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[SOLVED] iPhone won't sync with iTunes

Apple's iTunes is a tool that allows you to sync data between devices. Sometimes, you may find your iPhone won't sync with iTunes. Here's how to fix this occasional issue.

Robin Swift Updated on Jun 27, 2023 3:05 PM

What to know

  • Sometimes, you try to transfer data to your iPhone from your computer but only to find your iPhone isn't syncing with iTunes.
  • There are many things you can do to fix an iPhone that won't sync with iTunes.
  • Lost in the tedious procedure of iTunes? You can always transfer data from your computer to your iPhone and vice versa with the help of iPhone Data Transfer.

There's still hope when you encounter a situation where your iPhone won't sync with iTunes.

As a mini computer in our pocket, phones have become an integral part of our lives. We spend most of our time with this gadget. Many times, we also work on important work documents on our Phones on the subway. Therefore, you may want to transfer some files stored on your computer to your iPhone or vice versa.

You quickly choose to turn to iTunes which is the official software that you can use to sync all your data between the PC and device. However, you may find that it's not always as easy as you think to use iTunes to sync data between your computer and your device: it sometimes malfunctions—it is a usual thing to come across the issue of the iPhone not syncing with iTunes.

There can be many causes when an iPhone cannot sync with iTunes. In this post, we have detailed multiple scenarios that can cause this issue and how to resolve each. Furthermore, we have listed a great alternative— iPhone Data Transfer to sync all data between your iPhone and computer, which can be a Godsend for those people who have problems working with iTunes again.

Top 8 tips to fix iPhone won't sync with iTunes

This is If your iPhone won't sync with iTunes and you don't know what to do, we have the best solutions for you. In general, when you can't put your finger on a particular case, you need to try these solutions to see the actual problem.

Solution 1. iTunes update

The 1st thing you need to check is if the version of iTunes is updated or not. This check is vital if it's been a long time since you've been in sync, and that's may be the reason why your iPhone won't sync with iTunes.

Open iTunes on your computer, click the "Help" button in the horizontal menu bar, and select "Check for Updates" to check the version.

Sometimes if this doesn't fix the issue, you may need re-install the latest version from Apple and see if it helps. Proceed to the next fix if this still doesn't fix your problem.

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Solution 2. USB cable and USB port

It might be the issue of a port going bad, so connect your cable to a different USB port and see if it fixes the problem if your iPhone not syncing with iTunes. If your phone charges correctly, your cable is not the issue, but to be on the safer side, you can borrow from a friend or colleague and see if it helps.

Solution 3. iTunes Re-Authorization

You might not have authorized your PC with iTunes to access content on your device. Suppose you have already authorized your PC once before; you may try to re-authorize the same PC by first de-authorization from iTunes. Select the option "Deauthorize This Computer" from the "Account" tab in the software and authorize after restarting your PC.

Follow these steps to re-authorize iTunes on your computer:

For Windows users: Connect your device to your computer. In iTunes, click on the device button that looks like a phone. You will be navigated to a new window, in which choose "Account". In the drop-down menu, click on the "Authorizations" button, followed by "Authorize This Computer".

For Mac users: In the menu bar at the top of the screen, select "Store" > "Authorize This Computer."

Solution 4. Restarting Your iPhone & Your computer

Restarting your PC and your iPhone can be a simple but effective method to resolve the non-syncing issue with iTunes after you have already tried the previous solutions. Restart your iPhone and your computer as usual.

Solution 5. Use Wireless Syncing Method

If your PC and iPhone can connect to the same Wi-Fi, then you're in luck because then you can avoid the hassle of ports and cables. In the device summary dialogue, scroll down to choose the "Sync with This iPhone over Wi-Fi" option.

Proceed to other steps if this doesn't fix the issue.

Solution 6. Update Drivers

Sometimes the outdated drivers can be an issue.

  • On your computer, Press Ctrl+S key to navigate to your computer's system search bar.
  • Search for Device Manager.
  • In the list, go to "Portable Devices" > "Apple iPhone" > "Update Drive."

Solution 7. iCloud Sync Maybe the Issue

There is another situation that can also prevent your iPhone from syncing with iTunes: you set up iCloud sync on your phone.

Please check iCloud on your iPhone: go to "Settings" > "your iPhone's name" > "iCloud." Turn off the options related to iCloud.

Solution 8. Reset iPhone to factory default

Sometimes you have made changes to the setting, or an app has made changes that aren't allowing your phone to sync. In this case, reset your phone to factory default: go to the "General" menu in "Settings", choose "Transfer or Reset iPhone." Then go to "Reset" > "Reset All Settings."

Use iPhone Data Transfer to sync iPhone with iTunes

If you have tried all the above solutions, but still can't sync your iPhone with iTunes. Asking for help from third-party software will be your best choice.

As an alternative to iTunes, iPhone Data Transfer is an effective tool to sync iPhone to computer without iTunes: in addition to the basic functions that iTunes has, it has its own unique powerful features. With iPhone Data Transfer, compatibility is no longer an issue. iPhone Data Transfer will help you convert your data into a format your device can read.

It's worth noting that unlike iTunes, iPhone Data Transfer does not delete any data on your phone that is not in the iTunes library during the transfer process.

Click on the green button to download iPhone Data Transfer on your computer.

Download Now!

for Windows | for macOS

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to computer

Let iPhone Data Transfer run on your computer. Use a USB cable to connect your phone to your computer. Enter the passcode to unlock your phone to trust the computer if asked. The software will show you the information about your device.

At the bottom of iPhone Data Transfer, choose "iTunes Library."

Step 2: Access to iTunes library

In the following window, select "Sync iTunes to Device" option.

Step 3: Choose the data you want

To transfer data from PC to your phone, click on the category of data you want to transfer, such as music, photos, videos, etc. After that, click on the "One-Click to Device" button.

The synchronization process won't take you too long, so please be patient for a few minutes. Then you will be able to access the data on your phone.


As seen in this article, there can be quite a few reasons when iPhone won't sync with iTunes, and we have provided a solution to each issue. Sometimes the problem is not so fearful, and you can overcome this issue following our top fixes. Though if these solutions don't work, you can use the alternative to iTunes to finish the task without needing iTunes.

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