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Did You Forgot Windows 7 ASUS Password? Here's How to Fix It!

Elena Spencer Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:58 PM

Sometimes, though, for whatever reason, you forgot ASUS password in Windows 7. But how? Reset It Instantly! Fortunately, it's pretty easy to figure out, no matter if you lost the administrator password or the user password.

We'll then show you four ways to resetting forgotten Windows 7 ASUS computer password in a painless attempt, so that you could regain access to the machine easily. One caveat: Don't try to reset the password until you have permission from the owner of ASUS computer - it's illegal for hacking purpose.

Use password reset disk: the quick and easy way

This quick method requires a password reset disk that was created before forgetting password of Windows 7 in ASUS computer. As long as you have that disk, it couldn't be easier to recover or reset forgotten ASUS password for Windows 7.

      • Once logged into ASUS with an incorrect password, an error message will pop up.
  • Click OK, then insert the password reset disk to ASUS PC.
  • Click Reset password link under the login box.
  • When Windows Password Reset Wizard appears, click Next.
  • Enter a new password and confirm it, and then type a password hint. Click Next.
  • Click Finish. Now the forgotten password has been reset successfully.

Forget Windows 7 Password to Unlock ASUS Computer

Employ powerful software: the thorough way

If you don't already have that password reset disk, or simply to make the process always works, considering trying a third-party tool. This is where the Spower Windows password Reset comes in for resetting Windows 7 password forgotten on ASUS computer—nothing is lost in the process.

It's an incredible Windows password recovery program that is helpful for when you lost password to Windows 7 ASUS computer. The greatest strength is its ability to reset admin password and user password in no time, helping you quickly get back on your feet. Even convenient, the utility gives you the option of creating a bootable password reset disk that can handle resetting task.

The following section will lay out the instruction on resetting forgotten password for ASUS Windows 7 PC, so you can get one step closer to master the program. The principle here is similar to that of recovering Windows 7 administrator password when forgotten on ASUS PC.

Step 1: Burn password reset disk with blank CD/DVD or USB

Download the app and install it right onto an accessible computer with internet access.

Open the software. Pop in a CD/DVD or USB flash drive.

Click CD/DVD button or USB device button to create password recovery disk, so as to obtain ISO file of the program.

Eject the disk after successfully burning.

Forgotten Windows 7 ASUS Password Reset

Step 2: Reboot ASUS with password reset disk

Plug the password reset USB or CD/DVD you just created into the locked ASUS PC.

Restart the PC, and then set it boot from reset disk (for example, try pressing F8 and entering Advance Boot Options to choose from the USB). See how to do this:

Once verified that you ASUS computer boot from the media, save the changes and exit.

Step 3: Resetting a forgotten password on Windows 7 in ASUS

You ASUS PC will restart, and you should end up with something like the screenshot below.

Can't Remember ASUS PC Password in Windows 7

From the user list that displays, highlight one whose password you forgot.

Press Reset button. The forgotten password will then be cleared.

Reboot ASUS computer and get into it as usual.

Reset forgotten ASUS Windows 7 password using Installation Disk

You could try using command prompt to reset forgotten password of Windows 7 account on the ASUS PC, without logging in. You will need a Windows 7 installation disk for ASUS, though.

  • Plug your prepared installation CD/DVD or USB into the locked ASUS PC.
  • Boot or reboot the machine. Press any key to boot from the disk if prompted.
  • Select your preferred language in the dialog. Click Next.
  • Click "Repair your computer" link to proceed, located on the lower-left of the screen.
  • Windows 7 installation is now loading. Wait until it's finished.
  • You'll proceed to the System Recovery Options screen. Take note of the drive letter under Location column.
  • Select Windows 7 from Operating System list, then click Next.
  • Click on Command Prompt from the list of recovery tools.
  • In the opening command prompt window, type the commands accurately, and then press Enter:
  • copy c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe c:\

    copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

    Forgotten ASUS Password Reset in Windows 7

  • Remove the installation disk, close command prompt window.
  • Next, click Restart button in the System Recovery Options window.
  • Press Shift key five times while your ASUS computer is booting up.
  • Now that command prompt window is open, run the net user command, replacing username with whatever your user name is, and newpassword with whatever password you'd like to use.
  • net user username newpassword

  • Close command prompt window.
  • Logon to ASUS Windows 7 desktop with new password.

This way you've easily fixed an issue "forgotten ASUS password in Windows 7" by using CMD for a password reset.

Remove lost Windows 7 ASUS password through a clean install

When you forgot the password to get access to ASUS computer and Windows 7 account, worst case, you could do a system recovery and take the machine back to factory default settings by using the F9 function key. All data will be lost if you do this option.

A very good guide on ASUS knowledge base is available for help on recovering Windows 7 system, and you can read it there. Alternatively, take your PC to local customer center to solve the issue.

With several options explained above, hopefully you will unlock ASUS computer if forgotten Windows 7 password. As soon as after you regain access to system, your first line of defense against this happening is creating a password reset disk.


Supported Models of ASUS Desktops & All-in-ones:

Desktops & All-in-ones: M52BC, K30BD, M32BF, M32AD, K30AM-J, VivoPC M32CD, M32BC, ROG G20BM, G20AJ, G20CB Oculus Ready, G20CB, G11CD, G10AJ, G11CD OCulus Ready, G11CB, G10AC, VivoPC VM42, VC62B, VM60, VM62N, VM62, ROG GR6, VivoMini UN62, UN42, UN65, VM65N, VC65R, VC65, UN65H, UN45, VivoStick PC (TS10), Zen AiO Pro Z240IC, Vivo AiO V230IC, ET2221IUTH, ET2311INKH, A420, etc.

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