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How to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone [5 Ways]

Downloading songs to your iPhone is easy. But what about transferring your favorite music to another iPhone? No need to worry. These 5 methods can help you out!

Jasmin Woods Updated on Jan 24, 2024 7:25 PM

In this era of music streaming, people are fortunate to experience the convenience of the iPhone's Music app on iOS, which allows them to enjoy their favorite tunes online and download music to iPhone for offline listening wherever they go. However, for those with extensive music collections, the question arises of how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone when upgrading to a new iOS device or sharing their favorite songs with others.

So, if you're wondering a hassle-free method to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone, look no further! In this post, we will present you with several efficient ways. Whether you want to transfer all music from old iPhone to new iPhone or share purchased songs between iPhones, we've got you covered. Keep reading to discover how it's done!

Experience seamless music transfer from iPhone to iPhone with proper tools.

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Meet iPhone Data Transfer - the ultimate two-way transfer tool for all iOS devices! Transfer non-purchased music from iPhone to iPhone directly and enjoy a one-click shortcut to move all songs and files between two iPhones effortlessly. Feel free to try it now!

How to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone with Apple Music

Ideal for: Wirelessly transfer music between iPhones when using an Apple Music subscription with the same Apple ID.

For music transfer from iPhone to iPhone, iOS users can easily access the pre-installed Apple Music app on iPhone, which is an excellent music streaming service that provides millions of tracks for online listening and offline playback. By subscribing to Apple Music, you gain access to your entire music library across all devices with the same Apple ID, including the songs, playlist, albums, and music downloads.

To transfer Apple music from iPhone to iPhone, the only thing you need to do is to turn on the Sync Library feature on both of source and target iPhones. Here's the wireless solution for how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone within Apple Music:

Note: Apple Music only syncs music from iPhone to iPhone when you use the same Apple ID on both devices and connect to a stable network.

1. On your source iPhone, access Setting.

2. Scroll down to find Music from the list.

3. Tap Music and toggle on Sync Library option.

4. Repeat the steps to enable Sync Library on the iPhone you want to transfer music to.

Transfer all music from iPhone to iPhone within the Apple Music app.

Once done, your music library will be transferred to new iPhone's Apple Music soon, depending on your Internet speed and how many songs you currently have. However, Apple Music handles only the music added within the app. To transfer MP3 to an iPhone, see another separate guide.

How to transfer music from one iPhone to another with iTunes

Ideal for: Sync and move purchased music from old iPhone to new iPhone, including songs, playlists, artists, and genres.

For those who only want to transfer purchased music from one iPhone to another, Apple offers another option by using iTunes on computer. With a wired connection, you can transfer iPhone music to iTunes and then sync music from iTunes to the iPhone you want to send songs to.

However, be fully aware of that iTunes will erase all the existing songs on the target device while transferring music to your iPhone. If you don't have any tracks on the target iDevice, following is how to transfer music from old iPhone to new iPhone with iTunes on Windows PC or macOS 10.14 Mojave and earlier:

1. Use a USB cable to connect the source iPhone and your computer.

2. Open the latest version of iTunes. If required, unlock your phone and tap Trust on the Trust This Computer popup messages.

3. Click File menu > Devices > Transfer Purchases from your iPhone, which will move all purchased iPhone music to iTunes.

Transfer purchased music from iPhone to iTunes library.

4. Unplug the first iPhone and connect the iPhone you want to transfer music files to.

5. Click the phone icon when it shows up at the top of the iTunes window.

6. Go to the Music tab and select Sync Music. From its following options, you may choose to sync your entire iTunes library to iPhone Music or just a selection of playlists, artists, or albums.

Sync music from iTunes to iPhone with entire music library or selected playlists or albums.

7. To start music transfer, click Apply at the bottom.

Then let iTunes transfer music to your iPhone. Remember that the current songs on the second iPhone will be totally erased and replaced by the newly synced tracks. To prevent unwanted data loss, you may like to transfer music to iPhone without iTunes by other options.

How to transfer non-purchased music from iPhone to iPhone

Ideal for: Directly transfer non-purchased music from one iPhone to another, while seamlessly move various files between iPhone and iPad, iPod, Mac or PC.

While Apple Music and iTunes can transfer purchased music between your iPhones, some of you may want to transfer non-purchased songs from one iPhone to another. Whether it's an old song or a precious playlist collection, you can easily make iPhone music transfer using a reliable all-round data transferring tool like iPhone Data Transfer.

This program offers smooth file and music transfer between iPhone and iPhone, iPhone and computer in both directions. It includes songs, playlists, audiobooks, iTunes U, and media files like photos and videos. Unlike iTunes, this iOS data transfer tool ensures your existing music files on both devices remain untouched while transferring music from one iPhone to another.

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for macOS | for Windows

Working for all iDevices including the latest iOS version, this is how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone without iTunes directly:

Step 1: Launch iPhone Data Transfer and connect the iPhones

Open the app on your computer and connect the two iPhones with suitable USB cables. Your iPhone screen passcode will be required to access the music content on device.

It's also available to transfer other files, including photos, videos, contacts and messages and others.

Step 2: Access Music from the left sidebar

  • From the middle top of the screen, select the source iPhone.
  • Go to the Music tab on the left; the program will load all music files on the iOS device.

View, access, and select the iPhone music files you want to transfer.

Step 3: Transfer music from iPhone to another

  • Select which songs you want to transfer to another iPhone and choose what else you want.
  • Click Export to Device button (the phone icon) at the top to transfer to your new iPhone.

Transfer songs or all music from your iPhone to another iPhone.

After transferring music from one iPhone to another, disconnect your devices and enjoy the moved songs in your new iPhone's Music app.

How to transfer all music from an iPhone to another with shortcut

Ideal for: Single-click to transfer all music from one iPhone to another iDevice, computer and laptop.

The user-friendly app iPhone Data Transfer also offers a one-click shortcut to transfer all music on iPhone automatically. Don't need to send your songs or files one by one; simply connect your iOS devices with computer, and select the file types you want to transfer from iPhone to iPhone directly, such as music, photos, videos, contacts, and other files.

  • Initiate the program and enter Phone to Phone mode at the bottom.
  • Follow the next sub-window, connect the sending iPhone and the receiving device.
  • Choose the Music in the middle box when it loads your media files.
  • Hit the Start button to begin moving all music to iPhone.

Don't unplug your devices until it finishes the process of transferring songs between two iPhones.

A simple video guide for how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone 13, 14 and newer models:

How to share music on iPhones via AirDrop

Ideal for: Share iPhone music to another AirDrop device nearby wirelessly

If you only want to transfer a few songs to another iPhone, the preset feature AirDrop on iOS can let you quickly share music between iPhones wirelessly. It won't cost any cellular data, but the iPhone you're sending music to should be within Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range.

Here's how you can use AirDrop and how to move music from iPhone to iPhone without iTunes or iCloud. Before that, don't forget to set up and allow your AirDrop to receive music files from others.

Enable AirDrop to receive from everyone

  • Swipe down or up from the edge of your screen to open Control Center.
  • Press and hold the network card till the settings menu pops up.
  • Long-press the AirDrop button, and choose Everyone for 10 minutes.

AirDrop iPhone music to another iPhone

If you only need to transfer a couple of tracks to another nearby iOS device, AirDrop is a useful and efficient tool that lets you share music on iPhone instantly. Follow the steps:

Step 1. Open Music app on the sending iPhone, and find the songs you want to share.

Step 2. Tap the three-dot menu and choose the Share option.

Step 3. Choose AirDrop and select the target iPhone you want to send music to.

AirDrop the song to another iOS device.

Step 4. On the receiving device, confirm with Accept when the AirDrop box appears.


Now, you've got several different ways to transfer your music from iPhone to iPhone quickly. Whether using music streaming services, Apple-supported iTunes, or third-party iOS file transferring tools, follow the proper steps above to make iPhone music transfer between your devices with ease.

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