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How to transfer music from iPad to Computer

Don't get rid of music on your iPad to make more space. This article walks you through how to put songs on a computer for backing up, editing and sharing.

Ella Garcia Updated on Jun 20, 2023 5:59 PM

Summary: If you've yet to save a music collection on your computer—or you're looking for a way to copy from your iPad—there's never been a better time to do the music transfer. We'll cover how to transfer music from your iPad onto your computer, with or without iTunes.

There can be some cases where you want your computer to have the music from your iPad:

  • Your iPad storage is running out, and before freeing up space, it's a good idea to transfer music from iPad to computer for a backup.
  • You just bought a new PC and want the music from your iPad to be on it.
  • You share your favorite songs with your completely wiped PC to rebuilt iTunes library only to find that iTunes has no option for music sync from iPad to a computer.

Take a look at transferring songs from iPad to computer, even the music is not purchased from iTunes.

You can use iTunes, but it only allows the transfer of purchased music on your iPad. If you have music downloaded through music streaming apps or other resources, getting a third-party tool - iPhone Data Transfer to copy music from iPad back to your computer can provide piece of mind.

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How to transfer music from iPad to computer with iTunes

The first stop is iTunes - the default app to manage music collection and album for iOS devices. While it is fairly easy to access iTunes library on the Windows PC, it's not the case when transferring music from an iPad. The "Transfer Purchases" feature makes it possible to take the music from the iPad and download the songs back onto the computer.

One thing to mention is that the songs have to be purchased from iTunes Store on your iPad using your Apple ID.

There's still time to get iTunes installed that you can take advantage of the "Transfer Purchases from iPad" to copy your iTunes music purchases off your tablet and to your computer's iTunes library. What you need to do to transfer music is:

1. Go to iTunes app on your PC. Make sure it's updated to its latest version.

2. Choose Account on the menu bat at the top. Choose Authorizations > Authorize This computer.

3. Enter your Apple ID and password and click Authorize.

4. Connect your iPad to your computer with a USB cable.

5. Click File > Devices, and then select Transfer Purchases from [your iPad] to start the transfer.

After a while, your music on iPad will be transferred to iTunes on the computer.

How to transfer music from iPad to computer without iTunes

If you're curious as to how to carry out this iPad to PC music transfer without iTunes, then we'll be explaining it.

iPhone Data Transfer tool makes this easy, as long as your iPad is holding the music files that is not from iTunes Store. It's an absolutely comprehensive tool that bring about data transfer between an iOS device and a computer (PC or Mac), be it music, music, pictures, songs, or any other media, in a couple of clicks.

As far as getting music into PC is concerned, the software is able to list out all songs on the iPad, and grants you to select any track you want to store on the computer. You can also use the music transferring software to transfer iPad music to iTunes library in one click - this is a useful function if you need to rebuilt your iTunes library when your computer went nuts and it's been completely wiped it clean.

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Once you have installed iPhone Data transfer for music on your Windows computer, the steps to moving music from iPad to computer are as follows:

Step 1: Connect your iPad to PC

Run iPhone Data Transfer tool.

Unlock your iPad and connect it to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 2: Access music library on your iPad

From the left navigation bar, click Music. This will display all your songs stored in your tablet.

You can edit info of your music or delete it using the tool.

Step 3: Begin iPad to PC music transfer process

To copy music, simply place the checkmark into the tiny checkbox next to each song you want to put onto computer.

Then click 'To computer' icon on the toolbar at the top, and you will get two options:

Export to PC: Clicking on this will save your music onto any folder of your choice on the hard drive.

Export to iTunes: When you click on the option, the software transfers your songs back to iTunes library.

Use "Device to PC" shortcut to copy all your music in one click

If you prefer to transfer entire music library at once, you can use iPhone Data Transfer utility to get this done. All tracks should be migrated and saved onto the computer.

  • Connect your device to your computer
  • In the main screen of the software, choose "Device to PC" from the one-click operation panel.
  • Click the "Music" option from the panel on the middle.
  • Click Start button and your iPad music transfer begins.

After your music is added to your computer, you can:

  • Save, edit and share the songs.
  • Add to iTunes music library and manage the songs with freedom.

We've discussed two ways to transfer your songs coming from your iPad, and the process is simple and is not intimidating anymore. If you have music purchased using your iTunes account, iTunes is here to make the transfer seamlessly; Otherwise, you need to carry iPhone Data Transfer utility to get your music to computer - it could handle data transfer to and from all iOS devices.


1. How to transfer files from iPad to your Windows PC

If you have files on your iPad and want them transferred onto your PC, you can connect your tablet to the computer and transfer files for apps that support file sharing.

To go about this, you need to:

Install iTunes on PC if you haven't already. If it's on your desktop, make sure it's up-to-date. You can check whether it's running the latest version by clicking Help on the menu bar at the top and choosing Check for Updates.

Then, Connect your iPad and Windows computer using USB cable. With it's connected, go to iTunes on your computer and click "iPad" in the top left corner of your iTunes window.

Next, choose whichever file you're going to transfer from the list on the right side. Press "Save to", select the location to store the file, then click "Save to" and you're good to go.

2. How can you get music in My iTunes on your PC to the iPad?

To transfer music from iPad to PC, simply just sync everything to iCloud to access from all your devices.

Starting by connecting your iPad to the Windows PC. Open iTunes application and click your iPad, represented as a tiny Device icon near the top left of the iTunes window.

Underneath Settings from the sidebar on the left, select Music. To sync music to the Music app on your iPad from your computer, tick the checkbox for Sync Music, choose either "Entire music library" or "Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres" and then click Apply. If the sync doesn't start, click Sync manually.

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