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How to unlock iPhone 8 if you forgot the passcode

You may set a passcode on the iPhone passcode screen, but at some point, you forgot the passcode. You'll have to unlock your iPhone 8 by factory resetting the disabled device.

Lucas Seltzer Updated on Jun 21, 2023 2:22 PM

If you heard about a data breach, you simply set a passcode on your iPhone 8. Each time you light it up, you will be greeted with a request on the lock screen to enter your passcode for unlocking iPhone 8.

If you forgot iPhone 8 passcode, how do you unlock the device? If you can't remember the passcode simply because you do a routine passcode change, and have repeatedly entered the wrong passcode, your iPhone 8 will be disabled, delivering 'iPhone is disabled' or 'iPhone Unavailable' message.

Okay, it's not that bad. There's still something you can do to unlock iPhone 8 when you forgot the passcode - that is - reset your iPhone 8 to factory settings. You can factory reset the phone using standard iTunes restore or recovery mode restore trick, and Apple Find My iPhone. If you're not able to reset disabled iPhone 8 and unlock it via Apple's route, open iPhone Unlocker, a third-party forgotten passcode removal service, for additional help.

You should factory reset iPhone 8 to unlock the passcode you forgot.

About forgotten passcode & reset iPhone 8

If you forgot the passcode, resetting the iPhone 8 is a quick and easy way to unlock, and specifically the only way to regain access to a locked device. Apple have made it clear that restoring your phone to factory settings will erase everything, including the passcode you've forgotten to iPhone 8. Once the device is reset and unlocked, you could get into your phone without any passcode barrier.

Rest assured, if you've kept your iPhone 8 backed up on computer or through iCloud before you forgot the passcode, you'll have option to restore your data and settings from the backup once the reset process completes.

Keep reading for a step-by-step process of how to unlock iPhone 8 passcode if forgotten and reset the iPhone 8 device. This is also working for unlocking an iPhone 8 Plus, regardless of the iOS the device is running.

Reset iPhone 8 when you forgot your password via Finder or iTunes

Restoring iPhone 8 via Finder or iTunes is Apple's official route unlock an iPhone 8 with forgotten passcode. The restore process deletes your content and settings on the device unless you have a backup ready for restore.

Depending on whether or not your iPhone 8 has ever been synchronized with your computer, you have two passcode reset options to choose from.

If your iPhone 8 is synced with your computer before it's unavailable with forgotten passcode...

Do a normal restore to unlock iPhone 8 when you can't remember the passcode, provided that you previously synced the device to your Mac or PC. Follow the steps below:

1. Open Finder or iTunes.

2. Connect your iPhone 8 to your computer that you last synced with. The application will detect your iPhone 8 even it's disabled for a forgotten passcode.

3. Click on your device once displays.

4. Click Restore iPhone... to begin resetting the device and unlocking the password you don't remember to iPhone 8. The restore process will take from 5 to 10 minutes to finish. While it's restoring, the disabled screen flashes and a progress bar comes forth which indicates the iPhone 8 is resetting itself.

5. When the progress bar reaches to the end, your phone reboots. The Set-up Assistant walk you through the setup process. When you're in the Apps & Data screen, choose Restore from iTunes backup to recover your data.

If your iPhone 8 is previously synced with a computer, you can easily restore it to factory reset and unlock forgotten passcode.

If you never synced iPhone 8, enter recovery mode...

When your iPhone 8 is connected to computer, you will be asked to enter your passcode to unlock the device if you never trust your PC or Mac and sync to it. You forgot your passcode right?

Now put the iPhone 8 into recovery mode and reset it to unlock the screen.

1. Turn off your iPhone 8.

2. Connect your iPhone 8 to your computer while holding the Side button. Keep holding to the Side button, and when you see the disabled screen turns to connect to laptop or connect to iTunes, release the Side button. Your iPhone 8 is now in the recovery mode and ready for restoring to factory defaults.

Enter iPhone recovery mode to reset the iPhone 8 with iTunes or Finder.

3. On your computer, launch Finder or iTunes and immediately, you should see a pop-up message asking you to update or restore your iPhone 8. Choose Restore, followed by Update and Restore to begin the restore process without knowing the passcode.

Click Restore to start resetting forgotten password.

With your iPhone 8 is reset, the passcode you've forgotten has been removed. You can tap on the Hello screen to unlock it and set it up.

Unlock forgotten iPhone 8 passcode without iTunes

Again, it's important to know that even an Apple technician can't unlock your iPhone 8 without resetting it to factory defaults.

In addition to the standard password reset method via iTunes or Finder, we provide you with a secondary method to reset iPhone 8 by using iPhone Unlocker if you have forgotten the passcode.

It's a lightweight and smart tool that applies reset function for anyone who forgets the iPhone passcode and need to unlock the device. When you attach it with the computer, you don't have to enter the passcode forgotten on the lock screen as the software takes care of the unlocking task. With the iPhone 8 is restored, you can get back to it without passcode.

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How do I unlock my iPhone 8 if I forgot my password?

1. Download iPhone Unlocker and install it. Then open it.

2. Choose Wipe Passcode.

Select Wipe Passcode for Apple iPhone 8 unlock purpose.

3. Use a USB cable to connect your disabled iPhone 8 to the computer. When it's recognized, choose the device information and click Start button. Know that you may need to force your phone to enter recovery mode for the detection.

The software could recognize your iPhone 8 even it's disabled.

4. The software is now downloading the most appropriate iOS firmware for unlocking the passcode you forgot. Wait until it's finished.

Download firmware package, which is used to unlock the passcode you don't remember.

5. When that's done, read the warning and make the final confirmation to unlock an iPhone 8 you forgot the passcode to. Enter "0000" and press Unlock button to let the utility do its thing. This will factory reset the phone without passcode and do a clean install of iOS with the lock code deleted.

Choose Unlock button to get iPhone 8 reset to factory conditions.

Unlock iPhone 8 if forgotten passcode with iCloud

Find My iPhone feature is toggled on before you forgot the passcode on iPhone 8? Here's a pain-free to remove forgotten passcode of iPhone 8 and unlock your phone.

1. Go to https://www.icloud.com/find/ on any web browser in any computer or smartphone.

2. Sign in with your Apple ID and password.

iCloud Find My iPhone enables you unlock an iPhone 8 without password.

3. Click All Device at the top and choose your iPhone 8 that you want to unlock from the list.

If you've enabled Find My iPhone on iPhone 8, you should see your device from the list even you don't know the passcode.

4. Choose Erase iPhone.

Select Erase iPhone to wipe iPhone 8 clean along with the forgotten password to unlock the device.

5. When asked Erase this iPhone, click Erase to confirm your decision to factory reset iPhone 8 to the out-of-box state and get it unlocked ASAP.

Your iPhone is unlocked and the passcode you forgot is removed successfully.

See? It's an effortless process to unlock the iPhone 8 if you have forgotten the passcode and it's disabled.

Follow the guide above, you will be able to get into your iPhone 8 within minutes. Now go ahead to set a brand-new passcode to lock the screen - don't forget to make it strong and hard to guess to get iPhone 8 unlocked. Be sure to jot down the password somewhere safe, in case you have to carry out a factory reset when you forget the passcode the next time.

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