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How to video record Skype calls on Mac in 3 easiest ways

Record Skype video calls on your Mac with ease using Skype's own recording feature or other reliable recording options. You can store and share important conversations securely.

Jasmin Woods Updated on Feb 24, 2023 11:54 AM

What to know for Skype video recording on a Mac:

  • Skype is equipped with a recording feature to ensure users that they can get their video and audio calls recorded in easy steps.
  • If you're a Mac user, you can easily record a Skype video call on your computer with QuickTime Player, a native recording option on macOS.
  • To avoid legal disputes, make sure to start your Skype video recording on your Mac with the consent of the call participants in accordance with local laws.
  • AppGeeker Screen Recorder is a full-featured application for recording Skype audio and video calls on macOS computers and other platforms.

It's not difficult to record a Skype video on Mac during the call.

Skype calls are a great way to keep in touch with people you care about or work with. You can start a Skype call on your Mac at any time you want. And there will always be a time when you want to video record a Skype call on your Mac, whether it's to save the special moments or to keep track of the important parts of a video session.

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Making a Skype call is easy, and now, this video conferencing app has its own built-in recording feature that allows you to record Skype calls on Mac with simple steps and save the video file on your computer for future study or sharing. Additionally, some easy-to-use Skype recorders are also available to help you record Skype video calls on a Mac in a very handy and quick way.

Table of Contents

How to record Skype calls on Mac directly (Built-in recording option)

Skype is one of the most popular video conferencing apps for macOS. After installing it on your Mac computer, you can create a personal account and start a video or audio call. Additionally, Skype allows you to record your calls directly within the app. You can record Skype video calls on your Mac when you are sharing exciting news with your friends or discussing big tasks with your work mates.

Before recording Skype calls

To avoid potential legal issues, make sure all participants in the call are aware that they are being recorded before you start.

How to record Skype video on Mac

1. Open Skype on your Mac.

2. Find the contacts you want to video chat with and create a new Skype call.

3. To record your Skype video, select the Record circle on the bottom left. If the record icon doesn't show up on your chat screen, click the three dots and select Start Recording.

4. A banner will show up on your screen, letting everyone know that the call will be included in the recording.

5. Once done, click the Stop recording button at the bottom.

6. Then, the Skype call recording will be shared to your chat automatically and will be kept there for 30 days. You can download and save it to your Mac for future use.

Make a recording of your video calls in Skype.

Tips: Skype records a call for up to 24 hours. If your call exceeds 24 hours, Skype will end the recording on its own.

How to save Skype recording locally

After recording, the Skype video will be posted to your chat, and you can download it to your computer within 30 days. Here's how you can save the Skype recording on your Mac:

1. Locate the call recording in your Skype chat.

2. Click More Options / three dots.

3. Choose Save to "Downloads" and the recording will be saved to default Downloads folder. Instead, select Save as to save the file to your desired new location. You can also share the call recording with other people in your Skype contacts.

Recording Skype calls on a Mac is not hard. Skype will record every participant's video stream and combine them. Therefore, it can only offer very basic video quality and compressed audio. If you want high-quality video recordings of your Skype calls, read on to find more powerful video recorders for capturing Skype clips on macOS.

How to record Skype video calls on Mac using QuickTime

If you need to record Skype video call on a macOS computer, another great option is to use the QuickTime Player app that records your Mac screen and audio at the same time. It's a native video recorder pre-installed on all Mac computers.

With it, you can make a Skype video call on your desktop and open the QuickTime Player on your Mac to record and save the video locally.

How to record Skype calls and save it on your Mac

Step 1. Run Skype on your Mac desktop and start a call or meeting.

Step 2. Open QuickTime Player from the Application folder.

Step 3. When the QuickTime is enabled, go to File in the top menu bar and select New Screen Recording.

Use New Screen Recording feature in QuickTime to record a video of Skype calls on macOS.

Step 4. The screen recording panel will show up. You're allowed to select the entire screen or just a certain portion to record.

QuickTime helps you to record video content and microphone audio from your Skype calls.

Step 5. Click Options and select recording source. QuickTime Player enables you to record your video call with your audio from either an internal or external microphone.

Step 6. Hit the Record button to capture the on-screen Skype call with your microphone audio.

Step 7. When you're done, click the red Stop icon to end recording.

You can then play and clip the Skype recording in the preview window which pops up automatically, and save the video to your Mac computer.


How to record video / audio calls on Skype with Screen Recorder

If you want a Skype recording option for macOS, the Screen Recorder from AppGeeker would be your best bet. It works for audio and video recordings. Aside from Skype calls, Screen Recorder is also capable of recording any screen activity and content on your Mac. And you can preview the recording result and make instant editing.

What's more, it also provides a variety of recording settings that allow you to decide the output format, quality, location and more. You can also create a recording schedule so that it will automatically start recording your Skype video at the time you set.

Download Now!

for Windows | for macOS

1. Use Screen Recorder.

Open Screen Recorder on your Mac after installing. On the dashboard, go to Video Recorder.

Select Video Recorder to screen record a Skype video call on your Mac computer.

2. Adjust recording settings accordingly.

In the Video Recorder panel, you can choose to record your full screen, a selected area, or your Skype window separately. Also, enable both System sound and Microphone options to ensure that the audio from your Skype call is recorded.

Adjust the settings to make a better video recording from Skype.

3. Start a Skype call and begin recording.

Start a new Skype call on your Mac screen; then hit the REC button when you want to start recording your Skype video chat.

4. Stop Skype call recording.

If you'd like to end recording, click the Stop button on the floating bar.

5. Store the recorded video.

After the recording stops, it takes you to the preview window where you can play and edit the video you just recorded from Skype. If all goes well, click the Save button to save the Skype call video to your Mac.

Preview and edit the video result, and save the Skype recording on your Mac.

Is it legal to record Skype calls?

Whether it is legal to record Skype video calls depends on the local law on recording voice / video calls. In general, most of states allow you to record video calls based on one-party consent, which means that it is lawful to record a Skype video on your Mac as long as one of the parties in the video conversation is consent. However, in some other states or countries, you can only legally start recording a Skype video call when all parties consent to the recording.

So it is important to know and comply with the relevant laws before you start recording your Skype video calls with your Mac. Additionally, it's always a good idea to get permission to record from the people you're video chatting with.


Q1 - Can you record Skype calls?

Yes. Skype has in-built recording features that allow you make a recording during video / audio calls. And if you start a video recording during the call, Skype will notify everyone in the conversation that the call is being recorded. The recorded file will be posted to your current conversation automatically, and you'll be allowed to share and download it in your chat history within 30 days.

Q2 - How to record video calls in Skype?

Here are some helpful tools to get a Skype video call recorded:

  • Skype's recording option
  • QuickTime Player (macOS)
  • Xbox Game Bar (Windows)
  • AppGeeker Screen Recorder (Win & macOS)

Q3 - How to record Skype audio during the call?

To record audio calls in Skype, the user-friendly app Screen Recorder can help you get the job done in a couple of clicks, whether on Windows or macOS:

Open Screen Recorder on your computer after free installation.

Choose Audio Recorder from the main interface and select sound sources.

Switch to your Skype app, and make an audio call with your contacts.

Hit the REC button and it will start capturing what everyone is saying.

Check the Stop key, and save the Skype audio recording.

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