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How to import MPEG to iTunes on Mac

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:23 PM

Let's say you have some of MPEG or MPG movies on your collection, and would like to drop them into iTunes and sync to play on your iOS device like iPad, iPhone on the go. However, iTunes only accepts a small set of video file types, mainly MP4 and QuickTime format video files ended with .*mp4, *m4v, and .*mov. Therefore, if you want to play a movie in MPG in iTunes, what exactly you need to is convert the MPG to iTunes acceptable file format mentioned previously.

No hassle, this problem is easy to solve - a cleaner result for converting MPG to iTunes on Mac can be obtained by using the Video Converter for Mac. It is a user-friendly video file conversion tools which gives you an option to convert MPEG movie into iTunes-friendly video that can then add to iTunes and use them like any other file iTunes supports. It is also capable of converting a group of other video formats you might come across and output video files optimized for a number of popular multimedia devices in market like PS3, Kindle Fire, Galaxy series.

Advanced users can tweak your conversion settings (audio bitrates, video resolution, audio quality and video quality) in detail, whichever you prefer.

If you are running a Windows computer, you may refer to Video Converter for Windows.

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This article is going to cover using the Mac version of Video Converter to convert MPEG/MPG to iTunes file on Mac. Just keep reading and you will find that it is so simple to achieve that. The conversion process in Windows is actually the same.

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Step 1: Add MPEG/MPG files

Drag and drop the MPG files to the main interface, or click the "Add File" button to select the source MPG video files you want to convert to iTunes-friendly format.

The MPG to iTunes converter offers batch-encoding feature, so you can select large collections of MPEG/MPG video files and convert them as a batch.

Step 2: Output parameters

In this step, you will select what type of file format you want to convert your video to and configure the encoding.

Click "Profile" drop-down list and go to the "General Video" (or "HD Video", if your MPEGs are high definition) category, and then choose iTunes readable file format MP4, MOV, or M4V as the output file type.

In "Settings" button near the "Profile" — here you can fine tune the output parameters of your video. You can select video and audio quality that you need.

The utility has options to convert videos for meant for all current iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and other platform's device such as Kindle Fire, Xbox One, please check the preset list on the left. This MPEG to iTunes converter can automatically select the resulting video's output settings based on the chosen device.

Step 3: Start converting

When you have got ready for the settings for the added videos, click the "Convert" button and wait.

Once your MPEG files begin to be transcoded for iTunes (alternatives), you will see the progress screen similar to the screenshot below. Remember, the conversion time may take several minutes depending on your computer's speed and movie's length. you can leave the software handle the rest things on the background, and do something else for the time being on your computer.

Don't forget to check out our another article about using the tool to convert AVI to MOV format on Mac.

Step 4: Add converted files into iTunes

If all seems to have gone well, open iTunes and transfer the converted movies to your iTunes library and then sync them to your iPhone/iPad/iPod. Enjoy them!

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