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Why Is iPhone 8 (Plus) Stuck in Headphone Mode? 10 Solutions

Blake Sullivan Updated on Jun 23, 2022 4:06 PM

I pulled away the headphones but my iPhone 8 still keeps saying "Headphone". I've roamed the Internet for a solution to turn off the headphone mode but neither worked! How can i fix my iPhone 8 stuck headphone icon? Any ideas? Thanks.

For the most part, no sooner had you unplugged the headphones or disabled the Bluetooth earphones on your iPhone 8 (Plus) device than it switched itself from Headphone mode back to the Volume mode. However, with something in the device goes awry, such as software errors and hardware issues, chances are your iPhone 8 (Plus) might get stuck in headphone mode, even though you've removed all the headphone devices.

If you're running into the same scenario, don't give in to the frustration - we've got you covered. This tutorial has gathered a range of fixes to the issue of iPhone 8 (Plus) stuck headphone mode and get speaker worked as normal. Just walk through each step in order until the issue is solved. In the case you can't figure out the problem with software that causes the headphone mode on iPhone 8 (Plus), jump straight to method 4 for an advanced troubleshooting.

1 - Do the Plug & Unplug

When experiencing the iPhone 8 (Plus) stuck on headphone mode, plugging and unplugging the headphones again is often the case to get started with. As your handset may function improperly due to the bugs from the wrong output information or the incompatibility of other devices' headphones.

To end up this error, insert the original headphones into the charging port, and after around 30 seconds, take out the headphones. Then test the Volume button to see if your iPhone 8 (Plus) returns back to Ringer mode. If not, move on to the next point.

2 - Restart Your iPhone 8 (Plus)

Sometimes a simple reboot can do wonders. It can rectify malfunctions associated with the software that get iPhone 8 (Plus) locked in headphone mode, and then get the sound back to the speaker. Related: How to restart iPhone 8 (Plus)

  • Hold down the Sleep/ Wake button until "slide to power off" appears then release.
  • Slide the Power Switch to the right. Allow 30 seconds for the device to power off.
  • Press and hold the Sleep/ Wake button to turn it on until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

Extra steps: Force restart unresponsive or frozen iPhone 8 (Plus) with headphone mode

  • Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
  • Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
  • Press and hold the Sleep/ Wake button until Apple logo shows up.

Tips: You can also check Apple's How-to-Guide to do the force-restart.

3 - Clean Lightning Port

If a single restart fails to fix headphone mode in your iPhone 8 (Plus), take a closer look at the lightning port via a flashlight. The port stays exposed all the time, so the small dirt, dust and lint could find their way in, rendering your phone stuck on headphone mode.

How to clean lightning port

We've outlined several tools and know-how here for a do-it-yourself repair to pull out the wedged-in debris from the connector bay and keep iPhone 8 (Plus) speaker working as it should. To avoid any damage for delicate electronics in the port, the very first rule is to be extremely careful.

  • Blow canned air to the port.
  • Insert a BIC pen or Q-tip to dislodge the dirt.
  • Use anti-static brushes or toothbrushes to push debris out.
  • Dig paper clip into the port and turn it around to remove the fuzzy stuff.

Now you should be able to resolve iPhone 8 (Plus) that's stuck on headphone mode issue.

4 - Take Your Chance with a Solid Troubleshooter

If you encounter that iPhone 8 (Plus) says "Headphone" on the screen but nothing else happens, the culprit might be the hidden failure with the operating system. In this case, it's always wise to turn to an iOS system restoration utility rather than struggle with a self-fix on this knotty problem. This also saves your trip to the Genius Bar with high cost.

Download Now!

for Windows | for macOS

for Windows | for MacOS

Bonus Features:

  • iPhone Data Recovery (Photos, Videos, Contacts, Messages, Voice memos, and so on)
  • iOS Data Backup & Restore

The UI layout is totally wizard driven, as shown in the screenshots below. This really makes the process a breeze for new users to jump into. Now, download the program on your computer to enjoy awesome experience in restoring iPhone 8 (Plus) out of headphone mode quickly.

Step 1: Attach your iPhone 8 (Plus) to the computer

Run the software, and connect your device to the computer using an official Apple charging cable. Once the device got recognized, move the mouse to the bottom left corner and choose More tools.

Then, to fix the iPhone 8 (Plus) stuck in headphone mode, select iOS System Recovery mode.

iPhone 8 Stuck in Headphone Mode and Not Working

Now, it will show you all the iOS system issues that have included into its "One-Step Recovery List". Here you just need to click Start button to proceed.

Pull iPhone 8 Plus out of Headphone Mode

Step 2: Select "Standard Mode"

Next, click Fix button. Then from the new window that opens, you're allowed to choose the repair types. Just make sure "Standard Mode" option is selected and then choose the blue Confirm button to move on.

Tips: If the "Standard Mode" can't tackle the stuck headphone mode in iPhone 8 (Plus) as the device is totally corrupted, you'll need to apply "Advanced Mode" for a further repair. Be noted that it will delete all the phone data in the memory.

Step 3: Download the selected firmware package

Head over to select a valid firmware file for your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus model.

Next up, click Next button to download it on your computer. This will take a while.

How Do I Fix iPhone 8 Keeps Stuck in Headphone Mode

Step 4: Take iPhone 8 (Plus) out of headphone mode

Should you have the firmware package ready on your computer, click Fix button to start fixing iPhone 8 (Plus) headphone mode instantly.

Headphones Mode Stuck on iPhone 8 Plus

It may take a few minutes to finish the repair and get iPhone 8 (Plus) off headphone mode. You can go for a cup of coffee while waiting.

Alright, done! Now, check if your iPhone 8 (Plus) goes back to normal after being stuck in headphones mode. [Read: How to Recover Contacts on iPhone]

5 - Configure Audio Resetting

At times, any misconfigurations to audio settings could also put iPhone 8 (Plus) into headphone mode. This often caused by the bugs stemmed from updated system to installed software. The trick to remedy this issue is easy here: tweak the audio settings on your handset.

1. Firstly, go through Accessibility Settings: Tap through Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Call Audio Routing, and you should see Automatic is positioned there as normal. If not, select Automatic.

Assuming that Automatic option still don't let you get rid of the headphone mode stuck in iPhone 8 (Plus), you can make a phone call to test if making switch audio source to Speaker or Bluetooth Headset works.

2. Secondly, check out the Sounds & Haptics Settings: Go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics, and then drag the slider of "Ringer and Alerts" back and forth for several times. If you hear a sound, the iPhone 8 (Plus) should be out of the stuck headphone mode.

Also see: How do I fix a frozen iPod Touch

6 - Enable Airplane Mode

Perhaps all the audio settings are performed normally, but the sound is going through another device even without headphones plugged-in. For this, one common possibility is the Bluetooth device that you've connected before.

To remove all the wireless devices and get the sound back to the speaker, just enable the Airplane Mode from iPhone Control Center for a while, then turn it back on. Again, move the slider under "Ringer and Alerts" to figure out if this has sorted the issue of the stuck iPhone 8 (Plus) headphone mode.

7 - Update Your Device

One more easy but effective walkaround is to update your iPhone 8 (Plus) device to the latest version. First of all, navigate through Settings > General > Software Update on your device to check your iOS version. If there's a new iOS version available, install it to rule out all the temporary glitches. After restarting, adjust the Volume button up and down to see if the headphone mode on iPhone 8 (Plus) has been resolved.

8 - Connect Bluetooth Accessories

If updating the system doesn't manage to resolve the problem, here's another quick tip: establish a new Bluetooth connection to replace the remained "Headphone" icon on an iPhone 8 (Plus).

  • Configure the target Bluetooth device in discovery mode. If you need to pair AirPods, check how to set up AirPods.
  • On your iPhone 8 (Plus), tap Settings > Bluetooth, then turn on Bluetooth.
  • Connect the selected Bluetooth device from the Devices list.

Wait for several minutes, then disable the Bluetooth function and press the Volume button and check if volume mode in iPhone 8 (Plus) starts working.

9 - Check out Water Damage

Ideally, an iPhone might be water-resistant under certain conditions. But that doesn't mean liquid damage won't happens - even a single drop of water or sweater can make the device died. Hence, it's worth checking if the water damage is the issue that locks iPhone 8 (Plus) in headphone mode. To do this, look for your iPhone's built-in Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI), which will turn fully red if it contacts water or a liquid containing water. Click here for more details.

10 - Physical Problems

If you've arrived this far and your iPhone 8 (Plus) is still stuck in headphone mode, there's probably something going wrong with the smartphone itself like that PC board broke down, contact points got damage, and more. This may mess up the speaker function and get the device stuck in headphone mode.

When it comes to handling with the device components stuff, your device is typically better off with the hands of an experienced expert containing the professional tools and knowledge.

That's your lot, and hopefully by now, your iPhone 8 (Plus) will get off headphone mode and go back to normal.

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