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How to Retrieve Call History on Samsung Galaxy J7 (Prime, Pro, Duo, etc) Easily

Elena Spencer Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:09 PM

If you've had a Samsung Galaxy J7 phone for any length of time, it's easy to get used to living with chaos. You might find yourself scrolling madly through the call-log history in "Recent" tab, looking for one number of an old missed call — and you find that call log entry is missing. Regardless of your situation, though, losing or accidentally deleted call history doesn't seem to be unnerving. Fortunately, you're able to safely recover call logs on Samsung J7 device to get back the phone calls with very little effort at all. Keep on reading:

1. Retrieve Call History on Samsung J7 from Samsung Cloud

It shouldn't be a surprise that anything having to do with a Samsung device is going to lean heavily on Samsung account and Samsung Cloud. If your call history is backed up to Samsung Cloud storage, chances are very high that you're going to use the Restore function for the purpose of restoring deleted calls to Samsung Galaxy J7 (Prime) phone easily. Here's how to do.

  • On Home screen, tap Apps icon and select Settings.
  • Tap Cloud and accounts > Samsung Cloud > Restore.
  • From the list of backed-up data, select "Phone".
  • Tap Restore Now, and the missing call logs should reappear in the Phone app on J7.

Get Call History Back on Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime for Free

If you have kept a local backup for phone logs via Smart Switch, turn to this page to learn how to restore the backup and get back call history to Samsung J7 Android phone.

2. Recover Phone Calls from Samsung Galaxy J7 (Prime) Memory

The way mentioned above isn't a one-size-fits-all solution to recover deleted call history from Samsung J7 (Prime) — especially someone didn't keep a backup of call logs before deleting from the inbox. With that being said, we'll be focusing on Android Data Recovery that was bound to be featured on the list of user-friendly file recovery tools.

Just like its name signifies, the software will suit the task of retrieving call logs on Samsung J7 phones (J7, J7 2018, J7 2017, J7 2016, J7 Prime, etc.). It has the ability to dig deep and get as much call history out of the internal memory of the device as possible. There is even fancy extra such as a file management feature, which means that the Samsung J7 call logs recovery tool sorts call history it found by contact name, phone number, date, time and duration. This makes it easy to find the calls you've mistakenly deleted.

Download Now!

for MacOS | for Windows

Well, let's run over the process of recovering lost call history on Samsung Galaxy J7 storage without data loss. We'll be using Windows PC, but the process is virtually identical on a Mac.

Step 1: Plug Samsung J7 device into computer

Download the utility and install it on the machine.

Once you've got it running, choose "Android Data Recovery" mode on the main screen.

Then attach Samsung Galaxy J7 handset with computer via USB cord.

Step 2: Activate USB debugging mode on J7

Move on and enable USB debugging mode in the phone when indicated. It's case of simply following the on-screen directions.

Step 3: Specify "Call Logs" to scan

Next the software asks you select the type of files to search for.

To recover deleted Samsung J7 call history, check "Call Logs" options. Then click Next button.

Retrieve a Call Record on Samsung J7 (Prime)

Next up you'll prompted whether to run a deep scan or just normal scan. Note that to find more lost call records as well as the information, a deep scan is needed.

Continue to click Rooting Tools button, and then download the safe KingoRoot so as to get the J7 rooted for a deeper search.

See: How to root and unroot Android phone with KingoRoot.

Step 4: Recovering call history from Galaxy J7 Prime internal memory

Once the utility finishes scanning, you will be shown a list of call history detected on the J7 file system. Browse through the calls and details on the panel.

Select the deleted call logs you'd like to get back, and when confirm to go ahead, press Recover button to retrieve phone calls from call history on Samsung Galaxy J7.

Samsung J7 Call History Lost

Done! The recovered call history should save in the local directory on computer.

3. Retrieve Galaxy J7 Call Logs Free via Service Provider

Basically, most service providers like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile offer call history tracking service for free, allowing users to get the call list as well as the containing information such as phone numbers of the calls you made, received, missed or ignored, call date and call duration. So whenever the call logs in Samsung J7 (Prime) disappeared, head to your phone service provider's website, and have a check there.

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