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How to Reset Windows 7 Password on Acer Laptop & Desktop

Imagine this: you power on your Acer Windows 7 computer (laptop or desktop), type the account password at the login screen, get ready to log onto the Windows, and...only get a "the username or password is incorrect" error message. You're locked from the computer.

It can be rather frustrating to receive such kind of message. When facing a password forgotten in Windows 7 on an Acer computer, the first thing you may do is by trying hard to remember the forgotten password with password hint and type again and then again. But it never works...

In theory, if you have another user account with administrator rights, or have a Windows 7 password recovery disk you created previously in Acer PC or laptop, you can regain access to your locked computer. However, I don't think these approaches would help you at the moment, would they?

Don't worry, you don't have to perform a system recovery to original factory conditions which erases everything on your computer. There are plenty of programs out there available for you to reset a forgotten Windows 7 password on your Acer laptop & desktop. With a little time, and some tweaks, you'll be able to get back to your machine again.

Today, we'll use a program called Spowersoft Windows Password Reset. It's a tool with a simple design that makes it easy to help you to reset a Windows 7 password on an Acer computer where you forgot the password. It also works nicely on other Windows systems like Windows XP, Vista, 8, 8.1 with update and the latest 10. It also supports resetting the domain password on Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008 and 2012. One of extra bonus of the tool is it can even add a new account with administrator rights, and delete the existing accounts. See comparison of 3 versions of the program.

Download the copy of the program on an accessible laptop & desktop, and run it.

Step 1: Make a password reset disk for Windows 7 system

Once the software opens, you'll see this screen below:

Put a blank CD/ DVD or USB drive onto the computer, and then press CD/DVD or USB device button at the bottom of the screen to begin creating a Windows 7 password reset disk.

Once done, unplug the USB drive or remove the CD/DVD from the computer.

Now, you will have to ensure that your locked Acer computer will boot from the USB device or CD/DVD disc you just created, rather than the Windows by default. If you have not already done so, make sure to configure the boot priorities in the BIOS.

Step 2: Adjust boot priority in your Acer BIOS to boot from the disk

Insert the Windows 7 password reset USB device or CD/ DVD disc into your Acer computer that requiring the password reset, and power on it.

When you see a message "Press [key] to enter BIOS Setup" displayed on your screen during the boot-up process, immediately press that key required and wait to enter the BIOS setup screen where you change boot order sequence.

some computers BIOS may list the message as "Press [key] to run Setup", "Press [key] to access system configuration", "Enter BIOS by pressing [key]", etc.

Tip: the right key to enter BIOS varies depending on the motherboard and model. Generally, the most common keys to enter the BIOS on Acer are F2, Delete. On some older computers, they may use F1 or the key combination CTRL+ALT+ESC to bring you into BIOS. Please look carefully at the message to see which key you need to press.

In the next screen, you will eventually see the Acer BIOS Setup utility, as screenshot shown below.

What you need to do is select what to boot-up from. Go to Boot menu tab, and under its Boot Device Priority option, set 1st Boot Device to CDROM or Hard Drive (it also may be called USB & Removable Devices in some BIOS), depending on the media type you just created in step 1.

Note, the interface of BIOS in computers may look like the image shown below, or may look like a bit different. See more: the list of computers with BIOS boot order options.

When everything is OK, press F10 to save and exit the BIOS, your Acer machine will restart.

Step 3: Reset Windows 7 admin user account password on your Acer computer

After your Acer laptop & desktop boot from the disk you configure in step 2, the software screen pops up, like the screenshot below. In our example, you can see there are 4 user accounts, including admin account, listed in the box.

Now the software needs to know exactly what you want to do. Choose the Windows 7 system in the first box (if you more than one OS installed), highlight the account that you want to reset the forgotten password, and press Reset button at the bottom.

The software will start resetting Reset the password of a user account in Windows 7 on Acer computer. Wait a while your password will reset to blank (no password).

When you are done click Reboot button, then remove the disk from the computer (important!), wait for your computer to restart.

That's it! You should now be able to access the account in Windows 7 again without a password! Once you are back into your Acer laptop & desktop, remember to set up a new password in Start > Control Panel > User Account so that your PC will be protected from unauthorized access.


How to Delete a password or create a new account (Special version only)

One of useful feature of this tool, apart from resetting a password in Windows 7 on Acer PC, is it allows you add a new account with the same level of admin rights, or delete an unwanted account in the system.


List of Acer Laptops & Desktops Supported

Laptops & notebooks & Ultrabooks & 2-in-1 PCs: Aspire R7-572-5893, Aspire R 11 (R3-131T-C1UF, R3-131T-C3GG, R3-131T-C0B1, R3-131T-P3BM), Aspire R 13 (R7-371T-50ZE, R7-371T-5009, R7-371T-78XG, R7-372T-50PJ), Aspire R 14 (R5-471T-52EE, R3-471T-35F3, R3-471T-7755, R3-471T-5039), Aspire R 15, Aspire V Nitro (VN7-792G-78V1, VN7-572G-53E7, VN7-572G-7178 , VN7-592G-71ZL), Aspire S3, Aspire S7 (S7-391-9427, S7-393-7451, S7-393-7616), Aspire S 13 (S5-371-52JR, S5-371T-58CC, S5-371T-537V, S5-371T-76UX), Aspire Switch 10 (SW5-012-192E, SW5-012-14HK, SW5-012P-11L5, SW5-012P-19KD), Switch Alpha 12 (SA5-271-594J, SA5-271-71NX, SA5-271-3475, SA5-271-55Q6), Aspire Switch 10 E (SW3-013-1566, SW3-013-10P7, SW3-013-127H, SW3-013-19AZ), Aspire Switch 11 (SW5-171-88JV, SW5-171P-82B3, SW5-111-18DY, SW5-171-33QB), Aspire Switch 11 V (SW5-173-632W, SW5-173P-61RD, SW5-173-63DW), Aspire Switch 12 (SW5-271-64V2), Aspire V5, Aspire V (V3-572PG-546C, 3-572PG-7915, V3-572-75D2), Aspire V 13 (V3-372T-75VV, V3-372T-77US, V3-372T-5051), Aspire V 15 (V3-575-50TD, V3-575G-57CN, V3-575T-71U5, V5-591G-50MJ), Aspire F (F5-571T-783Z, F5-573-505W, F5-571T-58AL, F5-571-50PF), Aspire E (E5-772-59WG, E5-573-52US, E5-573-395Q, E5-575G-53VG), Aspire E1 (E1-532-2635, E1-731-4699, E1-532-4629, E1-572-6484), Aspire E 11 (E3-111-C0QT), Aspire ES (ES1-521-266Z, ES1-571-P1MG, ES1-571-C4E2, ES1-571-C7N9), TravelMate P2 (TMP256-M-51Q1, TMP246-M-52X2, TMP245-MP-3446, TMP255-MP-6686), TravelMate P4 (TMP455-M-7462, TMP455-M-5406, TMP446-M-72N5, TMP446-M-77QP), TravelMate P6 (TMP645-SG-79QV, TMP645-MG-5409, TMP645-S-753L, TMP645-M-3862), TravelMate B (TMB115-M-C99B, TMB117-M-C37N, TMB115-MP-C6HB, TMB117-M-C578), etc.

Desktops & All-in-ones & Tablets: Aspire TC (ATC-705-UR53, ATC-105-UR22, ATC-605-UR18, ATC-710-UR57), Aspire XC (AXC-603-UR2A, AXC-704-UR51, AX3-710-UR54, AX3-710-UR52​), Aspire T3 (AT3-710-UR61, AT3-710-UR56), Aspire U5 (AU5-620-UR51, AU5-620-UR53), Aspire ZC (AZC-700G-UW61), Aspire Z3 (AZ3-710-UR55, AZ3-710-UR54, AZ3-710-UR52, AZ3-715-UR61), Aspire Z1 (AZ1-622-UR53, AZ1-622-UR54, AZ1-623-UR53, AZ1-611-UR51), Aspire Z3 Portable (AZ3-700-UR52), Revo One (RL85-UR51, RL85-UR44, RL85-UR42, RL85-UR52), Revo Build (M2-601-UR61, M1-601-UR52, M1-601-UR51), Veriton 2 (VM2632G-G3250X, VM2632G-i34160X, VM2630G-G3240X, VM2631-i54440X), Veriton 4 (VL4630G-i34150X, VM4630G-i54570X, VL4630G-i54590X, VN4620G-i5333X), Veriton Z (VZ4810G-i3435TX, VZ4820G-I5650Z, VZ4820G-I5650Z), Conia Tab 8 W (W1-810-14ZE), etc.

List of computer brands Supported

asus acerhplenovodell
necpackard bellsharp
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