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How to transfer videos from PC to iPhone with or without iTunes

You can rely on iTunes to manage an iPhone. It's time you expand the possibility. These tips will show you how to transfer video from PC to iPhone with/ without using iTunes.

Alex Griffith Updated on Nov 2, 2022 4:47 PM

If you're using an iPhone, the odds are that you've accumulated a library of videos, TV shows, and movies on your computer that you'd like to transfer onto your iPhone, so you can carry the files with you and watch them anytime when you're not in front of your computer.

Transferring your files, including video, between PC and iPhone is simple through apps that support file sharing in Apple's iTunes, no matter you want to transfer videos and other files to iPhone from computer, or export files you've stored on the device to your desktop machine.

You can transfer video from PC to iPhone by using iTunes, cloud-based service, and file transfer apps.

Not just using the apps' file sharing function, you can also take advantage of iTunes to sync your video with iPhone. For those who want to move video from PC to iPhone without iTunes, cloud-based services such as iCloud, Dropbox, as well the third-party excellent file transfer apps, iPhone Data Transfer, for example, are also available to accomplish the task.

Here's how to transfer videos from PC to iPhone with different options.

How to transfer video from PC to iPhone with iTunes

There are two options built in iTunes to help you transfer videos to iPhone: File sharing and file synchronization. Be sure to update the iTunes to the latest version if it's available. You will want to use Finder instead — your Mac's built-in application for handling files in macOS Catalina and newer system.

Simply follow these steps in order to get your videos from computer to iPhone.

Use file synchronization

1. First, launch the iTunes (or Finder on Mac).

2. Plug your iPhone into an available USB port on your PC with a lighting cable. You might need to trust the computer when prompted.

3. Give it a moment to recognize the phone and make it appear in the iTunes window. Click the device icon to enter summary panel.

4. Add videos from your computer to iTunes library. To do so, go to File > Add File to Library. browse to the location of the videos that you'd like to copy to the library. Select the video and import it. You may use "Add Folder to Library in the menu to add a full folder of your videos.

5. Click "Movies" tab in the sidebar, then check "Sync Movies" on the right pane.

6. Select the specific files you want to sync from the "Movies" list.

7. Click "Sync" and wait for iTunes sync the video to your iPhone.

Alternatively, check "Automatically include x movies, then click "Apply" button.

Please be aware that the existing movie library on the iPhone will be replaced with the media you choose to sync. Also see: How to access iTunes backup.

Use app's file sharing

1. Connect the iPhone to computer and open iTunes or Finder.

2. In the upper left corner of the iTunes window, click the device icon.

3. Click "File Sharing" in the sidebar.

4. In the list on the center pane, select the app on your device that you want to send a video to.

5. Click "Add File," in the opening dialog, select the video you want to transfer from computer.

6. Wait for the video to be transferred to your iPhone. You can then open the file on the device.

This is how you can transfer video from PC to iPhone the normal way Apple provides. If you're not a fan of iTunes, or you want to get a more flexible and straightforward way to move your video, a dedicated file transfer utility can be the way to go. Keep reading.

How to Import videos from PC to iPhone with iPhone Data Transfer (without iTunes)

If you have a large media library on the phone and don't want to experience with a data loss by mistake, syncing videos with iPhone through iTunes can be a huge challenge. iPhone Data Transfer lets you transfer video from computer more easily and control what to be transferred without touching the existing media files on your iPhone.

It also comes with options to quickly migrate photos, music, contacts, messages, and other files between your computer and iPhone, or between iOS devices. The interface is simple and intuitive, as well.

Once you get the hang of how it works, you'll be able to manage and transfer your files naturally without giving it much thought. If you're looking for a efficient and easy-to-use tool to handle your iPhone video transfer, iPhone Data Transfer is worth a look.

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To get a video from computer to iPhone, follow these steps.

Step 1: Connect your phone to the PC.

1. Connect the lighting end on the cable to the iPhone and then connect the opposite end to a USB port on the computer.

Your phone should appear in the program soon.

Step 2: Open Videos library

Once connected, go to the left sidebar and select "Videos" tab. This will open the media library with all your movies, TV shows, Podcasts, Music videos, and other files.

Step 3: Import video from computer to iPhone

Once the media library is visible in the program, you have two ways of transferring videos to iPhone from computer hard drive.

Drag and drop your videos to iPhone

Select your video files you wish to move from the local folder on the computer, then drag and drop them to the program window. The transfer process begins automatically.

Use the Add button

Or, click the "+" button in the top center of the window to open the Select Files window. Next, navigate to the location on computer you wish to transfer videos from, select the files and then click "Open" to copy them to iPhone.


  • One benefit of using this program is that it supports almost every type of video formats, and can automatically convert the video that is not readable by iPhone during the transfer process. This will save you a lot of time of finding a tool to convert the file first and then upload it to your phone.

In addition to copying videos to iPhone in a straightforward way, This versatile program even allows you to export your files back to desktop, or to iTunes library, or even move to another iPhone or iPad.

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How to add videos from computer to iPhone with iCloud

If you don't want to move your video relying on solid connection with a USB cable, another great way you can take to transfer video is Apple's cloud syncing service. Here's how.

1. Go to your iPhone and enable iCloud Photo Library in Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > Photos > iCloud Photos. It's disabled by default, you need to enable it now to make sure that the videos are readily available on both your iCloud and iPhone.

2. Next, visit iCloud.com on your computer browser, sign in with your Apple ID and password.

3. Choose "Photos" icon on the top row of apps.

4. Click the Upload button in the upper right corner. It looks like a cloud icon. Browse your PC local folder and select video you want to send to your iPhone. You can upload multiple videos at a time.

5. Wait for the videos to be uploaded from computer to iCloud Photo Library. You can monitor the process through the progress bar located at the bottom.

6. Done! Once the transfer process is complete, iCloud should sync the videos with your iPhone. You can check them in your Photos app in the device soon.

If you have iCloud for Windows already installed on your computer, you can also use this app to transfer video from PC to iPhone. You will get the same results.

1. Enable iCloud photos on your iPhone Settings.

2. Open iCloud for Windows on your computer.

3. Turn on iCloud Photo Library by navigating to Settings > Photos.

4. Check the box next to "Upload new photos and videos from my PC."

5. Next, click "Change" button to set the folder that includes the videos you want to transfer from computer.

6. Your videos will automatically be uploaded to iCloud and sync across to your iPhone. They should appear within the Photos app in your phone.

It's worth noting that Apple only provides every Apple ID with 5 GB of free storage space. If your videos push you over that limit, you'll get a notification that you don't have enough storage to use it. If that's the case, you can opt to upgrade the storage plan or use other ways outlined in this article.

How to send videos to iPhone with third-party cloud-based services

If you'd like, you can also use a third-party cloud storage service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive to send a video from PC to iPhone as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Before you can transfer the video, make sure the cloud app has installed on your both computer and iPhone. Here we will show you how to upload videos stored on your PC to a Dropbox app. You can then view them on your iPhone. The process of using other cloud storage services to transfer your videos to iPhone is basically the same.

To put videos from computer to iPhone using Dropbox:, follow these steps:

1. Run Dropbox app on your computer and iPhone, sign in with the same credentials.

2. On your computer, upload the videos to Dropbox account by navigating to "Files" > "My files" > "Upload files." It offers 2GB of free space to use for Basic account, though.

3. Wait a while until it finishes syncing videos across iPhone. Now you will have access to your transferred files in Dropbox app in iPhone. You can also save videos directly to your Photos app.

How to share video between computer and iPhone with VLC player

It may come as a surprise, but it's possible to move a video from PC to iPhone via the popular VLC media player from VideoLan.

1. Open VLC app on your iPhone. If you haven't installed, get it from App Store.

2. Tap the VLC icon in the top-left corner.

3. Turn on "Sharing via WiFi" and copy the IP address.

4. Open a browser on your computer and paste the IP address.

5. Drag the video from local hard drive and drop them to the webpage.

6. Wait for the videos to be transferred to your iPhone.

You can then access these files in the VLC app on your phone. If required, you're able to save them to your Photos library via Share button. You have option there to "Save [number] Videos."


This is how to transfer videos from PC to iPhone without iTunes or with it. Hopefully, one of the above solutions works to get your video onto the iPhone. If you've discovered a different method available to use, do let us know and we will update this article.

Have fun transferring!

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