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How to transfer music from computer to iPhone (for Windows)

Here's how to transfer music to iPhone, by syncing your favorite songs from iTunes or transferring them right from a folder on your computer.

Lucas Seltzer Updated on Oct 31, 2022 6:16 PM

If you're panicking about how to transfer music from computer to iPhone, fear not. iTunes will sync music to the iPhone, even though the service doesn't make it entirely obvious how to do this - which is where this article come in.

By connecting your iPhone to your Windows computer, you can transfer your music and playlists from iTunes at once through Sync Music option, or drag multiple songs onto iPhone with the syncing mode for "Manually manage music and videos" enabled. Just be aware that the sync settings for the music transfer in iTunes are configured correctly, so be sure to read on our section below for more on that.

Other than transferring music with iTunes for the transfer, you can also try iPhone Data Transfer software to put your songs from PC to iPhone without iTunes. The process is safer and easier.

How to Transfer iTunes Music

iTunes for Windows will transfer your tracks to your iOS device easily if you know how.

How to Add Music to iPhone from iTunes

iTunes acts as a default method to add music to an iPhone.

Cutting straight to the point, here're the steps to transfer songs using iTunes:

  • Download iTunes and install it on computer. Open it.
  • Connect your device to your PC and click the device icon representing to your phone.
  • In the left menu, choose Music tab, and then check "Sync Music" in iTunes.
  • Or, click Summary on the left pane, highlight "Manually manage music and videos" and then drag and drop whatever media to the iPhone.

Install latest version of iTunes

Make sure to update iTunes to its latest version before transferring music to iPhone. In iTunes window, click Help at the menu bar and choose Check for Updates. If you have not yet downloaded iTunes, get it from Apple's site.

Connect iPhone to iTunes on your PC and locate it in iTunes

Open iTunes, then plug your iPhone to your computer with USB cable.

When it's connected, it will appear as a tiny device icon on the top left corner of iTunes window. Click on it.

iTunes on PC detects your device.

We do need to issue this warning: As soon as your iPhone is plugged in, you might the Erase and Sync prompt saying "The iPhone is synced with another iTunes library on [your computer name]. Do you want to erase this iPhone and sync with this iTunes library?". If you confirm erasing, iTunes will overwrite your songs on your phone and replace them with those in your iTunes library.

This probably isn't exactly what you are expect for in transferring iTunes music. But the third-party tool below delivers exactly a smart technique without your media overwritten.

Option 1: Transfer Music from iTunes in automatic sync mode

If you would like to transfer all of your songs to your iPhone, you can set iTunes to automatically to sync your iPhone in one go. Do the following:

  • In iTunes sidebar on the left, choose Music.
  • Check for the box for Sync Music, then select the media to sync automatically.
  • To transfer all tracks via iTunes, make sure the "Entire music library" is enabled.
  • To transfer some songs, highlight "Selected playlist, artist, albums, and genres." Then choose the items you want to sync.
  • Click Apply to start syncing music to iPhone. The transfer process should take a while.

iTunes is automatically syncing your music, or preferred playlists as well as other media.

Option 2: Set iTunes to manually transfer music from iTunes

If you'd rather not put all music taken in iTunes to iPhone, you can take advantage of the drag-and-drop function in iTunes to transfer a single or a couple of songs.

First, switch iTunes to manual sync mode by clicking Summary on the left side and ticking "Manually manage music and videos" option to enable it. Click Apply to confirm your change.

Then, click Back arrow to return to iTunes main window until you see Library section on the left column.

Enable iTunes manual mode for adding music.

Then, click Songs to display your iTunes music library. Select the song you want to transfer to iPhone, and drag it to [your device's name] located on the left pane. To copy more than one song from iTunes, press Ctrl (or Command in macOS) and then click to select each song.

You're now dragging and dropping a few songs to iPhone.

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How to Download Music onto iPhone Straight from Computer's Hard Drive

Third-party software is where you will get the best control over transferring music from a computer to an iPhone, and wise versa. We mention iPhone Data Transfer here because it's a fantastic tool for both Mac and Windows users that adds just about the music taken on your computer - you don't have to add songs to your iTunes library before transfer.

Typically, the tool accepts any music file format like WMA and automatically convert it to the standard MP3 audio file that is playable on iPhone. You can even convert and download multiple tunes all in one shot. The conversion should happen quickly in the background while you initiate the transfer. After the sync, your favorite music is saved to iPhone's Music app, where you can play it at any time.

Best of all, it appears that iPhone Data Transfer tool is not going to overwrite your library on the iPhone when syncing with your computer.

Download Now!

for macOS | for Windows

If you've already installed iPhone Data Transfer utility, then you'll just have to launch it and perform the steps below.

Step 1: Attach iPhone to the computer

Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your PC. When the connection is established, you should see your device information the center of the interface.

Click Music from the sidebar on the left to continue.

Step 2: Access your music library on iPhone

You will see your media library, shown as the screenshot.

Step 3: Choose song(s) to transfer from the computer

To sync music to the iPhone, click Add item(s) icon on the menu at the top, then browse to any folder that stores your songs.

From that folder, pick batches of tracks to sync simultaneously. Holding Ctrl when you click will allow you to highlight the songs you really want to transfer.

Once you're happy with your choice, click Open and the syncing process begins to add music from computer to your iPhone without iTunes.

If you're planning on transfer music to an iPhone using your iTunes library, it's also a good option to use iPhone Data Transfer tool without syncing. It allows you to add your music or playlist all at a time, or lets you access your library to pick just your favorite tunes.

To sync songs from iTunes to iPhone, do the following:

  • From the bottom of the program, choose iTunes library shortcut.
  • Click Sync iTunes to Device. You can click on View iTunes Library tab in case you need to transfer some of your songs.
  • On the next window, select "Music" and "Playlist".
  • Hit One-Click-to-Device button to transfer your music from computer without iTunes.

Happy syncing! Enjoy your music with your iPhone. If you have music files on Mac and tend to move them to your iPhone, read this article for the transfer journey.

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