principle of Webex meeting

There are two ways through which you can record Webex meetings.

Recording Webex meetings on the cloud (Paid)

Cisco Webex Meetings features meeting recording, which is useful for sharing meeting notes with individuals who cannot physically attend. Hosts can easily capture and distribute video recordings of their gatherings using Webex's in-built recording features and save the recording, but for a participant in a Webex meeting, recording the meeting might be a bit of a challenge.

Considering that there may be considerable online meetings for remote working people, the saving of meeting recordings can be a trouble. Therefore, Webex offers a cloud service for users to save and manage recordings. If you are the host and have subscribed to the premium, you can save the recording in the cloud.

Recording a meeting on the desktop (Free)

If you haven't updated to the premium, you still can record the Webex meeting as a host. But you can only save the Webex meeting recording on your computer, which demands you set aside enough storage for these recordings. It is helpful to record meetings for individuals who wish to save all meetings in case the previous recordings were covered.

How to record a Webex meeting as a host

Webex is a wonderful choice for capturing seminars, virtual meetings, and other video material you want to upload to websites like YouTube. The sort of subscriber you will determine the capturing options available for Webex sessions that you can use.

Note that to record a Webex session or meeting by the built-in feature, you must either serve as the host or an alternative host for the event. Let's look at the way to record Webex meetings with the built-in recording feature:

Step 1: Download and install desktop Webex.

Step 2: Create a new meeting and click a button labeled Record in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 3: Then Webex will prompt you to choose the location on your computer where the recording will be saved. After selecting the desired option, click the Save button to confirm.


  • Free desktop users can only save the recording to their local computer.

Step 4: After that, the recording will begin automatically, and a popup will show in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen for you to Pause or Stop recording.


  • Webex offers desktop and web versions. Only desktop Webex allows hosts to record the online meeting on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, or iPad.

How to record Webex meetings if you are a participant

Windows is the initial Webex platform. Webex is compatible with Windows 10 and later operating systems. But it also works with Mac models. Any Webex meeting can be recorded with little effort if the right circumstances are fulfilled. To begin, you'll need to ensure sure your hard drive or cloud storage has enough room to hold everything.

Xbox Game Bar

By default, Xbox Game Bar is the video converter on Windows 10 and 11 to capture game clips. It can not only record games but also other activities on your screen. You can use this tool to record Webex meetings on your Windows pc.

Step 1. Activate the Game Mode. Go to the Start menu on your computer and select Settings. Find Gaming, and toggle on the Game Mode.

Step 2. Use the combination Windows + G to launch the recording widgets.

Step 3. Open Webex and start meeting.

Step 4. Click the Start Recording button in the Capture widget to start recording the Webex meeting. Alternatively, you can press the Win + Alt + R shortcut on your keyboard to start recording. Then there would be a floating bar on your screen.

Step 5. Once the meeting stops, you can click the Stop Recording button to finish recording and check the recording in the Gallery or the default output folder on your computer.

The downside is that it can only record one application at a time. We can't guarantee that all activities like screen-share will be captured as well.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Give Microsoft PowerPoint a try if you're on Windows and need a good Xbox Game Bar alternative. You probably don't know that PowerPoint features screen recording on computers, not to mention how to record your screen using this tool. Created as a slide presentation tool, the Windows' built-in software, has developed into a superb and easy-to-use screen recorder since Microsoft Office 2010. Follow the steps below to record the Webex meeting via PowerPoint:

Step 1: Create a new PowerPoint file and add a new slide.

Step 2: Navigate to the Insert in the toolbar and choose Screen Recording.

Step 3: The PowerPoint file will be minimized automatically and you can drag the cross pointer to set the range on your screen for recording.

Step 4: Open the meeting and click the Record.

Step 5: Once the meeting ends, you can press Windows + Shift + Q to stop recording. Or you can slide the pointer on the top of the screen to show the hidden toolbar and click the Stop button.

However, you can only capture the external audio from your microphone via PowerPoint. Then how to record the screen with computer audio?

OBS Studio (For Mac and Windows)

Step 1. Download OBS Studio on your computer.

Step 2. Click Add in the Source and select Display Capture.

Step 3. Adjust the audio in Audio Mixer. Internal and external voices are captured by default when there's a microphone.

Step 4. Open the Webex online meeting and click Start Recording.

The OBS Studio is a professional screen recorder that works with Windows and Mac for free. The only point is that the interface is out of date and the recording process may be complex for novices.

How to record and edit the Webex meeting

Want to know the best and easiest software for recording Webex meetings? Your wait is over! The excellent and comprehensive AppGeeker Screen Recorder has arrived to record Webex meetings and other activities with audio on your computer. Appgeeker Screen Recorder works with macOS and Windows PCs, and the simple interface and straightforward recording process enable users to record a Webex online conference, capture games or create professional-looking instructional with internal and external audio using a webcam in a matter of minutes and with a few mouse clicks.

Moreover, users can customize the video during the recording process by adding notes, showing the mouse cursor, and more. It outputs recordings in several common formats like MP4 for the convenience of its customers to play them on different devices.

Screen Recorder's recording technique is almost the same on Mac and Windows PC; for simplicity's sake, we'll focus on Windows PC here. After downloading AppGeeker Screen Recorder, follow these steps below to capture the Webex meeting video directly from your computer:

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for Windows | for macOS

Step 1: Launch the program and pick the Video Recorder option to begin recording the Webex meeting.

Step 2: Recording the Full screen or Custom a region with a specified width and height is a breeze. Place the microphone and open the meeting interface, then turn on the System Sound and Microphone.

Step 3: Once you've adjusted the settings, click the REC button on the right to start recording the Webex and other activities on your screen.

Step 4: After doing this, you can preview and trim or edit your recording video on your computer and export the Webex meeting recording.


The content of your Webex meetings can be saved for later review. This is helpful if a meeting transcript is required, or some invited individuals cannot attend but would still want to see the recording.

If you want a proper comparison, you'll need a recorder with both video and audio recording capabilities. AppGeeker Screen Recorder is the superior method of recording Webex meetings on a computer due to its flexible settings. This free download lets you quickly and easily capture Webex meetings and everything other you see on your computer screen.

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