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Best Free Windows 7 Password Recovery Software Tools

Lucas Seltzer Updated on Apr 15, 2022 5:58 PM

One of the best practices to protect yourself is to use a unique password for each account. Setting a password for your own account on a Windows 7 computer is no exception. What if you forgot Windows 7 password, or confuse it with other passwords? Well, you wouldn't need to worry about that if you have a decent Windows 7 password recovery tool. But which one should you choose?

We've tested dozens out there, and have gathered a list of the best Windows 7 password recovery software tools you can use today. Read on and pick the one that suits your need best.

Microsoft Free Windows 7 Password Recovery Services

Here are the two free Windows 7 password recovery tools off the bat. One is password reset disk; another is installation disk (and command prompt). Both are Microsoft-approved routes that grant you to recover forgotten user password used to log into Windows 7 computer.

1. Password Reset Disk

A Windows 7 password recovery disk is a file that created on a USB flash drive that can be used to recover password right on the lock screen and gain access to Windows 7. It's extremely easy to create one, even for novice users. Unfortunately, you won't be able to create the recovery disk if you lose access to your computer.

It's worth noting that the password recovery disk is only valid for the user account that it was created for. You can't use the same reset disk on another account that may be on the same computer. There're three steps to use the free Windows 7 password recovery tool disk:

  • On Windows 7 logon screen, click "Reset password" link below the password text box.
  • Insert password recovery disk. This will start Windows Password Reset Wizard.
  • Follow the wizard to create a new password and password hint. You're off.

Windows 7 Administrator Password Recovery Tool Free

2. Windows 7 Installation Disk (System Repair Disc)

An installation CD/DVD is a solid option that fixes serious errors on the computer effectively. It acts a fantastic password recovery tool for Windows 7, and it's free. You can contact your computer's manufactory to get one if you've forgotten the password.

While the installation disk is being created, use it to do Windows 7 password recovery:

  • Slot the installation disc to your computer running Windows 7.
  • Boot or reboot your machine. When prompts, press any key to boot it from the disk.
  • Select your language, and click Next.
  • Click "Repair your computer" link.
  • When Windows 7 installation file is found, jot down the drive letter.
  • Click Windows 7 under operating system, then click Next.
  • Choose Command Prompt to proceed.
  • Enter the following commands one by one, and then press Enter. Replace drive letter with yours.
  • copy c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe c:\

    copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

    Windows 7 Password Recovering Software Free Download

  • Restart your computer. Don't forget to remove installation disk.
  • Tap Shift key five times to bring up command prompt. Type the command:
  • net user username newpassword

  • Press Enter and you can get access to Windows 7 with ease.

Third Party Windows 7 Password Recovery Programs

Even so, some users prefer to employ a third-party or online freeware Windows 7 password recovering tool when locking out of the system. This is certainly a legitimate practice on one's own computer. Let's look at some of top Windows 7 password recovery software tools.

1. Spower Windows Password Reset (Free Trial)

Spower Windows Password Reset tool has been gaining popularity over the last few years, and for good reasons. It has taken away a lot of stress from recovering user and administrator passwords on Windows 7 computer.

The utility is resetting Windows 7 password at once without any access to the system! That is, you simply burn the program's ISO file to a USB drive or CD/DVD, boot from it, and you are on the go. The neat thing is that you'll find the password removed, so you don't have to enter a password at all while logging in Windows 7 account.

Another helpful feature is the ability to add a new administrator account on the computer. It's easy to use and offers robust security, and works across 32-bit & 64-bit versions of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP computers & laptops.

Simple walkthrough for using Spower Windows Password Reset. Refer to our detailed guide of it.

  • From any available computer, download the tool, install it, and then launch it.
  • Stick an empty USB (or CD/DVD) to the computer.
  • Click USB device button (or CD/DVD button) to make a password reset disk. The ISO burning can take a while.
  • Free Password Recovery Program for Windows 7

  • Take out the disk, and then plug it into the locked Windows 7 computer.
  • Start or restart your computer. Boot it from the password recovery disk the tool just burned.
  • How to boot Windows from USB

    How to boot Windows from CD/DVD

  • Once you've set properly for booting your computer from the disk, the software should open.
  • Choose a user from the list. Click Reset button.
  • The tool will do its job and erase the password at login screen within seconds.
  • Reboot your Windows 7 machine.

2. Ophcrack (Freeware)

Quick and convenient, Ophcrack is essentially a free Windows 7 password recovering program which provides a solution to discover the password and automatically recover it without having to do so manually. You can consider it as a Windows 7 password cracker tool available.

Like Spower Windows 7 Password Recovery utility, it features a potable installation, allowing it to run from a CD/DVD or a flash drive without installation on a PC. Then the tool should do the rest easily for recovering passwords of all user accounts one by one. The results worth the wait as the process should take some time.

The open-source application works well in recovering password in all Windows computers, except those running Windows 10. Still, it doesn't do much help if the password you've forgotten is greater than 14 digits. This is greatly limited for a powerful Windows 7 password recovery software application, though.

Step-by-step instructions for freeware Ophcrack Windows 7 Password Recovering:

  • Visit this site on a functional PC, click ophcrack Vista/7 LiveCD version to free download ISO file.
  • Once downloaded, insert a USB or CD/DVD and get the ISO file burned to the disk.
  • How to burn ISO file to USB

    How to burn ISO file to CD/DVD

  • If ISO file is burned correctly, take the disk and pop it into your locked Windows 7 computer.
  • Restart your machine, and Ophcrack LiveCD will be loading. Just wait patiently.
  • When everything is ready, the tool initiates Windows 7 password cracking process automatically.

Top Freeware Windows 7 Cracker Software

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