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Tips to add custom ringtones to iPhone 12 - 3 ways

Tired of hearing the same default ringtone and hurrying to check your iPhone? Try to use a custom ringtone, getting yourself out of embarrassment.

Jasmin Woods Updated on Aug 26, 2023 1:30 PM

iPhone comes with default ringtones that are easy to set through the 'Sounds & Haptics' option given in the settings on your device. But if you're using an iPhone 12, you'll find that Apple hasn't provided any new addition of ringtones yet.

Though Apple's Opening ringtone has become a common favorite sound of iPhone users, many prefer to have something different than available default ringtones. Having custom ringtones is one of the best ways to sprinkle some personality into your iPhone. Also, you can enjoy all kinds of music and audio files you love when getting incoming calls.

Unfortunately, up to now, Apple doesn't offer a built-in feature to directly add ringtones to iPhone 12 from the existing music library on your device. In this scenario, we'd like to introduce you to several efficient tools and share the specific steps for helping you add custom ringtones to your iPhone 12 easier than ever.

Show your personality from adding a custom ringtone on your iPhone 12.

Set ringtones on iPhone 12 with iTunes

It should be no surprise that iTunes is a useful software among Apple users. Aside from a media library allowing you to download millions of music tracks, it's also a mobile device management utility that helps you manage the files on your iOS device. With iTunes on your Windows PC (or Mac running macOS 10.14 and the earlier), you can download songs you love, and sync content between your computer and iPhone.

Note: iTunes will only recognize and sync a ringtone file less than 40 seconds with 'm4r' extension. Make sure your audio file won't be longer than 40 seconds, then follow the steps to convert and sync the ringtone to your iPhone 12:

  • Launch iTunes on your computer.
  • Select 'Songs' from the left, and drag and drop your sound track into it.
  • Select the sound track, and click 'File' > 'Convert' > 'Create AAC version' from the option bar at the top. And you'll get a new ringtone file in AAC version. To avoid getting confused, you can rename the AAC ringtone file.
  • Copy and paste the AAC version of ringtone onto your desktop. Click on its name and change the extension to 'm4r'.
  • Connect your iPhone 12 to computer with iTunes open.
  • Click the phone icon on iTunes. Then choose 'Tones' option from the left.
  • Add the m4r ringtone to your iPhone 12. You can simply drag and drop it to the window.

After that, the m4r ringtone is in the 'Ringtone' on your device already. Set it as your new ringtone on iPhone 12 by accessing 'Settings' > 'Sounds & Haptics' > 'Ringtone'. Once done, you can hear your favorite sound every time you get a call.

Add ringtones for iPhone 12 via iPhone Data Transfer

Although iTunes is a common solution known to many Apple users to sync data across devices, sending files like songs or ringtones is quite a complex process with it, which may force you to look for an easier way to add ringtones to your iPhone 12. Therefore, we'll introduce you to a one-stop solution, iPhone Data Transfer, which is a light desktop app allowing you to transfer and manage all kinds of files among your devices.

iPhone Data Transfer efficiently takes care of your content management, including your photos, ringtones, music, videos, messages, contacts, and more. It features all the services that iTunes offers and adds a few more advantages making it the best alternative to iTunes. With it, you can directly transfer custom ringtones to your iPhone 12 from computer.

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If you've prepared compatible ringtones already, follow the steps below to send ringtones to your iPhone 12. If not, scroll down to see how to create and add your own ringtones in Method 3.

Step 1: Launch iPhone Data Transfer and connect your iPhone

Open the app on your computer and connect your iPhone using a suitable USB cable. Make sure don't break the connection until the transferring process is done.

Aside from ringtones, you can also sync songs, recorded audio and other sound files to your iPhone.

Step 2: Move ringtones to iPhone 12 from computer

From the option menu on the left, follow 'Music' > 'Ringtone'.

Then, click on the '+' icon to add a ringtone to your iPhone 12. You can also choose 'Add Item' to add a ringtone from your computer if there's no custom ringtone on your iPhone.

Add a song or an audio file to your iPhone 12 and set it as your new ringtone.

To transfer more audio files, simultaneously press the 'Ctrl' button while selecting songs or sound tracks on your computer. The syncing process will be completed within a few seconds. And the added audio files will be listed in chronological order in the 'Ringtone' folder on you iPhone. Follow the steps to set the added song as a ringtone on your iPhone 12:

  • Go to 'Settings' on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and tap 'Sounds & Haptics' > 'Ringtone'.
  • Find the audio files you just added. And choose one to be your new ringtone.

With iPhone Data Transfer, you can easily transfer songs or ringtones to your iPhone 12. On the other hand, it also allows you to create, convert and add custom ringtones to your iPhone 12 in a few clicks without switching among multiple windows.

Create and set custom ringtones on iPhone 12

As mentioned earlier, iPhone Data Transfer is a simple and convenient way to transfer music files across your devices, which is also capable of creating new ringtones of users' choice. It makes the whole process easier and faster by allowing you to trim the song as you want as well as add the custom-made ringtone to your iPhone within a matter of seconds.

Firstly, connect your iPhone 12 to your computer via USB cable. And click the option of 'Ringtone Maker' available at the bottom of the Home page.

Then, a sub-window appears letting you choose a song or an audio file you want to convert into a ringtone. You can directly select the music from your iPhone 12 as well.

Add a music track or sound file from your iPhone or computer to create a custom ringtone.

Go through the steps of converting and adding a custom ringtone to iPhone 12

Create a ringtone by cutting the audio file to under 40 seconds

  • Play the tune and click on the Set Starting Point to select the beginning of the song, and the Set Ending Point to decide where you want to end it. Or you can edit the timings in the point boxes to choose the particular song interval.
  • Other appealing options like 'Fade in' and 'Fade out' are also available to adjust the volume of the ringtone in the beginning and towards the ending.

Convert and add ringtone to your iPhone 12

  • Once you finish editing, click on the 'Add to Device' option to ensure the ringtone will be put onto your connected iPhone.
  • Click the three dots to choose a folder on your computer. And the ringtone version of the song will be saved in the selected folder as well.
  • Click on the 'Generate' box. The created ringtone will be converted and added to your iPhone 12 in a second.

Set custom ringtones on your device

  • Go to 'Settings' of your iPhone 12.
  • Under the option of 'Sounds & Haptics', tap on the 'Ringtone'.
  • From the ringtone list, select the sound file you just created. Then you will hear the sound you enjoy next time when you get an incoming call.

Set the added sound file as your new ringtone on iPhone 12.

Creating a ringtone for your iPhone 12 is easy with iPhone Data Transfer. The solution is compatible with multiple iOS mobile devices. And the facility of Ringtone Maker enables easy and quick trimming of your favorite song part. Other functions like sound adjustment help in getting desired depth in the tone. With this light software, everyone can easily create and add a custom ringtone for their iPhone 12.

Add a song and set it as your new ringtone

iPhone has multiple default ringtones to choose from, but being able to play the music that resonates with you is something else. In this post, we've mentioned three methods with detailed steps. Now, the decision lies in your preference. You can choose either of the methods to add ringtones to your iPhone 12. Whether you want to use iTunes or iPhone Data Transfer, you know how to do it efficiently, and they will definitely bring you convenience and save your time.

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