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How to screen record on Lenovo laptop - the easiest guide

Explore a practical and easy way to record everything on the screen of your Lenovo laptop. Here's how to do it.

Lucas Seltzer Updated on Mar 29, 2023 10:46 AM

This screen recording guide is for all Lenovo laptop lineups: ThinkPad, ThinkBook, IdealPad, Yoga, Legion and Slim.

If you're struggling with searching for a tool to record what was on your Lenovo laptop's screen, don't worry - AppGeeker Screen Recorder deserves a top pick over every other screen recorder for Lenovo laptop, featuring with screen recording with or without audio, full desktop/ screen recording, schedule recording, webcam recording, editing tools and more.

Taking recording of the screen on a Lenovo laptop just take a few seconds - if you have a robust video recording app.

Screen recording Lenovo laptop is a capability that can come in handy. The idea is to record what's displaying on the screen so that you can take a video of clips of a game you're playing, screen activities for Lenovo-tips tutorials, YouTube videos or other media for offline viewing, or whatever content visible on your laptop's display.

By recording screen activity on Lenovo through the built-in screen recorder - Xbox Game Bar or Snipping Tool (Windows 11), you can easily get anything captured from the monitor and save as a video file right into the laptop.

We've complied the two native ways to screen record Lenovo (ThinkPad, Yoga, etc.) for free. You'll also learn the optional third-party screen recorders to record from Lenovo laptop with sound and microphone activity.

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How to screen record on Lenovo laptop with Game Bar - Windows 10 or higher

In the past, you had to download third-party tool for recording the screen on your Lenovo laptop. But now, all computers with Windows 10 or later have a built-in screen recording function preinstalled in Xbox Game Bar, whose mission is to record game videos. It's not a gaming-only feature, though, and is definitely handy outside of gameplay. You can use it to record apps, record screen with audio, take screenshots, film videos.

You just turn on screen record within Xbox Game Bar and have the built-in microphone in place, and the screen recording for Lenovo with sound should be captured without hassle. Don't Miss: How to Screen Record on Windows 10 Computer

Quick Tip:

  • To make Xbox Game bar work for screen recording, go to Settings > Gaming and turn on Game Bar.
  • Recording a long video with every screen activity you perform will result in a large file size, so make sure your Lenovo laptop has enough space to save the recorded video.
  • The inbuilt screen recorder Game bar can record most applications - and only one at a time; it won't record entire Lenovo desktop, full screen, and certain apps like File Explorer.

Capturing screen actions with your Lenovo laptop using Game Bar app works similarly in Windows 10 and Windows 11. Now let' see how it creates a screen recording on Windows 10 Lenovo laptop.

1. Open the screen of any app you want to record on your Lenovo machine.

2. Press Windows + G to launch Xbox Game Bar. This brings up a widget menu at the top, Capture, Audio, etc.

3. Optional. To screen recording with audio playing through your laptop, click the "Microphone" icon to unmute it. You can do this by pressing Windows key + Alt + M while recording.

4. Click the Start Recording icon in the Capture widget or press Windows key + Alt + R to begin recording your screen (with sound.)

5. To stop your recording, click Stop Recording icon from the monitor bar or press Windows key + Alt + R. You can also press Windows key + G to bring back Game Bar and then click Stop Recording icon in Capture.

Once your video is processed, you will see a notification at the right of your screen that tells you game clip was recorded. You can click on this notification to quickly view your video. Recorded video clip will be also accessible in Captures under Videos folders, which is save at MP4 format.

How to record on Lenovo laptop with Snipping Tool - Windows 11

There's another option beyond Game Bar, one that ships with screen recorder tool from Windows 11. Using the Snipping Tool to record your Lenovo laptop's screen, you can easily capture anything that's taking place on the screen. Snipping Tool's recorder won't work on Windows 10 computers. Your computer must be running the Windows 11 with the 11.2211.35.0. version.

The biggest limitation is that there are no toggles for capturing audio in the screen recording, regardless of your microphone or system sounds. You will finally get a muted video.

Check how to record a portion of screen or full screen with Record mode in Snipping Tool on a Lenovo computer:

  • Search for Snipping Tool in Windows Start menu and choose it from the best result.
  • When Snipping Tool opens, click Record mode - the video camera icon, to switch the snipping mode to the screen capture mode.
  • Click New, then drag and drop a box around the portion of the screen you wish to record.
  • Click Start button and the screen recording session kicks off after a 3-second countdown.
  • When you're finished, click Stop. Your recording will be displayed on the preview window, letting you play, save to MP4, or share.

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How to screen record on Lenovo laptop via AppGeeker Screen Recorder - All Windows OS

What if you have an older Lenovo laptop with earlier operating system and tend to record your screen without too many configurations? Or how about you need to record the full desktop of Lenovo laptop with sound that the Windows native screen recording apps couldn't do? AppGeeker Screen Recorder program is one of few apps that can do nearly all recording tasks.

Being an excellent Lenovo screen recorder, it's packed two screen capture options: full screen, and customized part of the screen. You can choose whether or not to include the system audio, microphone, or to add a webcam view in a same screen recording. You can also record onscreen activity as a video in multiple formats like MP4, WMV with HD or 4K resolution, or animated GIF.

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for Windows | for macOS

Key features:

  • Easy to use
  • Records entire screen or part of screen
  • Records Lenovo screen with audio
  • Schedule recording supported to start and stop recording automatically
  • Supports audio recording, game recording, webcam recording, taking screenshots
  • Supports real-time annotations on the screen recording
  • Offers editing tools to trim the recording session

Screen recording what's happening on Lenovo laptops is a three-step process, no matter which Windows version you're running.

How to screen record on a Lenovo laptop of ThinkPad, IdealPad, ThinkBook, Yoga, Legion, Slim:

First, launch AppGeeker Screen Recorder on Lenovo, then choose Video Recorder mode.

Next, make some tweaks for your recording as needed:

  • Full- takes a recording of the whole screen of your laptop.
  • Custom- allows you to use the mouse to select any area you want from the screen.
  • Webcam- allows you to record yourself whilst you're recording the screen.
  • System sound- screen records with all sounds coming out of your computer.
  • Microphone- captures your voiceover through your microphone

You're able to adjust some preferences of the output format, video codec (H.264 or H.265), frame rate, save folder, etc. Click the small "cog" icon to complete this.

Finally, hit the REC button to start your screen recording. When everything has been captured, click the red Stop Recording button to stop recording.

With that out of the way, you've captured the content on your Lenovo laptop screen. You're then granted to review your video, trim it and save it peacefully.

How to record Lenovo laptop screen using OBS Studio - All Windows versions

Despite its less intuitive interface and steep learning curve, the open-source, free OBS Studio remains popular due to its powerful video recording and live streaming functionalities.

Regrading recording laptop screen of Lenovo, OBS captures video and audio by default. This is helpful to record live stream videos, gaming videos, applications, windows, and online meetings or courses. This also means that it lacks the ability to take an audio-only recording, and it's not a wise option if you need to record MP3 audio files or record only audio from a video.

How to use OBS free screen recording on Lenovo laptop and record the video:

1. Run OBS Studio on your laptop.

2. Click "+" icon to add a new scene in the Scenes panel.

3. Click "+" icon in the Sources panel and then select "Display Capture" for recording whatever's on your Lenovo display.

4. In the Audio Mixer panel, make sure desktop audio and your microphone is on if you need to capture your screen complete with the internal and external sound.

5. Click Start Recording button in the Controls panel. There's no indicator appears to let you know you're recording.

6. When you are finished recording, return OBS screen and click Stop Recording button.

That's it. You've got a screen recording video on the Lenovo laptop.

FAQs about Lenovo screen recording

Does Lenovo laptop have a built-in screen recorder?

Microsoft has introduced a screen recorder for every Windows 10 and 11 computer, and embedded it in the Xbox Game Bar. It's easy to use the built-in screen recording feature within Game Bar to record screen for Lenovo Laptops.

Another ideal Lenovo screen recording utility for recordings of entire desktop or full screen is AppGeeker Screen Recorder.

How do I record on a Lenovo laptop with Windows 10?

In Windows 10 Lenovo laptop, you can start Xbox Game Bar with Windows key + G, followed by Windows key + Alt + R to get going with recording your screen.

How can I record my screen on my Lenovo laptop in Windows 11?

For the Lenovo laptops with Windows 11, you can effortlessly capture any screen content with the pre-loaded screen capture software by the means of Xbox Game Bar or the Snipping Tool.

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