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What is MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14)

MP4, also called MPEG-4 Part 14, is a compression standard of coding that widely used for storing video ,audio, subtitles and images. It was formulated by a Moving Picture Experts Group(MPEG) subordinated to International Standard Organization and International Electro technical Commission. It can actually hold several different types of videos using the MPEG-4 standards and H.264 codec. Its standard postfix format name for MPEG-4 Part 14 is .mp4.

What makes MPEG-4 superior to other formats is that it boasts a great feature. Apart form some most common functions and advantages, MP4 supports for Virtual Reality Modeling Language, owns Data Rights Management and other interactive functions. The feature, which is distinguished from MPEG-2, was no longer restricted to use macro block for image analysis but defined a single object as changing record. Consequently, no matter how fast when it changes, MP4 still remains the best visual effect.

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The characteristics of MP4 format

  • Different coding algorithms to various targets to ensure high efficiency.
  • Remain relatively separated from targets and certify the reusability of media data.
  • Allowance of single operation for interactions.
  • Allowance of flexible code rate to guarantee required quality.
  • Bring convenience to integrate original sound video and composite one.

To make it clear, MP4 enjoys less loss of quality and higher degree of compression, smaller file size and is suited to run video streaming over the internet.

The only imperfection of MP4 is that it is difficult to edit or update MP4 files when users need to remake a movie.

The compatibility of MP4 format

MP4 is widely used in different fields, which lays a solid foundation on format market. Here are some listed programs that are compatible with MP4. Such as Microsoft Windows Media Player, VideoLAN, VLC Media Player, Plex, Real Player, GOM Media Player, KMPlayer, Avidemux, CyberLink PowerDVD 14, Format Factory, MPEG Streamclip, SUPER, etc. for Windows version. Similarly, these programs are equally apply to Mac version. Besides, MP4 is also supported in some most frequently used websites and devices, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, iPhone, Samsung,PSP, for example. Other formats, by contrast, are limited in using. When you are storing data with MKV rather than MP4 format (see how to convert .mkv to .mp4 file on a Mac), you simply can only copy information to android but not Apply directly, which bring inconvenience to users.

Explanation of MP4 and M4A

Generally speaking, there is no difference between these MP4 and M4A except for the extension of filename. But it puzzles crowds of people the first time when it came into public. The purpose of raising a new one is to distinguish video with audio. M4a is apply to audio only while MP4 can support both video and audio, which makes MP4 a hard to replace format. And it is also simple when converting these two formats, just select the original name to revise, then is done.

Differences between MPEG4 and MP4

MP4 is a format container of video filename extension using for storing audio data and video format. While MPEG4 refers to a group of MPEG, which targeting at a famous low bandwidth compression to encode videos that are less than 1.5MBit per second. Besides, other media container formats like AVI, Matroska, MXF, Ogg, Quicktime are also used MPEG4 for encoding. As for supported devices, almost all media players accept MP4 format except for RealPlayer, which only supports partial MPEG4.

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Application domain of MP4

Since MPEG4 is open to public, any company or organization can develop different systems according to its standard. Therefore, a mass of video formats is showed up in the current market, such as WMV9, QuickTime, DivX, Xvid, etc. Whether it comes to use or not is totally up to developers' decision., which means the function of format not always include in one application. Hence MP4 has its profile and level, which defining a set of functions when applying in various devices.

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