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How to Recover Password for Windows 7 on an Acer Computer

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:58 PM

Lost or Forgot password to unlock an Acer computer is often a demoralizing task for some users. But it doesn't need to be—there are several solutions to fix that login issue.

A quick Google search may lead you to believe you're on the right path by restoring Acer PC to its factory default settings—after which all data will be overwritten, though. Instead, you'd better opt for a safer and easier way to recover Acer computer password on Windows 7 system. We'll go over how to commence the recovery in an effortless manner.

The methods would apply in recovering the Windows 7 login password for Acer Aspire series, Acer Veriton series, Acer Revo series, and whatever desktops & all-in-ones.

Option 1: Recover Acer password with command prompt

Recovering password on Acer PC with Windows 7 (Starter, Premium, Ultimate, etc) was once a fairly inconvenient process, but Microsoft introduced a much easier way to do so now by using a command line trick.

  • Power up your locked Acer computer.
  • While it's loading, tap F8 repeatedly until a menu titled Advanced Boot Options appears.
  • Select Safe Mode with Command Prompt option, and press Enter.
  • When a command prompt window opens, type: net user username newpassword. Note: change username of your locked Windows 7 account, and set up another password for it.
  • When done, press Enter to confirm the change. You can access onto desktop now.

Option 2: Through Windows password recovery software

If the command line trick above doesn't work or isn't your thing, you could always opt for a third-party tool. Spower Windows Password Reset, as many people know it, is an easy and effective utility that allows you to securely recover password on Acer Windows 7 platform.

The program comes up to a respectable level of intuitiveness and stability for recovering both user password and admin password in Acer computer with Windows 7 OS. It's very simple to use - insert the password reset USB drive or disc containing the program install media, then boot Acer from the removable device. This renders the forgotten password on the lock screen completely reset. Plus, you can use it to create an administrator account in Acer system.

How-to: Recover local Windows 7 Password for Acer PC without Data Loss

The step-by-step instructions below can help you get started. You first step will be to download the application on another accessiible computer and install it properly. Then proceed:

  • Insert a USB drive or a CD/DVD to the working computer, then click USB device button or CD/DVD button to begin burning a password reset disk.
  • After burning, plug the disk to the Acer computer.
  • Reboot Acer PC, and set it boot from the reset disk in BIOS setup.
  • If boots right, your PC will then restart automatically and the software opens.
  • Select the Windows 7 user account, and click Reset button to start password recovery process on Acer computer.
  • Press Reboot button to restart Acer computer. You should be able to freely log into admin without typing a password.

How Do I Recover Admin Password for Acer Computer

Option 3: Recover Acer PC password with password reset disk

If you've gone through the steps in preparing for the password reset disk before forgetting the password to Acer computer, you can use it to easily recover the password and get onto Windows 7 system. The beforehand reset disk serves the purpose well.

  • When prompted error messages of incorrect password at the login screen, click OK.
  • Click "Reset password" link, and Password Reset Wizard should open.
  • Insert the disk to Acer computer, then click Next to proceed.
  • On the next screen, type and confirm a new password, then click Next and then Finish.
  • Reboot your computer and access it with the new password. Have fun!

Recover Acer Password and Get onto Windows 7

Option 4: Recover Acer Windows 7 Password using spare admin account

If there's a spare admin account in Windows 7, then recovering a user password of Acer computer can be a little bit easier.

  • Turn on Acer computer that you can't get onto the desktop.
  • On the login screen, sign into the admin account that you have access to.
  • Head to Start > Control Panel > User Accounts, then click "Manage another account" link to create a new password.

password recovery in Acer

This way, you're able to recover password of Windows 7 account for Acer computer without a disk and bypass the login quickly and easily.


Acer Windows 7 PC Desktops & All-In-Ones:

Veriton (N260G, N281G, N282G, M421G, M265, M290, M2610G, M6610G, VL4620G-Ui5333, X2611G, X2660G, X275, X680G, X480G, Z280G, Z5710, Z3750, Z5600, Z5610, Z431G-Ui5650W, VL480G-UD5800W, L4610G, L4620G, L480G, L670, Z2650G, M480G E7600, etc.), Aspire (6930, R3610, R3700, X1200, X1430, X3950, X3990, AX3400, X AXC600-UR308, AX1200-B1701A, AX1430G-UW30P, Z5761, X1800, M1610, M3450, etc.), Acer Z (Z3801, etc.), Acer AX (AX3960, etc.), Revo (RL70, AR3610-U9022, etc.), etc.

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