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List of iPhone, iPad, iPod System Problems

Peter Rugg Updated on Apr 26, 2022 8:29 PM

When you unlock your iPhone with passcode, you usually find yourself greeted with a familiar Home screen and start your day of surfing online. At least, that's what a working iPhone supposed to do.

But what about your device is frozen? Won't respond to your touch? No service? Or get stuck on an Apple Logo? Or any other uncommon issue you never see?

Don't worry, though. There are ways to take care of your iOS devices and fix your problems, and one of excellent utilities in the market is iOS System Recovery. It is specifically designed for Apple users to troubleshooting software problems. It can detect what system error interferes with a normal running of iOS and fix it automatically. It comes with a straightforward interface that can walk you through the process easily.

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Below is the list of system issues that iOS System Recovery can fix.

List of iPhone system errors

  • iPhone stuck on Apple logo
  • iPhone stuck on white screen
  • iPhone won't charge
  • iPhone won't restore
  • iPhone won't update
  • iPhone won't turn on
  • iPhone boot loop
  • iPhone stuck on black screen
  • iPhone stuck on spinning wheel
  • iPhone won't turn off
  • iPhone no service
  • iPhone keeps searching
  • iPhone stuck on update screen
  • iPhone stuck in headphone mode
  • iPhone stuck on verifying update
  • iPhone won't restart
  • iPhone is frozen
  • iPhone stuck on red battery screen
  • iPhone keeps restarting
  • iPhone touch screen not working
  • iPhone stuck on preparing update
  • iPhone stuck on charging screen
  • iPhone blue screen of death
  • iPhone stuck in Recovery mode
  • iPhone stuck in DFU mode
  • iPhone stuck on activation screen
  • iPhone stuck on backing up
  • iPhone stuck on preparing for restore
  • iPhone stuck on restore screen
  • iPhone stuck on Emergency SOS
  • iPhone doesn't not disturb
  • iPhone stuck on loading screen
  • iPhone won't show in iTunes
  • iPhone battery drain
  • iPhone update requested
  • iPhone stuck on airplane mode
  • iPhone stuck on lock screen
  • iPhone stuck on Connect to iTunes screen
  • iPhone stuck on install now
  • iPhone stuck on setting up Apple ID
  • iPhone stuck on restoring from iCloud
  • iPhone volume buttons stuck
  • iPhone stuck in shutdown mode
  • iPhone stuck on updating iCloud settings
  • iPhone stuck on verifying restore
  • iPhone won't reset
  • iPhone recovery mode not working
  • iPhone stuck in portrait mode
  • iPhone stuck on call screen
  • iPhone stuck on zoom
  • Computer not recognizing iPhone
  • iPhone stuck on iTunes logo
  • iPhone stuck in silent mode
  • Other software problems...

List of iPad system errors

  • iPad stuck on Apple logo
  • iPad won't turn on
  • iPad is unresponsive
  • iPad stuck on black screen
  • iPad won't charge
  • iPad won't update
  • iPad stuck on update screen
  • iPad boot loop
  • iPad stuck in Recovery mode
  • iPad stuck on charging screen
  • iPad won't turn off
  • iPad stuck on white Apple screen
  • iPad stuck in headphone mode
  • iPad cannot connect to server
  • iPad stuck in disabled mode
  • iPad stuck in landscape mode
  • iPad stuck on choose a Wi-Fi network
  • iPad stuck in split screen
  • iPad stuck on zoom
  • iPad won't rotate
  • iPad doesn't reset
  • iPad stuck on iTunes logo
  • iPad cannot connect to App Store
  • iPad could not be restored error 9
  • iPad stuck on setting up Apple ID
  • iPad activation error
  • iPad stuck in single app mode
  • iPad stuck on activation lock
  • iPad stuck on Hello screen
  • iPad won't sync with iTunes
  • Cannot get mail on iPad
  • iPad won't connect to iCloud
  • iPad stuck in portrait mode
  • Verification failed on iPad
  • iPad stuck in sleep mode
  • iPad stuck on lock screen
  • iPad stuck on App Analytics screen
  • iPad stuck on install now
  • iPad stuck in kiosk mode
  • iPad stuck in lost mode
  • iPad won't connect to activation server
  • Other iPadOS errors...

List of iPod system errors

  • iPod touch won't go past Apple logo
  • iPod touch won't charge
  • iPod touch keeps flashing Apple logo
  • iPod touch stuck on charging screen
  • iPod touch won't turn off
  • iPod touch won't turn on
  • iPod touch boot loop
  • iPod touch stuck in headphone mode
  • iPod touch stuck in Recovery mode
  • iPod touch stuck on repeat
  • iTunes stuck on verifying iPod touch
  • iPod touch stuck on OK to disconnect
  • iPod touch stuck on shuffle
  • iPod touch stuck in disk mode
  • Other iPod software errors
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