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How to Convert VOB to MOV (or MOV to VOB) on Mac/ Windows

I want to ask about the best way and converter and settings to convert vob to mov format, so I can import it into Final Cut Pro. Are there any programs out there available for my Mac I can download? I'd like to make it ProRes .mov if at all possible.

VOB, abbreviation for "Video Object", is the main video file you will get when you rip a movie from a DVD. VOB is likely incompatible- or at least not perfect- for use with many video players, such as QuickTime. If you want to view a VOB file with QuickTime, you have to firstly convert VOB to MOV on Mac. In another situation, if you have MOV files on your Mac and need to burn them onto a DVD, you will need to convert the MOV to VOB (DVD Video Object file format), the standard format for DVD burning.

To quickly convert VOB to MOV, video converter is a great helper. Although there are hundreds of MOV video converters in the market which are introduced with the function of converting video among all file formats, there are kinds of situations letting us down: crash of programs, loss of video quality, limited format supported etc. In order to save you time, we here use and recommend Video Converter for Mac to solve your problem as easily and quickly as possible. For converting VOB to MOV file extension on a PC, please try Video Converter for Windows.

Note, if you can't extract VOB from DVD and convert to MOV, please use DVD Ripper.

Now, let's take a look at a simple way to convert your VOB file to MOV QuickTime movie file on Mac OS X.

To start, download this VOB to MOV converter (Mac version) and install it using the defaults. After installing, launch it and set the default output path when prompted. Be sure to choose a folder or drive with plenty of space.

Step 1: Run VOB to MOV Converter for Mac and import videos

When you open the application you'll likely notice that the interface could not be much simpler. Essentially all the instruction you need are displayed for you on the interface.

Now, click "Add File" button to open the file browser window and navigate to your VOB files, select it and click Open. Or drag-and-drop files onto the designated area. This VOB to MOV app features batch conversion function whereby multiple files can be converted at a time.

Step 2: Set Output Parameters

At the lower left side of the window there is a drop down menu that lets you set the output file. Click "Profile" drop-down box, select MOV - QuickTime Video (*.mov) as output format.

The Mac VOB to MOV app has many out-of-the-box Presets you can select depending on the device you want to watch your video on, and this will simplify the process of choosing conversion settings.

Edit VOB file (optional)

If you want to trim part of the imported video, for example, you can use the "Clip" option on the toolbar of the main interface, this will bring up a clipping window where you can use the sliders to set start and end points. To do other basic edits, "Edit" option on the toolbar have you covered: "Crop" to customize the frame size (16:9, 4:3 etc) and cut off black margins, "Rotate" to flip your video, "Watermark" to add logo, and even much more. This part is self-explanatory.

Step 3: Start the VOB to MOV Mac process


If everything looks good, simply press the 'Convert' button and the software will get to work, converting all the VOB files into MOV files for you. While your video is being converted, you can track the conversion process on status bar that was getting converted over to the QuickTime MOV file. Your wait time depends on the size of the VOB file you're converting and the speed of your system.