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Acer Password Reset: How to Reset Windows 7 Password on Acer Computer

Elena Spencer Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:58 PM

My Acer PC keeps saying that I have incorrect username or password when I try to login. It's an Aspire AX3400 desktop, running Windows 7. Are there any ways to unlock my computer without reformatting?

Though a solid lock screen password will keep your Acer computer as safe as possible, it can get pretty annoying every single time you forgot the password. With that in mind, we're willing to bet that many users would meet the problem with forgotten Acer password to Windows 7 account.

Fortunately, there're multiple easy solutions to get back onto the machine. So, stick around and we'll show you how to reset Acer password for Windows 7 without data loss. You don't even have to completely restore system with Acer Recovery Managment.

Make Use of Pre-created Password Reset Disk for Acer Computer

The simplest way of resetting password in Windows 7 on Acer computer is to make full use of the password reset disk, which is made in past, specifically, before the PC is locked.

  • After "incorrect username or password" error message displays, click OK.
  • Click "Reset password" link.
  • Insert password reset disk to Acer's drive.
  • Follow password reset wizard to reset a new password for Windows 7 account. Done!

No password reset disk available to bypass the login screen? Well, move onto the next option.

Streamline the Process with Acer Password Reset Software

This is a better approach for creating a password reset disk, by which to reset forgotten password in Acer computer with Windows 7. Spower Windows Password Reset is such a tool that makes the password reset process much faster. The download link is below.

The smart software program is exactly what it sounds like: Reset Windows 7 account password on Acer PC without using the old password. You just use its simple technique to burn a password reset disk, then use it to reset local administrator or user password to blank. Plus, you can reset the login password forgotten on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and other Windows systems.

Before get started: download the program on a computer that is available for login. After the download is finished, install it using the easy installation wizard instructions.

Step 1: Run the tool and create a password reset disk

Open the software.

Plug a CD/DVD or USB—to which you would like to burn the program, into the computer, and click CD/DVD button or USB device button.

The burning process will take a short period of time.

Acer password Windows 7 reset

Step 2: Boot Acer PC from password reset USB or CD/DVD

Now that the password reset USB or CD/DVD is ready, insert it to the locked Acer computer that you want to reset password for access.

Power on Acer machine. You will need to configure BIOS settings and set the first boot device to USB or CD/DVD accordingly. The key to enter Acer's desktop BIOS setup is usually the F2 or DEL key.

Step 3: Unlock Acer PC by resetting Windows 7 password

When that's done, you can see the utility should now successfully boot up.

On the screen, choose Windows 7, highlight the user account to be reset the password for, then click Reset button and the resetting process happens automatically.

Soon the password on Acer should reset to blank (No password on lock screen).

Reset Locked Account on Acer

Take out the disk and click Reboot button finally.

Online Software for Resetting Acer Password on Windows 7

If you prefer to use an online tool for easily resetting Windows 7 password and unlocking Acer computer, there're a couple of good options. Ophcrack is a freeware program that may help you find the password.

  • From another accessible computer, visit the download page of Ophcrack, and click ophcrack Vista/7 LiveCD button to download the tool.
  • Burn ISO image file to a CD/DVD or USB drive.
  • Insert the bootable media to locked Acer PC.
  • Restart Acer PC from the bootable media instead of the native Windows installation.
  • Ophcrack will then start, and automatically recover password for any Windows 7 accounts on Acer computer.

Acer password reset on Windows 7

Note that Ophcrack won't always solve the password program quickly if the password is more than 6 characters.

Reset Acer PC Password with Command Prompt

You can also make your attempt to reset lost password in Acer computer with Windows 7 by using an easy command prompt. This involves an accessible account with administrative rights, including the built-in Administrator on the system. It's a safe way that nothing will be lost after the process.

  • When you start Acer computer, press F8 to access Advanced Boot Options.
  • Press the up & down arrow keys to choose Safe Mode with Command Prompt.
  • Input this command: net user Username Newpassword. Replace Username and Newpassword with yours.
  • Press Enter to reset the password to the new one and regain access to Acer desktop.

Or, you can go through the steps below to reset Windows 7 Acer password under Control Panel:

  • In the Advanced Boot Options menu, choose Safe Mode instead, and then press Enter.
  • On the Acer login screen, type Administrator in the username field, and leave the password field blank.
  • Press Enter to get onto Windows 7 system.
  • Now go to Start > Control Panel > User Accounts.
  • Click on "Manage another account" link to reset the forgotten password for Acer Windows 7 PC.


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