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How can you unlock unavailable iPad? - via Erase iPad, iTunes, iCloud

Apple offers a few built-in ways to unlock an iPad that says unavailable or Security Lockout, but several third-party programs can also remove unavailable screen.

Alex Griffith Updated on Dec 8, 2023 6:43 PM

What to know:

  • Unlocking iPad unavailable will delete everything, such as photos, notes, app data, passcode, and settings on the device, and restore to its factory defaults.
  • You can recover your data and information in Apps & Data page during setup process.
  • To unlock your iPad with unavailable screen, you can use Erase iPad (iPadOS 15.2 or later), iTunes, iCloud, and dedicate third-party tool, something like iPad Unlocker.

When your iPad shows iPad Unavailable on the screen, you will have to reset your iPad factory settings and wipe data and content.

Stuck with iPad unavailable message on your iPad screen that you can't unlock? Don't worry, when your iPad is getting locked without passcode or Face ID/Touch ID, you have a few ways to remove the iPad unavailable screen so that you can regain access to your iPad. Apple include a built-in restore option available through the screen, iTunes, and iCloud.

Unlocking an iPad that shows unavailable error is relatively easy now because of the release of iPadOS 15.2. You can do that through the Erase iPad feature in the screen after many times random passcode attempts. However, if your iPad is running an earlier version, you may want to use the traditional Apple routes to get the iPad unavailable screen unlocked without passcode.

And the good thing is that regardless of whether you have an iPad with Face ID, or with Home button, the steps on how to unlock iPad unavailable should be similar. Using the built-in restore options often require your iPad to be connected to internet or in Recovery mode. That's why you may want to use a third-party utility, like Appgeeker iPad Unlocker, which can remove unavailable screen and unlock iPad with computer in just a few clicks.

Before unlocking iPad unavailable screen

If you can't remember your iPad passcode, unlocking the unavailable iPad involves the process of erasing and restoring your iPad, which is a pretty drastic measure that essentially deletes the contents of your iPad and puts it back to the state it was when you got it.

During the process anything and everything on the iPad will be deleted, including all your media files (photos, videos, music), apps, downloads, documents, personal files, settings, and more. If you have no backup made before, you will lose everything.

how to unlock iPad that says unavailable

Usually, iPad users can unlock their iPad with the correct passcode. When the iPad says iPad unavailable message and tells you to try again later, you will have to wait until the time is out and then enter the right code to unlock it. But if you really forgot iPad passcode or there is no timer on the iPad unavailable or iPad Security Lockout screen, you have to erase your iPad to unlock it. Here're ways to help you out.

Option 1: via Erase iPad feature

Available for iPadOS 15.2 or later, Erase iPad feature is live for helping you to fix iPad unavailable error when you've forgotten its passcode. Instead of putting the iPad into Recovery mode to perform a restore and unlock process that requires complicate operations, you can now erase your iPad directly on the device when you see iPad unavailable message. The Erase iPad is located on the bottom of the iPad, just as you see Erase iPhone button in an iPhone Unavailable screen.

The whole process is simple: Click the Erase iPad button, enter your Apple ID passcode to verify your identity, and then you're good to go. After you have unlocked iPad without password. you can set up the iPad as it is new.

Follow these steps to learn how to unlock iPad when it says iPad unavailable.

1. Enter possible passcodes to the Lock Screen if you're able to until you see Erase iPad button at the bottom of the iPad screen that says Security Lockout. It may also see in iPad Unavailable screen.

The button won't appear if your iPad isn't connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data.

2. Tap Erase iPad.

Use "Erase iPad" to fix an unavailable iPad without a computer. Apple ID and password is required.

3. Check the information in Erase All Content & Settings screen, tap Erase iPad to confirm. If you're determined to go ahead with Erase iPad, everything on the device will be wiped completely, including the unavailable error and forgotten passcode. The iPad will also be restored to factory settings.

4. Enter your Apple ID password to begin erasing the unavailable iPad.

Make sure the Apple ID and password is the ones you used to set up the iPad before.

5. You can now unlock the iPad without passcode.

Option 2: via iPad Unlocker

It's quite annoying when you get locked out of your iPad. If you can't find the Erase iPad in the screen to unlock your iPad with unavailable error, you may use a dedicated tool focus on fixing the locked problems. iPhone Unlocker is our favorite. Despite the name, it's capable of unlocking both iPad and iPhone screen without knowing the passcode. No matter the device gets unavailable screen, or says disabled message, the program can get rid of all of them.

Key Features of iPhone unlocker software:

  • Unlock, reset, and erase unavailable iPad without passcode
  • Remove lock screen passcode, Face ID, and Touch ID on iPad
  • Remove Apple ID and password
  • Bypass Mobile Device Management from iOS device
  • Fix disabled, unavailable, Security Lockout issues

Download the program on your computer, and then learn how to unlock an iPad that says iPad unavailable:

Download Now!

for Windows | for MacOS

Step 1. Open this iPad Unlocker app on your computer, select "Wipe Passcode."

Step 2. Connect the iPad that says Security Lockout or Unavailable to the computer, and then click "Start" to go on.

Step 3. Check your iPad model information and hit "Start" to download the latest version of iPadOS software for your device.

Step 4. When the software has been downloaded, click "Unlock." At this point, you will be presented with a warning window. Read the information carefully and then confirm your decision.

Finally, press "Unlock" again to unlock the iPad unavailable screen.

Afterward, you can set your iPad up again without unavailable error on the screen. Ensure that you remember your Apple ID and password to bypass the iCloud Activation Lock while rebuilding your iPad.

Option 3: Use iTunes Recovery Mode

You can still unlock unvailable iPad with buttons through Recovery mode. Different iPad devices have different ways to enter the mode, but it is not that difficult.

Be noted, you may use Finder app to replace iTunes for unlocking iPad that's saying unavailable if you are on a Mac with Catalina 10.14 or later version.

Here's how to unlock an unavailable iPad with Recovery mode.

1. Turn off your locked iPad.

2. Put the device into Recovery mode.

If your iPad comes with Face ID, press and hold the Top button while immediately connecting your iPad to the computer. Keep holding the Top button until you see the Recovery mode.

If your iPad comes with Home button, press and hold the Home button while immediately connecting it to your computer. Don't let go of the Home button. Release the button only after the screen show you Recovery mode.

3. Once you find yourself in recovery mode, iTunes or Finder opens automatically. If not, open it manually.

4. A notification should pop up, asking you to restore or update your iPad. Select Restore to start the reset.

Recovery mode can detect an unavailable iPad and restore it.

Note that unlocking your unavailable iPad via recovery mode on computer will restore your iPad by upgrading the iPadOS firmware, reset your iPad to factory settings, and delete all data and content, including the unavailable screen.

5. After your unavailable iPad is unlocked, set the device up as new. It requires you to sign in using your Apple ID account you were using before.

Option 4: Use iCloud Find My

Did you know that iCloud's Find My service allows you to wipe your iPad remotely? If you are afraid somebody could hack into your tablet if you ever lost it, Find My can be extremely helpful. It has a built-in Erase iPad option to help wipe all content and settings from your iPadOS device, including the lock screen settings. The service also works to unlock an iPad that is unavailable.

Here is how to unlock iPad when it says unavailable using iCloud. First of all, go to iCloud.com and sign in with your iCloud account.

Step 1: In iCloud menu, select Find iPhone.

Step 2: On "All Devices" list, select the iPad that gets unavailable error.

You need a network connection on the iPad to use iCloud' Erase iPad.

Step 3: Choose Erase iPad and click Erase iPad again to confirm.

Step 4: Enter your Apple ID password to turn off Find My on your iPad.

Step 5: Wait for iCloud to unlock and remove iPad unavailable message. When the data erasing completes, set up your iPad again.

iCloud Find My isn't a perfect system as it might not work if your iPad is off but it's worth trying.

iPad unavailable unlock FAQs

What does iPad Unavailable mean on iPad?

When you see iPad unavailable message on your device, it means you enter the wrong passcode to iPad too many times in a row and it gets locked in case illegal access. The more incorrect entries you try, the longer the unavailable time lasts.

You will eventually get the iPad locked permanently without a timer if you continue to input the incorrect passcode.

How do I unlock iPad unavailable with computer?

You can use an iPad unlocking program to help you unlock the iPad when it shows unavailable or Security Lockout. See the basic steps below:

1. Run Appgeeker iPad Unlocker on your program, and then connect the iPad.

2. Select "Wipe Passcode."

3. Download appropriate iPadOS firmware for your device.

4. Click "Unlock" to unlock your iPad without passcode.

How can I unlock unavailable iPad with iTunes?

When you iPad says iPad unavailable, you can put it into Recovery mode, and then restore and erase the device to get the unavailable screen past.

1. Turn the iPad off the normal way.

2. Boot the iPad from Recovery mode. This differs from iPad to iPad, depending on whether your device has Home button or not.

3. Click Restore in iTunes or Finder app.

4. Wait the computer reinstall the latest iPadOS software to your device.

Can I unlock iPad unavailable without iTunes?

No matter you get iPad unavailable, or iPad Security Lockout message on screen, you can use the Erase iPad button located at the bottom to restore your iPad. Make sure your iPad is running iPadOS 15.2 or later. If not, you may log into iCloud.com, then select Find iPhone > All Devices > Select your iPad > Click Erase iPad to unlock your iPad remotely.

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