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How to convert M2TS/MTS to AVI on Mac and Windows

Blake Sullivan Updated on Apr 15, 2022 3:06 PM

I have some of shot video clips in a Sony camera with.MTS file extension, and now I would like to re-encode these .MTS to AVI format (XviD) on my MacBook Pro in OS X Lion, will it be as high definition? I need a tool which can give good outputs and supports batch conversion (I need to run the same job on all videos) - Jack

For many enthusiastic videographers, capturing every special moment is pretty pleasure. However, when you transfer a video file from your HD camcorder to your computer, the file is often saved as MTS or M2TS, which are formats most media players and video-editing programs can't recognize. Therefore, you must firstly convert these MTS/ M2TS files to a more common video format, such as AVI, a file extension that is compatible with a majority of online and device video players. If you have never attempted to convert MTS to AVI on Mac, you may feel that the process is a bit over your head. Today we'll take a look at converting a MTS to AVI file to work on popular media players/program.

For converting MTS/M2TS to more universally accepted AVI format, We'll use Video Converter for Mac which handles that task very well. It is a small but capable media conversion tool that does what it is intended to do. It supports converting any video/audio files such as MOD, MP4, WMV, etc. from your media collection to AVI format with quality lossless (You can refer to our detailed tutorial about how to convert WMV to AVI on computer, for example).

Windows users can take advantage of Video Converter for Windows which will convert the AVCHD .mts to just about any video format you want.

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Here Below is the detailed guide about how to convert MTS to AVI file extension based on Mac OS X. Before that, please download the program and install it.

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Step 1: Import MTS/M2TS files

The first thing you'll need to do is start the program, you will see a simple and easy to use interface where users can find all the conversion options within the interface.

Click "Add File" button to open the file browser window and browse your file system to where the troublesome MTS file is located. You can also directly drag-and-drop files to the interface of this converter.

Now you see the MTS file we're converting listed under the menu bar.

Step 2: Select AVI in the output format list

Next, click "Profile" drop-down box to expand the panel and choose your conversion options. You'll first have to decide what file format your video is intended for. Navigate to "General Video' category, select through the various output video formats on the screen until you come to the AVI, H.264 AVI, DivX Video, XviD Video.

After that, you are give option - in "Settings" next to drop-down box - to tweak the specific encoding settings, generally, you can leave this by default.

The MTS to AVI Mac converter also comes with a variety of ready made presets on the left side. Just select the target device you want from the "preset" list, the program will automatically optimize the settings and resolution you feel most appropriate for you.

Editing MTS files before the conversion is available, you can trim your videos to eliminate unnecessary footage at the end or the beginning, crop to remove the side bar and black bar, fine tuning the brightness/ contrast/ saturation, more details on user guide. Doing this is just so pretty simple.

Step 3: Start converting MTS file on Mac

All that's left to do is to click the "Convert" button on the bottom of the program interface to start MTS to AVI conversion process.

Then sit back and relax whilst your video is converting. A blue conversion bar will open and display the progress, and the process may take a few seconds or a couple of minutes, obviously depending on the setting you choose and length of the MTS movie file you imported from the camcorder, but for most files it is pretty fast.

That's it! You've just converted a MTS to AVI format.


To say there are plenty of MTS converters out there would be a massive understatement. The program mentioned above is simple to understand especially for those who're not familiar with video codecs and converting settings, and get working in immediately with a few clicks.

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