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How to import iPhone photos to Windows 10 PC in 3 different ways

If you ever need to back up your iPhone photos on your Windows PC, here're a few quick and easy ways to help you transfer pictures within minutes!

Jasmin Woods Updated on Jun 20, 2023 6:21 PM

As one of the most popular smartphones, iPhone is like a functional computer in our pocket, which allows us to record our lives whenever we want. And many times, we will need to transfer our photos and other files to our computer or vice versa. However, being an Apple user while having a Windows PC, you may find that it's not always as easy as you think to transfer photos from your iPhone to a Windows 10 computer.

Unlike Android which allows you to access its contents directly via a USB cable, an iOS device will never let you have the approach to its local files from an outside computer without permission. In fact, sometimes you have no choice but to use some specific tools that can let you import your iPhone photos to Windows 10.

To make it easier, there are actually quite a few ways that let you access your iPhone photos on a PC. Among them, iPhone Data Transfer is the easiest one which makes it basically no different than plugging your device to the computer and moving photos from it. And you can also use the Photos feature of Windows 10, or the built-in iCloud on each iOS device. Both of them can build a bridge that makes it possible to transfer your photos across platforms.

Need to access your iPhone photos on Windows 10? Scroll down to see how.

Import iPhone photos to a Windows 10 computer via iPhone Data Transfer

iPhone Data Transfer is a handy app that transfers files from an iOS device to your computer directly, which includes iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to Mac, and iPhone to Windows. Install the app on your PC and run it. From there, you can transfer whatever you want to or from another device that is connected to it. You can sync as many as photos you'd like, or transfer other files forth and back at will. It is very simple, effective and supports macOS as well.

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With a suitable USB cable, iPhone Data Transfer imports your data quickly. You can either choose specific pics you'd like or just sync all your photos in one step.

Step 1: Connect your device

Run the app on your PC. And connect your iPhone via a USB cable. Notice that the Apple security system on your device may require your iPhone passcode to confirm the connection.

Once connected, you can see your device information on the computer screen.

Step 2: Click 'Photos' from the left sidebar

Click 'Photos' from the sidebar, and all your iPhone photos will show up chronologically.

Step 3: Export your files to the computer

Select whatever pics you want without limit. And click the 'Export to PC' button at the top. It will pop up a window letting you choose a location folder where the pictures should go.

Tick 'Check All' to choose all the items if you're not willing to select them one by one.

When it's done, you can open the destination folder to check all the added items on your computer. And if you've got a large number of photos on your iOS device and want to copy all of them to your PC in just one step, here's how:

Shortcut to export all your iPhone photos to Windows 10 PC

After your device gets connected, click 'Device to PC' at the bottom of the main page.

Then you can see all your media data are selected by default. You can keep what you want and deselect the others. Select a location folder by hitting the three dots at 'Destination' box. And click the 'Start' button. Then all the selected files will be moved to the target computer.

It's also available to move your music, videos, contacts, messages and other files between devices.

iPhone Data Transfer is like a transfer station which helps your iPhone and Windows PC communicate with each other. It's totally safe and secure since your personal data will never be on a cloud server.

Transfer photos to Windows 10 from iPhone using Windows Photos

If you don't want to use a third-party tool, there's another option for you. The built-in 'Photos' feature on Windows 10 is better at backing up your iPhone photos than you might have realized. Dive into its interface, you can easily see the 'Import' option, which applies an easy transfer from a connected device to the computer.

However, before you import your iPhone photos to a Windows 10 PC, you'll have to install iTunes on your computer and register your iPhone within it so that the Windows can read the contents on your iOS device without barrier.

First, open iTunes on your PC and connect your device using a USB cable. Then follow the onscreen instructions to go through a quick setup process. When it's done, you can import your iPhone photos to Windows 10 in four steps:

1. Launch Photos from the Start menu on Windows 10.

Press the Windows on your keyboard and locate 'Photos' from the Start menu.

2. Click 'Import' at the upper right corner and choose to import from a connected device.

It may take a few seconds here to scan the files on your iOS device.

3. Tick the photos you'd like. You can select the items picture by picture or just choose the entire photo folders which are sorted by date.

4. Once done, check the destination folder and the number of selected items. Then confirm your import option at the bottom of the page.

You can also choose 'Delete original items after import'.

After that, your iPhone photos will be imported to your Windows 10 computer at once.

Download photos from iPhone to Windows via iCloud

If you'd like a tool that performs a quick transfer without installing any apps on your Windows computer, iCloud will be a good option for you. As you can easily access the Internet, cloud storage is an excellent way to sync your photos from an iPhone to a computer running Windows 10. You upload files to iCloud storage on your iOS device, and download them on your PC. The whole process is very easy and quick.

1. Enable iCloud Photos on your iOS device.

Access Settings on your iPhone. Tap your name, and choose iCloud from the options. Then select 'Photos' and toggle on iCloud Photos on your device.

All the pics in Photos Library will be synced to your iCloud storage.

2. Sign in to iCloud Photos on your Windows computer.

Open a browser on your PC. Then go to iCloud Photos and log in with your Apple account.

Once signed in, you can view all your synced photos in chronological order.

3. Download pictures to your PC.

Check the items that you want to save on your Windows computer. Then click the download button at the upper right corner of the window. After waiting for a while, you'll be able to check the saved images on your Windows PC.

You can also add or delete files from the toolbar.

Be aware that iCloud only provides 5 GB free cloud storage for each iPhone user. So if your data exceeds 5 GB, you may not have enough storage for transferring.


All these three methods have been proven to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows 10 computer rapidly. Just pick a suitable way to help you. Remember, when syncing a lot of pictures, you'll be better off with a wired connection between devices. But if it's just a couple of pics, feel free to use the wireless one instead.

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