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How to recover phone history from iPhone 8 (Plus)

Lucas Seltzer Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:52 PM

Do you ever know how to restore phone history, especially if and when you've deleted an incoming call and haven't taken that number in Contacts. Whatever the reasons, we'll walk you through a few ways to get back the deleted phone history on an iPhone 8 (Plus).

If you've got an iPhone 8 or iPhone Plus, you may probably know that Apple provide you with a list of phone numbers you've called or have called you, and offer the Edit function to delete the phone history from the Recent Calls if you want to do a bit of housekeeping, or clear the cluttered inbox with so many spamming calls. However, it doesn't come with the smart "Undelete" feature by which to recover the recent phone history you accidentally deleted from the list on iPhone 8.

So what's the solutions? Simple. To restore the lost or deleted phone calling history from an iPhone 8 (Plus), there are methods you could try to track it down.

Contacting the Phone Carrier

For an easy solution to the loss, you should first try contacting with your carrier company or logging into your phone account on the carrier website, and check what records of the phone history the company makes available to you. Once the cellular billing generates, you could be able to print out the phone history with detailed information including phone numbers, dates, times of day the calls were made or received, and duration of calls, so that you get the phone numbers or other data saved to iPhone 8 (Plus).

If you can't find the contents you need among the phone history records, continue to read.

Using iPhone History Recovery Utility

Now that recovering deleted phone history through phone carrier platform has not been promised, you're ready to implement other methods, one of which uses a third-party file recovering tool to retrieve the history on iPhone 8 (Plus). iOS Data Recovery will allow you to do so, but it has to be done as soon as possible after you delete the phone history in question.

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The desktop application is powerful, easy-to-use and highly effective in restoring the phone history which was lost or deleted from the iPhone 8 (Plus), regardless of whether it's been backed up. The automated scanning and organized algorithm will save you time because it offers controls for which phone history is retrieved. Other files like contacts, text messages, photos are more can be recovered effectively as well.

Now stop using your iPhone 8 (Plus) and do the restoration immediately before the deleted phone history overwritten. There are a few steps to take.

Step 1: Analyze the iPhone 8 (Plus) for deleted phone history

Open up the program and choose Recover from iOS Device mode from the left side of the interface.

Next, connect the iPhone 8 Plus to computer using a supplied USB cable, then click the Start Scan button. Wait for the scan time to finish.

Step 2: Select phone history to be recovered

Once scanned is done, it will return a scanning result window. From the left column of it, click "Call History" category to expand all phone history on iPhone 8 on the right pane.

Check the information like phone numbers, then select the ones wanted to restore by clicking the checkbox, and then click the Recover button to move on.

Step 3: Initiate restoring iPhone 8 call history

Now a dialog box is popping up. From there, simply save the phone history to the desired location on your computer.

Finally, click the Recover button to confirm the restoration. The deleted phone history is now recovered in HTML document.

Restoring from iCloud Backup

That's the quick and definitely feasible method, but if you've backed up the iPhone 8 (or iPhone 8 Plus), you may tend to bring back the deleted phone history file by restoring the iCloud backup. Although there's no explicit option to turn phone history syncing on, the logs of all calls will be saved up to iCloud whenever you activate iCloud Backup feature within Settings app on iPhone 8.

  • To reset iPhone 8 Plus, open Settings. Then go to General > Reset and select Reset All Content and Settings option. The phone will clear out everything in its memory.
  • Now you'll be able to set up the device. After some basic settings, you should see several options on the App & Data screen, from which choose Restore from iCloud Backup. Then tap Next.
  • It displays a list of iPhone backup you created before. Tap on one and tap Restore. It will take some minutes to finish restoring the whole backup as well as the phone history to iPhone 8 (Plus).
  • Go to Phone app, tap Recents tab on the bottom and check the recovered phone history there.

This method is actually a factory reset process since everything currently on your device will be completely wiped out — though it's useful if you're upgrading from an older iPhone and wish to transfer all of its apps, data and settings to your new iPhone. This is a great trick, but we feel iOS Data Recovery tool offers more flexibility. It covers two options to retrieve missing phone history on iPhone 8 (Plus) from iCloud or iTunes backup, either of these work and the operation is quite easy. You can look through the comprehensive instructions in:


Hopefully you could get the deleted phone history back on iPhone 8 Plus using either of the method. The problem isn't so much that the call logs can be restored. It's how to tackle with the loss. Overall, iOS Data Recovery is a nice convenience especially for those who need the detailed information badly, like the incoming call numbers, date of the calls were placed or received, etc, which is why the program figured it out in the first place.

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