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How to restore deleted text messages on iPhone 7 (Plus) without backup

Blake Sullivan Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:54 PM

Restoring deleted text messages on iPhone 7 (Plus) without iCloud or iTunes backup may look like an impossible thing. Unlike the recently deleted files and documents that get transferred to the recycle bin on the computer, there is no such thing as recycle bin on iPhone 7 (Plus) that lets you get deleted messages back to where they used to be.

If the other party who you text a lot still have the same text messages on his phone, it is fine to ask him/ her to resend the chat history to you or take a screenshot of the entire conversation. But this doesn't always work. Therefore, is there any way to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone 7 (Plus) without any iCloud or iTunes backup and recycle bin?

We all agree that losing text messages on iPhone 7 (Plus) without backup is never fun, but we can take some steps to reverse the situation. First things first, don't perform any task on your iPhone 7 (Plus). If you do so, you will risk erasing the texts and never get them back once they are overwritten. Second, act soon enough to find a professional data recovery tool to restore the deleted messages on iPhone 7 storage. In this case, you can make use of iOS Data Recovery to save you a lot of stress.

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The program has you covered pretty well and helps you avoid the same misfortune so you don't have to take your iPhone 7 (Plus) to a lap and dissect it. It can san iPhone 7 (Plus) memory completely and get lost text messages back even if you don't have iTunes or iCloud backup in hand. It also can recover information like contacts, call history, photos, Safari History, notes, voice memos, Whatsapp conversion logs, etc. The great part about this tool is its filtering feature which allows you to search through each conversation of the texts easily to restore what you need.

Next, let's learn how to use this program to get text messages back on iPhone 7 (Plus) without backup available. Please download the copy of the software and install on your computer.

Restoring Text Messages on iPhone 7 (Plus) without Backup

Step 1: Make a deep scan on iPhone 7 (Plus)

When you fire up the program, you will be presented with a simple interface on which there are three options based on the type of recovery you would like to perform. Since we'll want to recover deleted texts on iPhone 7 (Plus) without backup, Select "Recover from iOS Device" mode to proceed.

Then, connect your iPhone 7 (Plus) to the computer with a supplied USB cable and wait for the software to successfully detect the device.

recover texts on iPhone 7 without backup - Step 1: Scan iPhone 7

Go ahead and select "Messages" and "Messages Attachments", then hit the Start Scan button to make a deep scan on iPhone 7 (Plus) internal memory to search for deleted messages (MMS, SMS, iMessages). This scanning time varies, depending on how much files on your device.

After a while, you'll be presented with a summary window.

Step 2: Preview the deleted messages conversations

As you can see in the left sidebar, all your found files are sorted by different of categories. You can click the "Messages" and "Messages Attachments" category to preview the details of each message conversation.

Next, select deleted messages you want to restore on iPhone 7 (Plus) and click the Recover button at the lower right corner. When prompts, select a location on computer to store the recovered text messages.

recover texts on iPhone 7 without backup - Step 3: preview texts

Step 4: Recover deleted messages on iPhone 7 (Plus) without backup

When everything is OK, hit the Recover button again in the dialog to begin retrieving messages and save to the computer in CSV or HTML file that you can read or print later.

Done! You've successfully recovered text messages on iPhone 7 (Plus) without iCloud backup or iTunes backup.

Back Up Your Messages

Having an extra copy of your important text messages—by taking advantage of automatic backup feature in Apple iCloud or iTunes—for safe keeping is never a bad idea. Once something go wrong in the future, you can quickly restore your iPhone 7 (Plus) and get lost messages.

1. Restore texts from iTunes: Connect iPhone 7 (Plus) to the computer and open iTunes > Select device icon in the window > In Summary section choose Restore Backup > Choose a backup archive > Click Restore.

2. Restore messages from iCloud: Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. Then reboot your iPhone 7 (Plus) > In App & Data page > Select Restore from iCloud Backup.


iOS Data Recovery makes it a snap to recover all kinds of data, not just text messages, by scanning your iPhone 7 (Plus) storage deeply. As you have seen on the home interface of the software, you can restore iPhone 7 (Plus) texts from iCloud and iTunes backup files if you back up your device on a regular basis. Also, this tutorial is applies to data recovery on iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPad, and more.

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