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How to transfer Android messages to new iPhone — easy and reliable solutions

Have finally received iPhone 13, and are currently transferring your important messages from the old phone? Here, you'll find the quickest and most efficient ways!

Jasmin Woods Updated on Jun 6, 2022 9:34 AM

If you are having trouble figuring out the perfect way of transferring text messages from Android to the latest iPhone 13:

  • Android data is often transferred to a new iPhone with Move to iOS app which lets you select the content you want to transfer while setting up the new iPhone.
  • For any types of data files, including the text messages, you can use Phone Transfer to perform a quick and direct transfer between devices and across Android and iOS platforms.
  • You can also transfer previous Android messages by SMS Backup & Restore, for which you'll upload messages from old Android and get them back to new iPhone.

Quick solutions let you get rid of the worries about moving Android messages to new iPhone.

Many Android users express an interest in trying out a new iPhone whenever the latest one is introduced. Switching to a new phone is usually interesting, but sometimes it can be troublesome especially when you're worrying about the current text messages on your old Android.

When we switch to a new iPhone, we actually spend much time moving content. And the messages are surely one of the most critical things we'd like to keep. Thanks to some data transfer tools that many iPhone 13 and 12 users have proven to be efficient, you don't have to lose track of texts holding important information that you might need in the future. Here, we will show you how to transfer messages from Android to iPhone to make your job easier.

Transfer Android messages before setting up the new iPhone

Move messages from Android to iPhone after setup

Transfer text messages from Android to iPhone via Move to iOS

Before setting up a new iPhone, Android owners should think about how to sync content from their Android devices to their iPhones. Assuming you haven't set up your new iPhone yet, then the most efficient method to transfer your messages from Android to iPhone is to use the Move to iOS app which is designed by Apple for Android users who would like to keep their previous data and content on new iOS devices.

The Move to iOS app is accessible during the initial setup process. It allows you to quickly move text messages, contact details, pictures and videos, and more from your Android device to your iPhone. To begin, connect both Android and iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network. On the old Android, download and install the Move to iOS app. You can easily get it from Google Play Store.

  • On your new iPhone, start going through the setup procedure. When it shows the Apps & Data screen, select Move Data from Android from the options, then tap Continue.
  • Then your iPhone will display a code which is used to connect with the Android device.
  • Now, open Move to iOS on your Android phone, and input the code that appears on the iPhone screen. It can be a 6- or 10-digit numeric code, depending on the situation.
  • Choose the types of data that you'd like to make a transfer. Make sure that the Messages option is selected from the menu.
  • Tap Continue and wait until the transfer is complete. Then on your old Android phone, press the Done button.
  • You can now continue to complete the setup process on your iPhone and begin receiving and text messages from the Android device.

Get data from Android to iPhone with Move to iOS when setting up new iPhone.

Although Move to iOS does help with the message transfer, there are several restrictions with it, such as the fact that it is only available during the setup of a new iPhone. Sometimes, cross-platform data transfers may fail due to incompatibilities and limited data types.

One-click to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone after setup

Even though Move to iOS is effective, it requires much time and effort. If you want to transfer messages from Android to iPhone quickly and easily, we've come up with one of the best solutions, Phone Transfer, which allows for data migration between devices and across platforms. Your text messages can be transferred from Android to iPhone in a lightning speed.

Phone Transfer is a lightweight, one-stop data transfer solution that offers excellent transfer quality and functionality with a simple, user-friendly interface. Using it is a breeze because the steps are relatively simple. It allows for a more efficient and straightforward data migration process. With a few simple clicks, you can move all of your Android data to a new iPhone, including text messages, contact details, calendar events, WhatsApp chats, photos, etc.

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Step 1: Open Phone Transfer and select Phone Transfer on your computer.

When you first see the main interface, you'll find four options at the top bar. It's possible to transfer data files between your iPhone and android by clicking on Phone Transfer.

Choose Phone Transfer > Phone to Phone mode to make message transfer from Android to iPhone.

Step 2: Choose Phone to Phone. Connect both your iPhone and Android devices.

To move text messages from Android to iPhone, use the 'Phone to Phone' mode.

Connect your source Android and target iPhone to computer using USB cables. As soon as your Android smartphone prompts you, turn on USB Debugging Mode to allow it scan the content on your source device.

You're able to switch the source and destination phone by clicking Flip button at the top.

Step 3: Transfer the content you want from Android to iPhone.

Once connected, all the files on your source Android will be checked and displayed in the central box on the computer screen.

It's time to get started transferring your messages. Check the Text messages box and click on Start button. The transfer of the files you've selected to your new iPhone will begin immediately.

Check the relevant boxes and start moving the selected data from Android to iPhone.

The transfer will be indicated by a progress bar. The number of files you've selected will determine how long it takes to move the data to iPhone. Typically, it will only take a few minutes.

Phone Transfer simplifies the entire process significantly. There's no need to worry about losing any critical messages when switching to an iPhone from an Android device. And it's available for other types of data, too. You'll appreciate how easy it is to use the one-click transfer option.

Video Guide: How to Transfer Text Messages from Android to new iPhone Easily

Copy messages from Android to iPhone using SMS Backup & Restore

If the only thing on your mind is transferring text messages, using the apps that only focus on SMS transfer could undoubtedly save you a lot of misery, which is pretty beneficial if you have already completed the setup of your new iPhone.

For SMS transfer apps available for you to use, there are a number of them to choose from. To make things easier we have discovered an app for you — SMS Backup & Restore, which is solely dedicated to SMS messages transmission, and is fully functional as well.

Using SMS Backup & Restore, you may build a backup of your text messages. Alternatively, the backup can be kept locally on the phone or uploaded to cloud storage services such as Google Drive. Transferring or restoring the message backup to your target iPhone is possible, as well as downloading the file directly from your cloud storage account. Download and install SMS Backup & Restore on both your Android and iPhone devices.

1. On your old Android phone:

  • Launch the app on your Android device and tap on the three-bar icon. Select Back up now.
  • To enable the backup option, turn on the Messages switch. You can also choose ADVANCED OPTIONS to select All messages.
  • In the Backup location box, choose where you want to arrange and set up your backup and then fulfill the information it asks. You can use your Dropbox, or Google Drive. We will use Google Drive as an example in this section.
  • Tap on BACK UP at the bottom to make a copy of your messages in the location you pick.

Back up messages from Android device.

2. On your new iPhone:

  • Open SMS Backup & Restore on your iPhone.
  • Tap the option bar from the left corner on the home page. Select the Restore option.
  • Under the Restore Backup screen, the program will automatically detect your backup files and allow you to choose what you want.
  • Restore your messages by selecting Messages. And confirm with Restore button.
  • When the SMS restoration process is complete, click on the Close button to exit.

Restore messages to new iPhone.

When switching from an Android to an iPhone, one of the biggest worries is the data transfer security. You may have a large amount of remembered or critical text messages that you don't want to lose. While SMS Backup & Restore may be one of the efficient methods, it's not an easy one. The steps can be complicated for some users to follow.

Thus, the solutions such as Phone Transfer appear to be a good choice for transferring text messages from Android to iPhone. Even though there are various methods for transferring data from Android to iPhone, a straightforward and convenient solution is always preferable.


Even though there are numerous methods for transferring your apps and data, only a handful of them supports SMS. In today's article, you've got three simple tools for transferring text messages from an Android device to an iPhone. Hopefully, you will find the most suitable one from the list for your ease.

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