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Reset iPhone 12 without passcode in 3 quick ways

How to reset your iPhone 12 that displays unavailable or Security Lockout screen without using a passcode? 3 ways here let you reset iPhone 12 easily.

Jasmin Woods Updated on Aug 4, 2022 9:07 PM

Input screen passcode as usual but failed to unlock your iPhone 12? Maybe you've changed your password frequently, or perhaps your iPhone hasn't been in use for a while so that you can't recall the correct combination. If you're wondering how to access your iPhone 12 (all 12 models) without passcode, this post should give you a hand.

To regain approach to your iPhone 12 without using a passcode, you have no choice but to reset the iPhone 12 to factory settings, which lets you get entrance to your phone while erasing all the data on the device. But luckily, after resetting the iPhone 12 without passcode, you can restore your data from somewhere you've been backing up your files, or download your content and settings from Apple iCloud if you've synced your phone to it recently.

Without using a passcode, you can only regain access to your iPhone 12 when it's fully reset.

Here we put together 3 ways to help you reset your iPhone 12 without passcode. Pick a way that works perfectly with you from the following:

Reset iPhone 12 using iCloud

While iCloud is most known as a data storage tool, it's also equipped with a powerful global device tracking system — Find My, which allows you to locate your iPhone instantly, mark your devices as lost, and even erase your iPhone distantly.

If you have an Apple account and also have enabled Find My on your phone, resetting unavailable iPhone 12 via iCloud would be a quick way to get access to it without passcode.

1. Go to iCloud on a PC or Mac, and sign in to iCloud with your Apple account which should be the same Apple ID on your locked iPhone 12.

2. Click Find My iPhone logo. Then all your Apple devices under the same Apple ID will be presented on a map on the computer screen.

3. Click 'All Devices' at the top, and select the iPhone 12 which needs to be reset.

4. Then you'll be given three options: 'Play Sound', 'Lost Mode', and 'Erase iPhone'. Click 'Erase iPhone' to reset your iPhone 12.

5. Then an alert message comes into sight telling you that all your data on the device will be erased if you proceed. Hit 'Erase' to confirm. The erasing process will begin in a second.

You can restore your content and settings when all steps are done. It won't be hard for you to get your data back if you've got your phone backed up.

Reset iPhone 12 without passcode via iPhone Unlocker

If you don't remember the password to your Apple account or haven't enabled Find My on the device, iPhone Unlocker is an excellent alternative to reset your iPhone. It's built from the ground up with the goal of dealing with Apple passcode issues efficiently. iPhone Unlocker offers various features, including wiping the passcode, removing Apple ID and erasing screen time lock code, which makes it much easier for users to choose a most matchable way to solve their passcode problems.

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for Windows | for MacOS

Step 1: Launch iPhone Unlocker

Install iPhone Unlocker on your Mac or PC and launch it.

Click the blue section 'Wipe Passcode', and hit 'Start' button.

Step 2: Confirm your device information

Connect your iPhone 12 to computer using a lightning cable.

Once your iPhone 12 is recognized by computer, you're prompted to click a start button after checking whether your device information is correct.

If your iPhone 12 is connected but nothing is displayed on your computer, you can follow the onscreen directions to force your iPhone to enter recovery mode. Then confirm the device information and hit 'Start'.

Step 3: Download firmware package

The 'Start' button should redirect to a downloading page. It may take a few minutes here to download the firmware package, just be patient.

When the download is done, a warning box will show up to ensure that you're well informed that removing the screen passcode will delete all your data on your phone.

Then type '0000' in the box and click 'Unlock' to start resetting your iPhone 12.

Step 4: Begin resetting your iPhone 12

The resetting process will need some time. Keep your iPhone 12 connected until the progress bar presents 100%. Then you can set up your iPhone 12 from square one when the hello screen flashes out. All your data on the device has been wiped out. You can transfer your files to your iPhone 12 from where you've been backing it up.

Reset iPhone 12 with iTunes or Finder

If you're looking for another solution instead of using iCloud or a third-party tool, iTunes (or Finder on macOS 10.15 or newer) might be what you've been searching for, which also makes it effortless to reset your iPhone 12 within minutes.

To reset an iPhone without passcode, you simply start by launching iTunes (or Finder based on macOS 10.15 or newer) on your Mac. If you're using a PC, you need to install iTunes first.

1. Power off your iPhone 12:

Press both Volume down button and Side button for a while. When you see a slider, press the power button icon and swipe it to the other side on your phone. Then your iPhone 12 will be shut down right away.

2. Connect iPhone 12 to your computer in its recovery mode:

Plug your iPhone 12 to the computer with a lightning or USB cable.

Hit Volume up button once, then Volume down button, and keep gripping Side button until there is a recovery mode screen on your phone.

3. As your iPhone is in recovery mode already, the computer can recognize it easily. Here comes along a message window conveying the information that it's necessary to erase all settings and content if you take the resetting option.

Now, click 'Restore' and confirm it. Usually, the restore process will be finished in a few minutes. You can restart your iPhone after that.

Back up your data

No matter which way you choose to reset your iPhone 12 without passcode, there is no doubt that all your content and settings on the device will be wiped out. If you don't have any backup or have never synced your iPhone, your data will be gone. To avoid getting yourself in such trouble, you'd better back up your files routinely from now on.

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