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How to convert VOB to MPEG (or MPEG to VOB) on Mac/ Windows

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:23 PM

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Due to a large number of file containers exist in the market, and media manufacturers store video with different video codecs, not all of movies are acceptable with device & player you happen to have. Maybe someone emailed you a vob file or you have some of DVD collections backup onto your Mac that are in VOB files, but you're not sure how to use it. Perhaps you tried to convert those VOB files to MPEG format for working with a majority of media players both online and through hand-held devices, but you couldn't find an effective way to do it.

There are tons of software are available that will let you convert VOB to MPEG file. To get around this problem, I would normally suggest using Video Converter for Mac, which is a perfect solution designed for you who just want a fast conversion to gets the job done. The converter handles conversion from and to an incredibly large array of formats including video to video/audio, audio to audio. Procedure is pretty much simple: select the file you want to convert, specify output format and destination, and hit "Convert" to let it do the rest.

For a Windows user who want to convert video between MPEG and VOB media type, please refer to Video Converter for Windows here. Do note that VOB files on DVD are sometimes encrypted. If you can't decrypt and rip DVD .vob movies to MPEG, please use DVD Ripper.

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Follow this tutorial and learn how to convert a .vob to .mpeg format on Mac OSX, it's essentially the same process you deal with the converting from MPEG to VOB. And in much the same way as converting any other formats.

Step 1: Load VOB files

Import or drag-n-drop the selected VOB files (along with any other videos) to the main interface of the program. If you have multiple VOB files and want to combine into one, Check "Merge" option below the item board.

The program comes with batch processing feature, so you can add multiple files to the queue and convert them at one time.

Step 2: Set MPEG parameters in "Profile"

Under "Profile" drop-down box, you will see a huge number of file types in "General Video" column on the left. Just select MPEG, or HD MPEG (if your original VOB are HD) in "HD Video" list as output file type.

Then you are ready to adjust the output settings. In "Settings" panel, it lets you fine-tune your project, and has some options that will allow you to tweak the settings (bitrate, quality, size, codec) of your movie. If you don't know what to set, just leave them alone. Generally, the default settings are good enough for you.

Step 3: Start converting VOB

When you've chosen your settings, click the "Convert" button and the programme will start converting the chosen MPEG video. this MPEG converter will begin to encode VOB to MPEG file and save it in the location you selected earlier.

While converting, the program displays a blue bar to show the progress of conversion. Encoding times will vary depend on file size of videos you imported, output settings as well as some other variables such as hardware of your computer.

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