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Transfer music between iPhones in 4 ways

Downloading songs to your iPhone is easy. But what about sending your favorite music tracks to another iPhone? No need to worry. These 4 methods can help you out!

Jasmin Woods Updated on Mar 18, 2023 12:02 PM

People are now living in a golden age of music streaming. Everyone can easily find their favorite songs and download them to their phone. And music is more or less a pretty personal experience. So, sharing music becomes a popular way to express ourselves and also an excellent way to bring people closer.

When you find a nice song, you are really joyful and want to share it with others. But if you're an iPhone user, it may be a little troublesome when you try to transfer songs from your iPhone to another. So is there an easy way to share music tracks between iPhones?

This problem not only bothers you, but also troubles other users who have just switched to a new iPhone and want to sync the whole music library to their new iPhone from the old one. For your convenience, in this post, we'll introduce 4 proven ways on how to transfer music tracks from one iPhone to another. Feel free to check them out:

Sync Apple Music between iPhones using Sync Library

Transfer music via iPhone Data Transfer

Shortcut to move all music from iPhone to iPhone

Share files with AirDrop

Sharing iPhone music with others can make people closer to each other.

Sync Apple Music between iPhones

As an iPhone user, you can easily access the built-in app Apple Music on your device, which is an excellent music streaming service that allows its users to listen to over 90 million songs.

If you have subscribed to Apple Music, it will be effortless for you to sync your whole music library across your devices under the same Apple ID. The only thing you need to do is to turn on the 'Sync Library' feature with Apple Music on both of your iPhones so that your music files can be transferred to a different iOS device successfully.

First, on your iPhone, access 'Setting'.

Next, scroll down to find 'Music' from the list.

Then, tap 'Music' and toggle on 'Sync Library' feature.

Use 'Sync Library' to sync all the music tracks from your old iPhone to new iPhone.

After that, unlock the target device that you want to send files to, and repeat the operations above on it. Once done, your music library will be synced to the target iPhone very soon. You can open the Apple Music on the target device and wait for the added songs to show up on the screen. It may take a little while depending on how many music tracks you have downloaded from your Apple Music.

Transfer music from one iPhone to another using iPhone Data Transfer

Apple Music can help you easily sync your music library between your own iPhones. But what if you'd like to send songs or playlists to your friends? Or you haven't subscribed to Apple Music yet? Is there a quicker way to transfer music files from one iPhone to another directly?

Well, while Apple Music works between iPhones using the same Apple ID, iPhone Data Transfer provides a quick and easy transfer across all iOS devices without using your Apple account. It operates more like a data transfer station, allowing you to share your music from one iPhone to another, just as easy as copying and pasting files from one folder to another. And it also offers you abundant options to share various music files between iPhones, like your playlists, podcasts, audiobooks, and even the voice memos.

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With iPhone Data Transfer downloaded and installed, you can simply bridge the two iPhones as long as they are connected to the same computer.

Step 1: Launch iPhone Data Transfer and connect the iPhones

Open the app on your computer, and connect the two iPhones to it using suitable USB cables. Your iPhone screen passcode will be required to allow it to access the content on your device.

It's also available to transfer other files, including photos, videos, contacts and messages and others.

Step 2: Head to 'Music'

Click the 'Music' from the left sidebar.

You can have an overview of all your music files before you start the transferring process.

You can click the iPhone's name at the middle top to switch to the other connected device if you want.

Step 3: Export music from your iPhone to another

Tick the songs you'd like to transfer to another device. Then click the phone icon at the top bar. And choose the target device that you need to send files to.

It also supports data transfer from iPhone to computer or vice versa.

It usually finishes the transferring process within a few seconds. When it's done, you can check the selected items on the target device by clicking your iPhone's name at the top, which will switch to the other iPhone and you can find the moved songs from the list.

Transfer all music files in one step

With the user-friendly app iPhone Data Transfer, you can apply a quick music transfer between iPhones directly by simply selecting the songs you want. And for your convenience, it also allows you to transfer all music files at once so that you don't have to move each music track individually, which can save you much time. Here's how to do it:

Click 'Phone to Phone' button and keep 'Music' box ticked

Several shortcuts are here to help you do the data transfer across devices in one step.

Once both iPhones get connected, there're several options at the bottom of the home page. Click the first 'Phone to Phone' button. It will pop up a sub-window, showing you all the media data on your iPhone is selected by default. You can keep the files you want and uncheck the others. Then click the 'Start' button to get the selected files moved to the other iPhone.

Notice that don't unplug the devices before it tells you all the music files are transferred successfully.

So sharing music files between iPhones is simple and can be done in two ways when using iPhone Data Transfer. It's very convenient especially when you have got a new iPhone or want to sync all your files to another iOS device.

Share music from iPhone to iPhone via AirDrop

If you only want to transfer a few songs to others, the preset feature AirDrop on each iPhone can let you quickly share your music between iPhones wirelessly. It won't cost any cellular date, but the person you're sending music to should be nearby and also within Bluetooth and WiFi range.

It will be easy and fast to accomplish the music transfer between iPhones if your device and the target one have both put the AirDrop receiving settings to receive files from 'Everyone'.

Set AirDrop to receive files from 'Everyone'

Go to 'Setting' > 'General'.

Locate 'AirDrop' and choose to receive from 'Everyone'.

AirDrop music to another iPhone

Step 1, open Music app on your device, and find the songs you want to share.

Step 2, tap the three dots and choose the 'Share' option.

Step 3, choose the 'AirDrop' and tap the iPhone you want to send music to.

AirDrop the song to another iOS device.

Step 4, on the target device, confirm 'Accept' option when there's is a message informing you that someone would like to share a file with you.

If you only need to transfer a couple of files to another iOS device, AirDrop is a useful and efficient tool that lets you share files instantly with the people nearby.


In this post, we introduce 4 useful solutions on how to share music tracks between iPhones. You may choose one of them to transfer your music from your iPhone to another optionally with the detailed guides above. While Apple Music can sync your music library between your won iPhones, AirDrop can help you share a few songs with others. And if you're eager to transfer music to another iPhone from yours but hesitate to select the right method, the one-in-all app iPhone Data Transfer is your best choice.

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