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How to put music on iPad without iTunes

Many people find it difficult to put music on iPad using iTunes. Instead, you can try 2 other convenient ways to transfer music to iPad without iTunes!

Robin Swift Updated on Jun 20, 2023 7:37 PM

What to know

  • When it comes to putting music on iPad, iTunes is always the first choice for most users.
  • Downloading songs on iPad is not a difficult task for users who subscribe to Apple Music.
  • As an alternative to iTunes, iPhone Data Transfer offers a feature to add songs on your iPad.

Putting music on the iPad is a simple task. Scroll down to read on.

As a music fanatic who has just bought a new iPad, priority will be on putting music on your iPad.

Apple recommend using iTunes to move music among devices. However, not everything can go smoothly. You open iTunes but only find iTunes is too tedious for you—a novice—to operate. Plus, iTunes has its limitations: during the process, iTunes replaces the existing music on the tablet with the tracks you have selected locally.

You may be wondering if there are other methods can use to put music on iPad. Well, we have got you covered! An alternative to iTunes and Apple Music helps to do the transfer task.

Put music on iPad without iTunes via Apple Music

Apple has its own music streaming service: Apple Music, which plays over 90 million and 30000 playlists. Thus, most Apple users choose to subscribe to Apple Music. If you happen to be one of Apple Music subscribers, Apple Music may be the way to go for you to put music on your iPad.

To put music on iPad without iTunes via Apple Music:

  • Simply open Music app on your tablet.
  • Find the song, album or the playlist that you want to put on the iPad.
  • In the upper right corner, tap on the three dots.
  • Add the song, album or the playlist to your music library by tapping "Add to Library."
  • To download these songs for your offline listening: in the bottom, go to the "Library." Then select the newly added song, album or the playlist.
  • Tap the 3 dots at the right side of the song. A menu should pop up.
  • Select the "Download" button from the list.

  • To check if the download is complete, see if a gray circle with a down arrow appears.

Add music on your iPad without iTunes by using iPhone Data Transfer

In this part, we're going to use a third-party tool. Whether you're an Apple Music subscriber or not, iPhone Data Transfer can help you add music to iPad without effort. As an alternative to iTunes, iPhone Data transfer allows you to transfer music among devices over a USB cable. Most importantly, it automatically converts the medis files to a format compatible with your device during the transfer process.

Let's look at how to use iPhone Data Transfer to add music on an iPad:

Download Now!

for macOS | for Windows

iPhone Data Transfer brings different versions for Windows and Mac users, feel free to click the button above to download on your computer.

Step 1: Connect your tablet

Once it is downloaded, launch it. Enter the main interface, you will find iPhone Data Transfer reminding you to connect your device to manage data.

Plug your device into the computer. Tap "Trust" to grant iPhone Data Transfer permission to access your device. iPhone Data Transfer should show you the info about your iPad like the following screenshot.

Step 2: Click on the "Music" button

From the left sidebar, click on the "Music" button. This gets you have an overview at the music library on your iPad.

Step 3: Add music on your iPad

Simply click the "Add item(s)" icon on the top of the menu bar. Then, navigate to the folder where your files is stored and select the songs you want to put on the iPad, then click "Open" to start the transfer process.

Congratulations, all the songs have been put on your iPad. Enjoy your time with music!

Transfer music to iPad using iTunes

It can be possible that you are still interested in using iTunes to put music to your iPad. We have prepared a detailed guide for you, with this guide, we hope you can put the files from iTunes to your iPad smoothly.

Use a USB cable to connect your tablet to the computer and then let iTunes run on your computer.

Add music from computer to library

  • Click "File" from the top of iTunes. Then click "Add File to Library" or "Add Folder to Library" to add media files from your computer to library.

Add music from iTunes to iPad

  • Click on the phone icon at the top left of the window.
  • In the left panel, select "Music" button. Then select "Sync Music" checkbox.
  • Select the "Entire music" option to transfer all the music in library or "Selected playlist, artists, albums, and genres"to choose the songs you want to sync.

How to Add a Song from iTunes to iPhone

When you're done, you can listen to the music on your iPad.

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Transferring media files to your iPad has never been easier before! Learn the pros and cons of each method and choose one based on whether you want to use a USB cable or not. Again, iPhone Data Transfer helps to transfer music, videos, photos and any other data from computer to iPad, iPad to computer, and even iPhone to iPhone, which removes a lot of friction and provides even greater convenience!

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