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How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad

Worried that photos are taking up too much storage on your iPhone? Want to transfer iPhone photos to iPad to free up some storage space? Here's how to do it.

Robin Swift Updated on Jun 20, 2023 6:24 PM

With excellent hardware, iPhone does a fantastic job in terms of capturing moments, which makes everyone take more photos than ever before. After completing the simple operation, a photo is created. For many, preserving these unexpected moments on iPhone is a common occurrence.

Transfer iPhone pictures to iPad to optimize your iPhone storage.

Unfortunately, photos always take up too much storage on your iPhone, but if you have an iPad, you can transfer iPhone photos to your iPad to free up storage on your iPhone without deleting any photos. The process isn't as easy as sharing photos online with friends and family, but there are ways to make it more user friendly.

Below are our top tips for syncing photos from iPhone to iPad, just choose the method you prefer from the list below to get started.

The following methods are also applicable to transferring photos from iPad to iPhone.

Methods to transfer iPhone pictures to iPad:

Transfer iPhone photos to iPad using iCloud:

Transfer photos from iPhone to iPad without iCloud:

Cloud storage has made it easier to transfer photos between devices over the past couple of years. If you're using the free version of iCloud, chances are the storage space isn't up to snuff. If storage space is a primary consideration when choosing a transfer tool, then be sure to peruse the guide of the top transfer software we've tested. Remember that you can't go wrong with iPhone Data Transfer.

How to transfer iPhone photos to iPad via iCloud Photos

Apple users are not at a loss for services named iCloud Photos that automatically back up photos and provide access to them on any device with your permission. The catch is that more storage only applies to users who have upgraded to iCloud +, which requires you to pay according to the size of the storage space. As noted, you still get 5GB of free iCloud storage to start. Read on for how to transfer iPhone photos to iPad via iCloud Photos.

iCloud Photos offers core transferring functionality.

To use iCloud Photos, make sure you are logged into the same Apple ID on both devices before you start.

First and foremost, connect both devices to network. Then enable iCloud Photos on iPhone, go to Settings > Photos >iCloud Photos. Move the slider next to iCloud Photos to the right to activate it. You can choose Optimize iPhone Storage which saves space.

Last but not the least, repeat the above steps on your iPad. Wait a moment, the iPhone photos will be synced to your iPad and you can open the photos app to view them.

Sync iPhone pictures to iPad using iTunes

iTunes is always the go-to software when it comes to syncing photos between computer and mobile phones. Now that iTunes has been replaced in macOS Catalina, you can use Finder to sync your photos, music and other files. No matter which application you use to transfer iPhone pictures to iPad, the process is uncomplicated—if you follow the right steps.


  • Using iTunes to sync photos will erase all photos on your target device—the iPad, and replace them with photos from your iTunes library.
  • You can only transfer the photos from iPhone's Camera Roll to iPad.

Step 1: Import the photos on iPhone to your computer

Connect your iPhone to your computer. Tap on Trust and type in the passcode on your iPhone if necessary. Once the computer has been trusted, the Photos app will run on the computer automatically, if not, open it by yourself.

Windows users: click on Import button in the upper-right corner to let all the photos display on the screen of your computer. Check the photos you want to transfer in the Import Item window. Select a folder that you want to save the items to in the upper-left corner. Then hit on Import X of X items to begin the process of importing.

Mac users: click on your iPhone's name from the list of devices. All the pictures from your iPhone will be displayed in front of you. Choose a folder to import your pictures to. Then click Import X Selected or Import All New Photos to import the photos you want.

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Step 2: Sync iPhone photos to your iPad

Unplug your iPhone and connect your iPad to your computer. Double-click on the iTunes icon to launch it. Click on the button that looks like a phone in the upper left corner of the main screen and choose your iPad. You can see the information of your iPad. Then click on the Photos button in the list of Settings in the sidebar.

Now we are going to sync iPhone photos to your iPad: check Sync Photos option, followed by clicking on the Apply button.

Use iPhone Data Transfer to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad

iCloud Photos doesn't offer free unlimited storage space, so you may be looking for a different tool to transfer iPhone photos to iPad. iPhone Data Transfer is one option worth considering, especially if you're going to transfer a vast collection of photos to iPad. With iPhone Data Transfer, you can now add and view iPhone photos to your iPad and free up some storage space on your iPhone.

iPhone Data Transfer can be accessed by clicking on the button below.

Download Now!

for macOS | for Windows

Overall, iPhone Data Transfer is a helpful tool for transferring your files from iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to iPad,iPhone to Mac, iPhone to Windows. It is compatible with Windows and Mac systems. It's especially useful when you have a lot of photos to transfer. Here's how the feature works.

Step 1: Open iPhone Data Transfer

After you've downloaded iPhone Data Transfer on your computer, double-click on the icon to bump into the interface. Here, you'll be prompted to connect your device to manage data. Plug your iPhone and iPad to your computer. If needed, tap on Trust and type in the lock screen password to make your settings and data be accessible from your computer.

Once you've connected your devices to the computer, iPhone Data Transfer will detect them and show you the details of one of the devices. By default, what is displayed on the main screen is the source device. You can choose the source device from the drop-down menu at the top of the software. Go ahead to choose your iPhone.

Step 2: Check the photos to be transferred

Click on the Photos button in the left navigation bar. All the photos from your iPhone will be displayed in front of you. Double click on each one to view it in full shape and select the photos you want to transfer. You can also click on the Check All button to select all the photos.

Step 3: Transfer iPhone photos to iPad

After checking the photos that you want to transfer, it's time to move them to iPad. Click on the Export to Device button that seems like a phone, followed by your iPad's name button in the drop-down menu from it. There is a window that pops up inform you that the transmission is in progress.

When a pop-up window appears indicating that the transmission between iPhone and iPad has been done successfully, you can then view the photos on your iPad.

How to sync iPhone pictures by Photo Stream

Apple's Photo Stream also makes things easy when it comes to transferring pictures from iPhone to iPad. This feature allows you to automatically upload your most recent photos so that you can transfer them to iPad. You can open it with a simple swipe, then Wait for your recent photos to sync to Photo Stream.


  • Photo Stream can't upload Live Photos
  • Photos are only saved in Photo Stream for 30 days

Here is how to transfer pictures from iPhone to iPad via Photo Stream:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Enter the homepage of your Apple ID at the top of the screen.

3. Go to iCloud > Photos > My Photo Stream.

4. Tap on the slider next to My Photo Stream to turn it to green.

5. Do the same on your iPad.

Airdrop pictures between iPhone and iPad

Another straightforward way to transfer pictures from iPhone to iPad is through Airdrop. This may be one of the most commonly known and working tactics of transferring photos between two Apple devices. With Bluetooth enabled, photos, videos, texts, and more can be instantly shared with other Apple devices nearby.

To transfer photos, first turn Bluetooth and Airdrop on from the Control Centre. Select the photos to be shared from your album on iPhone. Tap on the "Share" icon with an up arrow at the bottom of the screen, followed by the Airdrop icon.

In the airdrop session, choose the name of your iPad. A window will appear asking you to decline accept the photos from ''the name of your iPhone''. Tap on Accept on your iPad. Then you can view the photos on your iPad.

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