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How Can I Reset Windows 7 Password on HP Computer Without Data Loss

Elena Spencer Updated on Apr 15, 2022 5:58 PM

I'm trying to get into my old HP Pavilion PC and I can't remember login passwords. I don't want to lose the files on the computer with a factory reset. There's absolutely critical information. The computer is running Windows 7 Home Premium.

If you somehow forgot the Windows 7 (admin) password that locks the HP desktop computer, you might think you're out of luck. A strong password on the welcome screen is hard to crack by design, but in many cases, it's not entirely impossible to reset it to regain access to HP PC.

The process for resetting HP password on Windows 7 is remarkably simple, provided you have right ways as well as tools. So below, I'll go over four of most effective methods for the forgotten password issue, and hopefully one will help you access files in HP's hard drive. The solutions can be applied all across HP desktops in different models: Pavilion, Envy, OMEN, Elite, EliteOne, EliteDesk, Pro, ProDesk, ProOne, Slate, Compaq, etc.

Option 1: Use Password Reset Disk That Made Beforehand

As long as you've already create a password reset disk on HP, you can use it to reset the login password for Windows 7 account. Turn to next option if no password reset disk.

  • On HP login screen, type a password.
  • When password incorrect prompt dialog, click OK.
  • Click "Reset password" link, and then insert password reset disk.
  • Follow the instructions on the Password Reset Wizard to create a new password, and then login to HP computer.

Also read this post for managing user accounts and logins on HP computer with Windows 7, which involves creating a password reset disk before you forget the password.

Option 2: Spower Windows Password Reset (3rd-party tool)

The next option will always work whenever you forgot HP computer password and need access to the Windows 7 system by using the solid program - Spower Windows Password Reset.

The tool is the consumer-focus desktop application that is capable of creating a password recovery disk (instead of using the built-in service to make one before forgetting password) for resetting a forgotten Windows 7 password on HP computers effectively and efficiently. It actually removes the existing password, allowing access to the account without a password at all. It's 100% safe to use since it never deletes anything from the computer.

There are three choices of editions at installation: Standard, Platinum, Ultimate. Download any of edition on another computer that is available for login, install it, and then walk through the simple guide below to reset Windows 7 password to get into locked HP PC.

The software will reset the password to blank without knowing the current password. Press Reboot button and remove the disk. That's it.

HP password reset in Windows 7 system

Option 3: Reset HP Windows 7 Password via Installation Disk

A Windows 7 installation DVD/CD can be used to resetting password on HP computer in Windows 7 and regain access to the machine in no time. Related: HP PCs - Creating Recovery Discs or Saving a Recovery Image to a USB Flash Drive (Windows 7)

This is actually a bit tricky method, but it is quite effective once your HP boots from installation disk.

  • Slot HP installation CD/DVD to the optical drive. Restart HP PC if it's on.
  • When prompts, press any key to boot the machine from the disk.
  • Make languages selections, and press Next.
  • Click on "Repair your computer" link.
  • HP computer should start searching for Windows 7 installation file. Wait until it's finished.
  • A dialog appears indicating the location of Windows 7. It may stay in C: drive or D: drive.
  • Highlight Windows 7, then press Next.
  • On the next window, choose Command Prompt.
  • Command prompt window should open now.
  • Enter the following command lines one by one, and tab Enter after each line for confirmation. The drive letter in commands depends on where the Windows 7 installation was found on your HP.
  • copy c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe c:\

    copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

  • Take the disk out, and then reboot HP PC. Press Shift key while it's starting up.
  • When you get to command prompt window, apply net user command here:
  • net user username newpassword

  • Press Enter.

Now the login password in Windows 7 on HP should be reset successfully.

Option 4: Reset Password for Windows 7 HP Using Command Prompt

Booting into Safe Mode and executing a command will instantly reset lost password on Windows 7 and unlock HP computer.

  • Start or restart locked HP PC, and while it's booting up, press F8 to bring up Advanced Boot Options screen.
  • Use up & down arrow keys to select Safe Mode with Command Prompt, and press Enter.
  • Log into Windows 7 as Administrator.
  • Click Start, then in the search box, type cmd and press Enter to launch a command prompt window.
  • Type net user UserName NewPassword (replace UserName and NewPassword with yours), press Enter.
  • The original password should be reset with the new password that you just created, and you can get into Windows 7 now.

Option 5: Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

The Offline NT Password & Registry Editor is another practical way for performing a reset for Windows 7 HP password. It's completely text-based that makes a bit hard for inexperienced users.

  • Visit the tool's website, and download the cd140201.zip file in the Download section.
  • Once downloaded, extract the ISO file (cd140201.iso) from ZIP file.
  • Burn ISO file to either a USB drive, or a disc.
  • Restart HP computer and insert the disc.
  • After booting process, press Enter at the boot prompt and wait for the software to load.
  • Choose a partition that contains your Windows installation you want to reset password of, then press Enter.
  • Then, leave the default choice of 1 - Password reset [sam], and press Enter.
  • Press Enter again to the default selection of Edit user data and passwords.
  • Type the corresponding number of the user account displayed in the RID column and press Enter to move on.
  • Type 1 for Clear (blank) user password from User Edit Menu section, and press Enter.
  • When Password cleared! message pops up, type ! to and then press Enter to proceed.
  • Next, type q to quit the tool.
  • Type y and press Enter to confirm password reset change. You should then see EDIT COMPLETE message on the screen.
  • At the Step Four: Writing back change menu, type y and press Enter.
  • That's done. Remove the disc and reboot HP desktop computer. There's no password required to access Windows 7 account.

Reset Lost Password for Windows 7 HP Computer

Option 6: Perform an HP System Recovery

If you're more concerned with getting access into HP PC than you're with preserving any files stored on it, a system recovery should work in many scenarios—after which the computer will be set back to the original factory conditions.

To do the HP system recovery of Windows 7, try pressing F11 immediately at startup to get to Recovery Manager, then use System Recovery option to fix the issue. Head right to complete step-by-step guide to reinstall Windows 7 on HP computer.

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