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How to recover deleted call logs on iPhone without backup

Alex Griffith Updated on Apr 14, 2022 6:47 PM

"Without neither iTunes backup nor iCloud backup, can I find and restore the call history I have deleted on the iPhone?" This is common question. There's no more Apple-native restore options that can help this, but you can get back those call logs by contacting the carrier or recover the call records using third-party software. Check out the methods we've outlined below.

Before get started, back up the iPhone so you'll never worry about your stuff including the call log records getting lost. Here are articles about backing up iPhone as well as retrieving a backup (iCloud & iTunes) of call history on iPhone:

1. Checking Through Cellular Carrier

Most likely, the carrier keeps a log of calls that you've placed, received or missed. Once you accidentally deleted some of call logs in the recent call list that are not included in any iCloud or iTunes backup archives, you can first contact your phone carrier and you'll be able to check the call history for a particular contact on the list and therefore get the call logs back on iPhone, without using iTunes or iCloud backup.

You could do that through the official app or the website of the carrier by logging in with your phone account and password.

2. Using 3rd-party Software

If you can't find your iPhone call logs through carrier, and you don't have iCloud backup or iTunes backup in place, then you need to arm yourself with a comprehensive file recovery tool, but stop using the iPhone immediately, avoiding taking the risk of overwriting the deleted call history. When a file is deleted from an iPhone, it does not be wiped out from the device storage, but rather be marked as vacant for other newly generated files moved into.

To increase the success rate when recovering iPhone call logs, you may consider the iOS Data Recovery software, a well regarded desktop application that is integrated with backup option.

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Using the software is relatively easy and straightforward. It scans the internal memory of iPhone that you tend to recover the lost call logs from and returns an overview of the data it find so you can at least find out what files can be restored — this is especially useful for those who deleted call history on iPhone and had no iTunes & iCloud backup for the call logs records. In addition to this, the program is built with backup extraction that enables users to restore disappeared contents from backup files made within Apple's iCloud as well as iTunes.

Follow the detailed directions to restore deleted call history on iPhone without backup. The screenshots used below are from Windows-base machine. If you are a Mac user, the whole process is the same.

Recovering iPhone Call History without a Backup

Step 1: Launch the software and connect iPhone to computer

Once opening up the utility on the computer, choose "Recover from iOS Device" mode for the purpose of restoring deleted call logs from the original iPhone without backup file in iCloud server or iTunes library.

Then, get the iPhone connected to the computer with USB cable.

Step 2: Scan lost iPhone call history

Next, you'll be presented with a window where gives you ability to choose which data type to scan. In this case, we select Call History and press the Scan button to initiate a deep analysis of your iPhone. The scanning process is actually fairly fast, be patient.

Once the scan is complete, all the found files will be listed on the window, sorted by file types.

Step 3: Preview the deleted calls on the expanding right pane

To preview the call records, you simply click the "Call History" category from the left column and all the calls will be shown on the right pane, including the outgoing, incoming, and missing calls.

Tip: Instead of searching for each item one by one, the software lets you find what you need quickly through the search box at the upper right place.

Next, select the call history that you wish to restore from iPhone. To do this, check the boxes next to each file name to select the ones you need or check the top box to select the full list of call history.

Step 4: Recover the selected call logs from iPhone without backup

Now, hit the Recover button at the lower right corner. When you see a pop-up dialog box, click the three dots ... to choose a location for saving the retrieved call history on the computer.

Then, hit the Recover button again and the program will begin the process of recovering the selected call history from iPhone, with no backups involved.


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