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How to Recover Text Messages from Motorola Phone

Blake Sullivan Updated on Apr 15, 2022 8:59 AM

Most users are not aware of the potential risks on their Android phone until the data stored on it gets lost someday. One of the worst feeling for any Motorola users—new to Motorola or not—is when your important texts along with embedded attachments disappear. You might accidentally highlight the wrong text conversations before tapping the "Delete" on the screen and they are gone. You might lost the Motorola SMS Messages due to a system failure, or a file corruption.

Whatever the reason, when this happens, it's very easy to quickly go into panic and think that all those text threads are lost forever. Unlike Windows system, Android OS doesn't comes with a built-in recycle bin that offers you the convenience of restoring the data files on Android you lost or deleted accidentally. So how can you recover text messages from Motorola phone?

Thankfully, in most cases, your lost Motorola text messages are in a state to be retrievable unless the system save new data to the location where they're previously stored. So, please don't use your Motorola phone to perform tasks before getting the messages recovered from the Motorola phone.

Use Motorola Messages Recovery Utility

The thing you need to try now when attempting to restore SMS Messages deleted from Motorola phones is find a professional data recovery software application. Upon a plethora of online search results, Android Data Recovery software is our choice, which offers an intuitive graphic interface for texts messages recovery with very high success rates.

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This software does a good job in Android files recovery affair, letting you access deep memory of the device and scan it for deleted files and get them back. It has a wide range of support for data types, including messages, contacts, photos, WhatsApp conversions, videos, call logs and documents. It's a cross-platform application that works well on both PC and Mac computer.

When you are ready, simply download the program and install it on your working computer, follow the introductory guide to retrieve the deleted text messages from Motorola smartphone.

How to get deleted text messages on a Motorola phone

Step 1: Connect Motorola phone to computer and run Android Data Recovery

Once launched the program on your computer, you will be able to see three accessible modes on its main interface. Here's how the software arranges the layout:

main interface of Android recovery

Since you are going to perform the Motorola messages recovery, click on "Android Data Recovery" mode and then plug your Motorola phone into computer via a USB cable.

Step 2: Turn on USB debugging mode on Motorola

Once connected, you should go to Settings app on your Motorola phone and enable USB debugging mode to let the program access the data successfully.

If you have no idea to do this, just follow the concise on-screen instructions, or you can turn to the article: How to Enable USB Debugging Mode on Android.

enable usb debugging

Step 3: Select SMS messages file type to scan

On the next screen, you are allowed to choose what fie types you are trying to scan. In this purpose, select the "Messages" and "Messages Attachments" options and followed by Next button.

select messages file type to restore

Step 4: Have root access and analyze Motorola's memory

At this point, the software will detect the information of your Motorola handset and try to get root permission for recovering the deleted messages with better success rate.

To do this, click the Rooting Tools button at the bottom right corner and then download an app named KingoRoot software it referred to root your Motorola device.

Also Check: How to Root and Unroot an Android Phone

scan all lost and existing messages on your motorola phone

After the root access, the program will begin deeply scanning the memory of your Motorola phone for finding deleted and old text messages from Motorola phone memory.

Step 5: Select your deleted Motorola messages to restore

Once the scan completes, all found files on Motorola phone will be sorted into corresponding categories on the left pane. For example, the text messages will be located in the "Messages" category, and attached photos, links, documents, video clips will be saved in "Messages Attachments" category.

To retrieve lost messages on Motorola phone, click on the "Messages" and "Messages Attachments" categories from the left list, then sift through the messages on the center pane and highlight the items for recovery.

select text threads to be recovered

You can also use the "Only display the deleted item(s)" toggle that stays on the center top of the window to set the way for displaying all your messages or just the deleted messages.

After you've confirm your selection, click the Recover button at the bottom right corner of the interface and choose a location to restore the deleted Motorola messages on computer.

specify a saving path


That's pretty much about the guidance on recovering text messages from Motorola phone. Android Data Recovery can handle more than just messages, so in the occasions when you lose photos, documents, photos or anything else, you should be able to bring them back with less efforts.

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