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How to Recover Contacts on Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus) Phone

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 11:10 AM

The contacts on the Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus) phone are an important asset and can't afford to be lost. If you notice that some phone numbers are gone from your device, let's sort out the problem step by step. First of all, make sure all the contacts are set to be displayed. You can go to the directory's settings and check if all the contacts are set to be displayed or hidden. If you still don't see the lost contacts appear on the phone's screen, never say die. Scroll down for more solutions.

If you are using Google account on the device and enable automatic sync, then the deleted contacts on Galaxy S8 (Plus) can be restore from Google Contacts. Log into Gmail and click the Mail button, and select "Contacts". You can restore the contacts created at a specific point of time (within a time frame of 30 days). After that, go to the settings on your Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus) and tap Sync button in the account. All lost contacts will soon reappear on the address book.

If you didn't sync the contacts to the Google account, don't panic. The missing contacts may still remain on your Samsung S8 (Plus) internal memory. This is because when you delete a file, you only remove the link to it rather than the real content. Android Data Recovery can perform a full scan of Galaxy S8 (Plus) storage and recover contacts which haven't been overwritten.

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It is a great utility to restore the deleted contacts, together with other data files (photos, sms, call logs, audio, video, documents, etc) from your Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus) when other solutions fail. It will dive into the phone's memory and extract the lost files, without messing with other current stuff. It also gives you ability to back up your phone to the computer for data loss prevention.

Android Data Recovery works well in both Mac and Windows computer, and can get lost files from other phones & tablets that are running Android mobile system.

How to Retrieve Contacts on Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus)

Step 1: Hook up Samsung S8 (Plus) phone with computer

Launch this application first and you will get a window as below. Choose "Android Data Recovery" option on the left area for contacts recovery task.

Next, plug your Samsung S8 (Plus) into the computer with USB cable.

S8 Models: SM-G950U, SM-G955U, SM-G892U, SM-G955F, SM-G950F, etc.

Step 2: Allow USB Debugging

Once connected, you need to switch on USB Debugging mode on the device to let it be identified by the software. The on-screen instructions will guide you through the whole process.

Also refer to how to enable USB Debugging mode on Android if you have trouble in finishing it.

Step 3: Choose contacts to be scanned

When the following window opens up, choose the kinds of data you want to scan for deleted files. In this example, select "Contacts" option on the list and press Next button.

Before the program can implement a deep scan of your Samsung Galaxy S8+ phone, you have to root it. Press Rooting Tools button on the screen below, which will take you to a site where you can download and install a tool called KingoRoot for the rooting job.

Know more about rooting, please visit how to safely root and unroot an Android device.

Once rooted, it will start scanning your phone completely for lost contacts.

Step 4: Retrieve contacts from Galaxy S8 (Plus) memory

After the scan process is completed, you will arrive at an overview screen listing the recoverable files on the left part. In your case, click "Contacts" category to expand a list of specific contacts.

Next, highlight the contacts you want to restore on the middle pane by ticking off the checkboxes.

restore contacts on Galaxy S8 Plus

Now, hit the button labeled Recover at the bottom right corner and a dialog box opens, asking you to specify where to save the recovered contacts.

After that, press Recover button again to kick off the Samsung Galaxy S8 contacts recovery process. Your contacts will be save in HTML, CSV and VCF format.

After the process, you can view the newly recovered contacts on the computer and migrate the files back to your device later on.

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