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How to convert VOB to FLV (or FLV to VOB) on Mac/ Windows

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:23 PM

If you have a bunch of VOB files (like if you ripped your commercial DVD before and ended up with VOB files on your Mac's hard drive or made a DVD with family videos) and want to share them online through YouTube or some other websites, you may need to convert VOB to FLV format on Mac, a universally used file extension for distributing videos online. Of course, perhaps the situation goes in an opposite direction: Downloaded favorite videos in FLV format off streaming video websites, and you may have the desire to burn it to a DVD for home DVD player. In order to do so, you can convert FLV to VOB format, a standard video container mainly used for DVD.

Anyway, to convert between VOB and FLV flash file quickly and smoothly, here we'll use Video Converter for Mac - a basic digital video conversion tool that's easy enough for everyone to use: : Drag-n-drop file you want to convert to its project window, then specify settings for your resulting video, and press the "Convert" button at last to start the conversion. The program takes just about every popular video format as an input and convert to your chosen format, including MP4, WMV, QuickTime MOV, iPhone, iPad, etc.

For you, it is also possible to handle the conversion from VOB to FLV file on a Windows PC, in that case, please try Video Converter for Windows here.

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Please note that VOB files on DVD (commercial DVD) are sometimes encrypted. If you can't decrypt and convert VOB movies to FLV, try DVD Ripper.

The instruction for encode VOB to FLV media file on Mac is pretty simple, and the guide below will talk you through how to do that very task. Do in the same way, if you want to convert a FLV to VOB file.

Step 1: Add VOB video files

Once launched, you want to select the VOBs you wish to convert by clicking the "Add File" button in the upper left-hand corner of the program, or open up the folder holding your video files and drag-and-drop the files into this FLV Mac converter. It also supports batch conversion, so you can import and convert several multimedia files at a time.

Step 2: Select FLV as the output format

Click "Profile" drop-down list, and then choose FLV as output format. The software has a wealth of preset on the left side, you can select the device you want to optimize the video for.

Edit VOB files before the conversion: (optional)

If you are familiar with setting of video pamameters, You can change the features such as Resolution, Codec, Bit rate and Frame rate of the VOB video. The size of file depends a lot on these settings.

Step 3: Convert

Once configured, click the blue "Convert" button, this will encode all of .vob (or any other video) files sitting on the queue.

Wait for a few minutes to finally convert your VOB to FLV format. When the process completes and the "Remaining time" shows "00:00:00", you can safely close the program. See screenshot below.

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