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How to recover deleted photos on iPhone XR with/ without backup

Ella Garcia Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:54 PM

I recently deleted some pictures I wasn't suppose to from All Photos album and later deleted them from the Recently Deleted folder. Help!!! How can I restore them? I have an iPhone XR.

It happens. You open Photos app in iPhone XR to browse through your photos. You tap around to switch back and forth between the folders—and then realize you've accidentally deleted a few of photos. You worry. Are the pictures gone forever?

Struggling to recover deleted photos on the iPhone XR is a bad experience that no one wants to encounter. But thankfully, there are easy ways to find and retrieve pictures from iPhone XR device so you won't lose your precious memories.

1. Check Recently Deleted album on iPhone XR (or iCloud)

Note: If you've permanently deleted photos in Recently Deleted folder as well, section 2 could be your lifesaver.

By default, if you select some photos and tap the Delete option, iPhone XR will put the pictures into Recently Deleted album within Photos app. They're not deleted at all and will be stored there for 30 days. So as long as the time limit doesn't pass, you should be able to restore deleted pictures to the normal All Photos album.

  • Open up Photos app on iPhone XR, and tap Albums at the bottom of the screen.
  • Go into Recently Deleted album, and check if the deleted photos are included.
  • Select the pictures you need to recover, and tap Recover option at the lower right corner.

How Do I Recover Deleted Images on iPhone XR

The same is true for the photos that you've deleted on iCloud. You can also recover deleted photos from Recently Deleted folder, and then sync them back to iPhone XR device. Make sure iCloud Photos is turned on in Settings.

  • Log into icloud.com and click Photos icon.
  • Find the Recently Deleted album and open it.
  • Choose the deleted photos and click Recover at the upper right position. The photos should be moved back to original location.
  • After that, grab iPhone XR and go to Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud.
  • Tap Photos and turn on iCloud Photos.
  • Connect device to Wi-Fi, and the deleted pictures restored from iCloud will be synced to iPhone XR with a few minutes.

Recovering Lost Pictures on iPhone XR

2. Use iPhone XR Photos Recovery Software (3rd Party Program)

If pictures have been deleted from the Recently Deleted album you're out of luck. But this doesn't mean it's impossible to get back deleted photos on the iPhone XR. You'll need a recovery utility, something like iOS Data Recovery, to scan the internal memory of iPhone XR to see whether the lost photos are intact on the device.

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With the solid program, recovering deleted photos on iPhone XR is quite as easy as a trip to the Recently Deleted folder. It's able to perform an automatic scan of the iPhone XR memory, and then let you preview deleted photos in the clear-cut window; that way you can verify you have the right files to be retrieved.

It also contains a built-in extractor that grants you to restore deleted pictures from either an iCloud backup or an iTunes backup. You don't need to worry that the process overwrites any important files on iPhone XR.

Guide: How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone XR without a backup

Relax—the on-screen instructions of the software help even the beginners get up to speed. Let's retrieve deleted photos from iPhone XR without backup.

Step 1: Connect iPhone XR to computer with USB

Start iOS Data Recovery application on your Mac or PC once it's installed.

Choose "Recover from iOS Data Recovery" module from the main menu, and then use the USB cable to attach iPhone XR with computer.

How Can I Restore Deleted Photos from iPhone XR without Backup

Step 2: Scan iPhone XR storage for deleted pictures

After clicking Start Scan button, you will get a window resembling the screen below.

From there, choose the options like "Camera Roll", "Photo Stream", "Photo Library", "App Photos", and press "Scan" button to trigger a full scan and find all deleted images.

Retrieving Deleted pictures on iPhone XR

Step 3: Preview and select deleted photos

When the scan completes, the next window below will be displayed.

Click to open "Camera Roll" category or other categories, browse and locate the pictures you wish to recover. You can turn on the toggle labeled "Only display the deleted item(s)" to quickly find the deleted photos.

Next, tick the checkbox of each photo and press Recover button.

Step 4: Start retrieving iPhone XR pictures

From the dialog that opens, designate a target path to save the deleted photos once they're recovered.

Hit the "Recover" button and the software recovers photos deleted from the iPhone XR, with no backup involving. You're good to go.

Restoring Photos Deleted on iPhone XR

3. Get Back Deleted Photos from iPhone XR Backup

Of course, some of you may have previous backup that has been made before the photos were deleted from iPhone XR—let's say the iCloud backup and iTunes/ Finder backup. If that's the case, you can restore iPhone XR from iCloud backup or iTunes backup to restore deleted images. Apple provides step-by-step guide here.

However, what we're talking about here is an easy way of restoring photos from iPhone XR backup (iCloud & iTunes & Finder), with more controls on recovering specific images. That's where iOS Data Recovery software comes to.

Restoring Photos from iCloud Backup without Overwriting iPhone XR

  • Run the software and select "Recover from iCloud Backup File" mode.
  • Sign up for iCloud account that is used for backing up deleted pictures previously.
  • Choose the options related to photos to download, like "Camera Roll", "Photo Library", "App Photos".
  • Select pictures for recovery and click Recover button to save them to computer.

How to Recover Images that Accidentally Deleted

Retrieving Pictures from iTunes Backup or Finder

  • Open up the program, then click on "Recover from iTunes Backup File" module.
  • Choose an iTunes backup to scan.
  • Preview lost iPhone XR photos and recover them.

How do I Recover Permanently Lost iPhone XR Pictures

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