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3 Ways to Recover Password for Acer Laptop in Windows 7

Lucas Seltzer Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:58 PM

Maybe you can't remember the password to your Acer aspire laptop, and you no longer have access to the Windows 7 desktop. This is no fun, but hopefully, you're able to reset or recover login password for Acer laptop in Windows 7 if you know how to do.

We do have a guide on how to recover Windows 7 password on a Dell Laptop. But let's complete the recovery process on an Acer laptop here. The process is as straightforward as what you could see on the PC. It can be also used to recover Acer laptop administrator password as expected.

1. Safe Mode

If you'd rather not use any third-party tool for help recovering password in Windows 7 on Acer laptop, you can employ Microsoft-provided method to achieve this in Safe Mode—as long as you've enabled the built-in Administrator account before the system is locked.

  • Shut down Acer laptop if it's on, and then boot it up.
  • While Windows is loading, press F8 to bring up Advanced Boot Options menu.
  • Choose Safe Mode with arrow keys and press Enter to continue.
  • Log in as Administrator to access Acer laptop.
  • Now go to Start > Control Panel > User Account, and then recover Windows 7 account by resetting a new password for Acer laptop under "Manage another account" link.

2. Third-party Tool

This may be the most hassle-free point. You can recover Acer laptop password in Windows 7 by using a program, appropriately named Spower Windows Password Reset. It also works all that well in Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and the older Windows version.

Installer for the Platinum edition of the tool is available: (See comparison of three editions)

True to its name, the handy software recovers user/ admin password on Acer laptop to unlock Windows 7 system, without the need for any cumbersome interface and complicated procedures. It's easy to use, starting with the process of creating a password recovery disk in an automatic way so you can access your account again.

Beyond that, the program offers convenient feature that grants you to add a new admin account onto Acer laptop, though the machine is locked.

Get Started: Recovering Windows 7 Password on Acer Laptop

Just install the desktop application on a working & accessible computer. You'll then be ready to reset/ recover Windows 7 startup password in Acer laptop and get past the lock screen.

  • Open up the utility that you've installed.
  • Plug an external USB optical drive or CD/DVD into the available computer.
  • Select the drive from the pull-down menu, and hit CD/DVD button or USB device button.
  • Once the password reset USB or CD/DVD is created, insert it to Acer laptop.
  • (Important!) Power up the locked Acer laptop, keep pressing F2 or Delete key (which appears before Windows loads) to access BIOS setup, then choose the reset disk to boot from under Boot tab.
  • When your laptop boots successfully with reset disk, it will restart. And the software opens.
  • In the opening screen, choose a user that you wish to recover the password for.
  • Go ahead and click Reset button to reset password of the account to blank.
  • Press Reboot button to make things take effect.

Acer Laptop password recovery Windows 7

Of course, you don't have to rely on this at all—as long as you have password recovery disk prepared beforehand. The disk would make it easy to recover a Windows 7 password and quickly regain access to Acer laptop for full use.

3. Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

While the methods listed above will work for the majority of users, you can also use the free Offline NT Password & Registry Editor (ONTP&RE) to recover Windows 7 password on Acer laptop if you're interested. The program built with a completely text-based interface, making it more intimidating to fix startup password issue though.

  • Visit the ONTP&RE page, once there, move to "Download" heading.
  • Click the link for "cd140201.zip" to begin downloading the ISO file.
  • Once downloaded, extract the ISO file from the ZIP file.
  • Burn that ISO image to a CD or USB flash drive.
  • After burning, insert the disk to Acer laptop you're trying to regain access to, and then restart the machine.
  • Offline NT Password & Registry Editor menu will then load on the screen.
  • Then follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen to recover password for Windows 7 account in the Acer laptop. Usually the default choices are OK, just press Enter to apply things.

Acer laptop Windows 7 recover password

Final Notes

That's how you recover (admin) password on Acer laptop running Windows 7. Alternatively, you can factory reset Acer laptop using Recovery Management to completely remove the password—if you don't really care about losing all files.


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