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How to convert FLV to AVI (or AVI to FLV) on Mac/ Windows

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:23 PM

FLV (Flash Video) is designed to be compatible with web browsers and is used on the web, where many websites use the video file type for placing streaming video in the browser, like YouTube, Yahoo and Google video. However, once you capture a copy of an .flv video on your Mac desktop, most non-browser programs can't play this kind of file type. You will have to convert FLV video to AVI or other friendly formats, and produce high-quality AVI (Audio Video Interleave) files within minutes,

As for AVI, it is a format that cames into existence with the efforts of Microsoft, and is much more widely-supported by almost every video program and player including QuickTime, FCP, Sony Vegas Pro, WMM, Premiere, Xbox 360, Zune, PS3, Nintendo Wii, etc. In some specific occasions, you may consider converting your AVI files to FLV on your Mac/ PC.

No matter what the situation is, converting FLV to AVI or the inverse of AVI to FLV format on Mac and Windows requires a converter program.

Video Converter for Mac we use and suggest here is a reliable tool, it enables you to convert videos to a large selection of different formats you prefer (see MOV to MP4, for example here) including FLV to AVI on Mac. It is no doubt that you can also use this software to transfer video from AVI to FLV on Mac if you have AVI files and want to upload them to YouTube. Apart from these, this Mac app also provides you capability of basic video editing: trimming the file to a specified length, rotating the video until you satisfied with your new orientation, adding any effects – themes, text, music.

Note, Its Windows equivalent - Video Converter for Windows - is available for you to convert files between FLV and AVI.

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Here we go for the detailed steps about how to convert .flv to .avi format on Mac OS X, so video playback problem is a thing of the past.

Step 1: Add the FLV file you wish to convert

Launch the program, and click on the "Add File" button on the upper left-hand corner to import FLV videos from the resulting pop-up window, or by simply dragging and dropping files into the project area. Additionally, you can also remove certain items as needed using "Remove" option.

The program will accept batch processing. So you're able to add multiple files to the queue rather than one by one and convert them in one fell swoop.

Note, you here can load other source movie files such as WMV to be converted into AVI file.

Step 2: Choose AVI

In this step, select format you'd like to make the video ready for. Click "Profile" box, and then choose AVI (video codec: XviD, H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG) as the output format. Click the "Settings" button to the right of the "Profile" - there are a few of tweaks you can make to suit your need, but you can leave these areas to the preparatory set, if you know what you're doing.

Alternatively, you can choose preset profiles which used to convert FLV (or other videos) for a certain device, i.e. FLV to PS3/ Xbox One/ Apple TV. In this case, the output parameters will be automatically updated.

You can press the "Edit" button to edit video before conversion. With its enhanced editing functions, you can trim to get a certain clip out of the entire file, crop to remove black bars across the top and bottom, add effect on your video, merge several FLV flash video or AVI video clips into one file, and extract audio and image.

Step 3: Begin Converting FLV to AVI format

When you're ready, click the "Convert" button in the bottom right-hand corner to begin the FLV to AVI Mac conversion, the program does the rest.

The actual conversion time depends on size of file and the speed of your computer. A progress bar will track the current and total conversion progress, and indicate when it's complete.


The conversion of AVI to FLV is quite simple to achieve as well. Then you can upload AVI to YouTube or some other video-sharing webs.

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