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What is M4V


Created by Apple, M4V is a standard video format and adopted by iPod, iPhone and PlayStation Portable. The format is based on the second coding edition of MPEG-4, and it is a special kind of video format of MP4, applying to Video On Demand (VOD) on Internet and handset. The filename is .MP4 or M4V, with H264 as video coding and AAC as audio coding. Compared with traditional On2 VP6, H263, Divx, M4V gets higher visual quality with a smaller volume for it encodes with H264.

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Videos downloaded from some popular websites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Hulu, DailyMotion are often used FLV, F4V, MP4, M4V as their filename extension. As for MP4 and M4V, which use H264 for High-Definition Coding, M4V remains better quality. With the development of Internet bandwidth and the ever-increasing demands on video quality, videos downloaded form the Internet are often use H264 for encoding. Defeating On2 VP6, H263, Divx by features like small in size and higher video quality, M4V soon widely accepted by various widely used websites.

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It's capable of converting all sorts of video formats into MOV/ AVI/ MPEG4/ MP4/ 3GP/ WebM that most hardware devices can support. And it can crop unnecessary black edges, supports to change settings like video effect, volume, brightness, contrast, saturation and more. Another great feature would be that it has a good compatibility of high definition of video and could export video of 720p,1080p, 4K with different formats.

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MP4 & M4V

The earliest MP4 is a format apply to handsets. As a special type of MP4, M4V (also called MP4-AVC ) represents HD video and is widely used in movable devices. Going with the current HD times, PSP, iPod, iPhone have been used the H264/AVC HD encoding of MP4 one after another. The M4V file format is a video container format developed by Apple and is very similar to the MP4 format. Generally speaking, there is no difference between these two formats except for the extension of filename. But it puzzles crowds of people the first time when it came into public. The purpose of raising a new one is to distinguish video from audio. M4V is apply to audio only while MP4 can support both video and audio, which makes MP4 a hard to replace format. And it is also simple when converting these two formats, just select the original name to revise, then is done.

The primary difference is that M4V files may optionally be protected by DRM copy protection. Check our DRM Removal for getting rid of copy protection on a video.

M4V, MP4 & MOV

In general, the definition of a video is related to its frame rate and bit rate. That is to say, the lower the compression rate of video, the higher the video quality. The comparison cannot make if the two objects have different videos and parameters. As we all known, M4V is a format developed by Apple that normally contains MPEG-4 compressed audio and video data but also may contain an AC3 and/or chapter track(s). It is normally defaulted to open in iTunes. A QuickTime file is an MOV file container with any form of compatible data in it. This data can be anything from text or still images to video or audio file. On the other hand, MP4 is a file container specifically associated with MPEG-4 or H.264 compressed video and/or AAC compressed audio, MP3 or possibly AC3.

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