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Top picks to transfer music from iPhone to computer for Free

Have many songs on your iPhone? Want to transfer music data from your iPhone to computer for free? Here're a few ways worth checking out!

Jasmin Woods Updated on Jun 20, 2023 6:02 PM

Being a music lover, you may get a lot of songs on your iPhone. And at some point, you will need to transfer your favorite songs from your iPhone to your computer, whether you're just sending a couple of songs or syncing all your music data on your iPhone to computer. Unfortunately, transferring music from an iPhone to a computer sometimes can be a headache, especially when it comes to two different platforms.

Luckily, many data transfer apps have opened up new possibilities for moving music from an iPhone to a computer without efforts. If you're looking for how to easily copy the music on your iPhone to your computer quickly, this post is here to help you with a curated list that picks up from some best data transfer apps.

Quick solutions on how to get your songs or other music files from your iPhone to a computer.

Here are some of our top picks available for iPhone users, which will allow you to get your music from your iPhone to a Windows PC or Mac:

Sync songs to your computer with iTunes for free

iTunes can not only play the songs you bought on iTunes, but also play your locally stored music. Just as Apple said, with iTunes on your computer, you can easily manage all your media data in one place. And other than being a music player, iTunes is also a bridge between your iPhone and computer, letting you sync your purchased songs forth or back.

So, one of the simplest ways to sync your iPhone music to computer is to use iTunes itself. Download and install iTunes on your computer. Let's learn how to transfer your purchased songs from your iPhone to your computer for free.

Before you start, it should be noticed that iTunes only works on a computer running Windows system or macOS 10.14 and the earlier.

First, connect your iPhone to your computer and run iTunes.

Next, click 'Files' at top of the window and choose 'Devices' from the list.

Then select 'Transfer Purchases from [your iPhone's name]' from the expanded options.

Use iTunes to transfer the purchased songs on your iPhone to your computer for free.

Waiting for a little while, all the purchased songs on your iPhone will be synced to your computer. You can find them in 'Recently Added' from the left menu of iTunes window.

To move the purchased songs on your computer, you can simply select whatever songs you want, and choose the 'Download' option to save them on your computer for free.

If some of your music are encrypted, you may have to authorize your computer to make the songs accessible. Choose 'Account' at the top bar and select 'Authorization', which will require your Apple account. Once you entered your Apple ID and the password, you can play the synced songs on your computer.

iTunes has made it easier for people who want to move their purchased songs from iPhone to computer for free. However, if you also want to import the non-purchased songs from your iPhone to computer, you will have to consider other options instead.

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Move music on your iPhone to your computer using iPhone Data Transfer

As the name implies, it's no surprise that iPhone Data Transfer is centered on transferring data across your iPhone and other devices. It's essentially a data sharing app that supports users as they need to move files from their iPhone to another device or vice versa.

One of its greatest features is that you can quickly move your music files on your iPhone to your computer directly, without using your Apple ID. And it also includes the ability to transfer the pictures, messages, contacts and other documents from your iPhone to a PC or Mac.

As soon as you start using iPhone Data Transfer, you'll immediately appreciate its simple and neat interface which makes it much easier to transfer the non-purchased music from your iPhone to your computer. With a USB cable, you can finish the process within minutes.

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for macOS | for Windows

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to computer and launch iPhone Data Transfer

You may need to enter your iPhone passcode to make your music data accessible.

Step 2: Click 'Music' from the left menu

All music on your iPhone will display here, including podcasts, ringtones and other music files.

Step 3: Export music on your iPhone to your computer

Tick the songs you'd like. Then click the computer icon at the top and choose 'Export to PC'. Soon, the checked items will be stored on your computer after you pick a destination folder.

It is available to sync songs as many as you want and also supports music from computer to iPhone.

Beyond the unlimited number of songs you can pick, what makes this app great is that you can transfer your music or other files by simply ticking what you want. It supports macOS as well if you also need to copy your songs from your iPhone to a Mac.

Shortcut to transfer your music to a computer from an iPhone without iTunes

As you can see, iPhone Data Transfer supports abundant audio files, including music songs, podcasts, ringtones, audiobook and even voice memos. It also provides a quick shortcut to transfer all the music on your iPhone to a computer. Other than transferring music between your iPhone and your computer, you can also move photos, videos, contacts, messages, and other files from your iPhone to a computer without limits.

Once installed the app, open it on your computer and connect your iPhone.

At the bottom of the main page, you can see 'Device to PC' icon colored in orange. Click it.

Shortcuts to transfer files between iPhone and other devices.

Then you'll find all the media items on your iPhone are selected by default. Just keep the music box ticked, and deselect the others. You can also click the three dots below the computer icon to choose a destination folder on your computer.

Tick 'Music' box to move all the music on your iPhone to the computer.

After that, click 'Start' button to confirm the transfer. Then all the music data on your iPhone will be copied into your computer and stored in the destination folder. You can check the moved music items when the process is all finished.

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Video Guide: How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer


Fair and square, after comparing between iTunes and iPhone Data Transfer, one thing is clear that while iTunes only helps with the purchased songs in your Apple music, iPhone Data Transfer can deal with all of the others. Considering different music files you want to transfer from your iPhone to computer for free, you're free to pick a way that suits you best.

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