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How to convert AVI to M4V on MacOS and Windows

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:23 PM

AVI, shorted for Audio Video Interleaved, is a multimedia container format within a part of Windows video software. It allows audio and video data merging in one file and playing them at the same time. With numerous distinctive features like synchronized control and real-time display, AVI soon became one of the most frequently used video format. AVI holds extra features like good compatibility, easy adjusting and high visual quality, along with changeable resolution to meet different demands.

However, sometimes you may want to convert .avi files on Mac to a more universal format like M4V being that M4V is a Apple format that's playable on iTunes, Apple QuickTime Player and iOS devices. In this case, converting avi to m4v is a suggested way for working well on Mac platform.

To do this, you simply need an AVI video converter. I have tried many converters from the web. They are either poping up ads or working poor. But Video Converter for Mac do a great job with a fast conversion speed. As a clean and simple tool, it is capable of converting any video file including AVI to M4V, MP4, MOV, WMV, MKV, MPEG-2, Ogg Theora formats. And it comes with a group of presets to tailor your conversion for favorite devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Surface, Xbox One.

If you want to convert videos from AVI to M4V on a PC's, please use its Windows version.

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Using Video Converter is damn simple. Now, let's start the guide about converting .avi to .m4v for Mac computer. When you are done you will have a single .m4v file that you can play either in iTunes or QuickTime, and then you can sync it to your iPhone, iPad and enjoy any time. You can also use it to convert M4V to AVI for an opposite journey.

Step 1: Load AVI video files

After the installation, start up this AVI to M4V converter on your Mac, then hit the "Add File" on the left top of the interface and load your original AVI files that you wish to convert from the local folder. Alternatively, you may drag your AVI files and drop them directly onto the middle of the box.

If you need to put all imported video files into one single file, please click the" Merge into the one" box next to the orange Convert button.

Step 2: Choose M4V format for output

Here please click the "Profile" drop-down list to select M4V output file from the "General Video".

For other formats you want to convert into, just pick it from the list.

When you need to further change parameters, please refer to the "Settings", this option gives you a full control of output files for both video and audio settings——encoder, resolution, frame rate, channels, bit rate, etc.

For users who want to convert their videos to use on devices like iPhone, Samsung, Android, TV sets, or others, you're welcomed to choose the presets from the list. One important property of this tool is it already includes many presets that all parameters are automatically suitable to specific format or device.

Step 3: Start converting AVI video files to M4V in Mac computer

Now, just click the "Convert" button on the lower right side of the interface to let the AVI to M4V conversion begins.

The conversion time might take some time, how long it will take obviously depending on the performance of your computer, encode settings and the size of your imported AVI video.

When the AVI conversion finishes, open the output folder and visit the converted M4V files.

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