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How to recover call logs on iPhone XR with or without backup

Elena Spencer Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:56 PM

If a missed call is deleted from the "Recent" call log list on my iPhone XR, can I recover it to get the phone number and duration? Please give me some advice. thanks.

No matter how carefully you are when using iPhone XR, sooner or later the call history would be unexpectedly lost. Maybe your finger slipped when you were deleting some spamming calls from recently call list in the Phone app. Maybe a few call logs along with the important phone numbers disappeared after upgrading iPhone XR to latest iOS version. Relax. Chances are good that you can recover call logs from iPhone XR, as long as you haven't written anything else to the physical space that the call history once occupied.

Better Way - Recover Deleted iPhone XR Call History with File Recovery Tool

For retrieving call logs that you've accidentally deleted from iPhone XR, iOS Data Recovery is one smart option. After using it, you will get back deleted phone calls including missed calls, outgoing calls and incoming calls, and call information such as phone number called to your iPhone XR, duration of each call, time and data stamp of the call, contact name if the caller was saved in the device, and more details.

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The efficient software scans iPhone XR memory for call logs history and other files (messages, contacts, photos, notes, calendars, etc) that have been deleted but not yet overwritten. If it can find the deleted file, it can usually recover it to a destination of your choice without any hassle. Another worthwhile feature in it is the viewer which displays all files in a directory or just any deleted files it detects. This way you can choose what to show and what to restore.

In addition to retrieving call history from the iPhone XR storage, it can also help scan the backup and do a partial restore to get lost call history back only.

Guide: How to Recover Deleted Call Logs on iPhone XR without a Backup

An easy way to get started in retrieving deleted call history from iPhone XR device is by using the awesome on-screen instructions on each window that appears. Here's how.

Step 1: Run the software and connect iPhone XR

Open up the utility, and you should see three recovery modes on the left side. Choose "Recover from iOS Device" tab, and then plug iPhone XR to computer.

How to Restore Call Logs on iPhone XR without Backup

Step 2: Scan iPhone XR and search for deleted call history

Once the device is connected, you can click Start Scan button. This will bring out a window, allowing you to select the type of data you want to recover. Here choose "Call History" option and click Scan button to move on.

The next window will appear showing the scanning process.

Restore Deleted Call History on iPhone XR

Step 3: Choose call log(s) from the results

After the scan, click "Call History" category on the left pane, and you will be presented with a list of call logs that the program has been found.

Check the certain call logs you wish to recover, and press Recover button.

Tip: Switch on "Only" display the deleted item(s)" option will help find deleted call history faster.

Step 4: Restoring iPhone XR Call Logs

Now, select the location of where you want to recover deleted call logs to, and then click Recover button to initiate recovery process.

When the process has been completed you can exit the program and unplug the iPhone XR device. To view the recovered deleted call history details, go to the folder where you saved them to.

Possible Way: Recover Call Logs from iPhone XR Backup

Actually, Apple provides native way to retrieve call history list that has being deleted from iPhone XR by restoring the iOS device with the iCloud backup or iTunes backup. But ensure that the last backup is earlier before you deleted call history. See at: Restore your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from a backup.

Guide: Restoring Deleted Call Logs via iCloud Backup - Apple Solution

  • On iPhone XR, first go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.
  • The device will reset as a brand one, and need to be set up all over again.
  • When App & Data screen appears, tap on Restore from iCloud Backup option to restore iPhone XR and recover entire call list together with call details, especially the phone numbers.

How to Get Back Call Logs on iPhone XR

While the Apple route will restore the deleted call log to where it original was located on the iPhone XR, you may notice that a restoration through iCloud or iTunes will replace the data in the device. At this point, you will lose all data that hasn't been backed up. Chances are, though, you can use iOS Data Recovery tool to get deleted iPhone XR call logs from iCloud and iTunes backup.

Guide: Restoring Call History with iCloud Backup - 3rd Party Solution

  • Once run the program on Mac or PC, press "Recover from iCloud Backup File" mode to get started.
  • Log into iCloud account to access previous backup you've created, then choose one and click Download button.
  • Select "Call History" option in the pop-up and click Next button.
  • Tick off each deleted call logs you would like to restore.
  • Hit Recover button to retrieve deleted phone calls.

How Do I Recover Deleted Recent Calls on iPhone XR

The Bottom Line

If you haven't backed up recent call history on iPhone XR lately, take a moment to do so now. An easy option is to use Apple iCloud to conduct regular backup automatically.

How to Back Up Call Logs with iCloud on iPhone XR

  • First connect iPhone XR to stable Wi-Fi network.
  • Go to Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud.
  • Scroll down to iCloud Backup option, tap on it.
  • Turn on iCloud Backup, and tap Back UP Now. Stay your device to Wi-Fi connection until the process finishes.

All data including call history in Recent call list should be saved to iCloud server. Every time you connect iPhone XR to power source and to Wi-Fi connection, all data will automatically sync to iCloud service—as long as the iCloud Backup feature is ON. That way, you will always have a safety net to restore call logs to iPhone XR, and bring back any important call numbers you've received or missed.

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