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How to Transfer Data from iPhone to OnePlus Android Phone [4 Ways]

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:26 PM

When you switch from iPhone to a brand new OnePlus phone, you start with a different experience. It's a wonderful thing. However, to begin using it, you should consider transferring data from the old iPhone to the new OnePlus. This can seem a bit daunting — you're not just switching to a new device, you're switching to an entirely new ecosystem — but it's in fact very easy.

That's where this guide comes in handy! Here we'll show you 4 ways to transfer data from iPhone to OnePlus Android phone, so you can still come by most of the data you have before and lose next to nothing important. If you have data backed in iTunes or iCloud, you can still find options here to restore those data and move to OnePlus without hassle.

Way 1: Transfer iPhone data to OnePlus with OnePlus Switch app

To solve some of this consternation, OnePlus official offers assistance in the form of the "OnePlus Switch" app to help users seamlessly move data to new OnePlus device from iPhone. It won't move everything, but it will take care of the essential data, like contacts, photos, videos, audios, messages and calendar. More detains here.

Here's everything you need to do to take OnePlus Switch for data transfer from iPhone to OnePlus.

  • Open OnePlus Switch app in OnePlus, and select "I'm a new phone."
  • Select your old device as iPhone.
  • Tap "CONTINUE" and you will get a Network name and Password of the hotspot.
  • Open OnePlus Switch in iPhone, and select "I'm an old phone."
  • Tap "Connect" button.
  • Go to Wi-Fi, enter the password for Network name shown on OnePlus to build connection.
  • Select the data you want to transfer.
  • Tap "Start".

Keeping OnePlus Switch open until it finishes transferring to OnePlus from iPhone.

Way 2: Migrate iPhone stuff to OnePlus using Phone Transfer

Unable to install OnePlus Switch on iPhone? Or you would like to get data transferred from iPhone to OnePlus in one go without messing around with any settings in your device, then Phone Transfer is a great choice for you.

It's capable of sending or receiving content from your smartphone you threw in an easy and straightforward way. Contacts, images, messages, tracks, call history, videos, calendar are all supported. It even allows you to back up your device to your computer, and retrieve it to device of your choice in case something goes wrong in future.

Download Now!

for Windows | for MacOS

To move iPhone files to OnePlus phone, you first need to download the copy of the software and install on your computer. After you've done that, follow these steps to set up transferring.

Step 1: Connect both iPhone and OnePlus to computer

First up, launch the program. In the opening main interface select the green "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode to proceed.

sync iPhone data to OnePlus

On the next window, plug your two devices into the computer via USB cables. On your OnePlus Android phone, you'll have to enable USB Debugging mode.

Step 2: Select data for transfer

When the connection is done, you will see two images on both sides representing iPhone and OnePlus phone. In this example, we're going to make transfer from iPhone to OnePlus, so make sure iPhone is connected as source device on the left side and OnePlus on the other side. Flip option is available for you to switch their position.

Go ahead and check the boxes next to types of data you want to transfer to OnePlus.


Step 3: Start moving iPhone data to OnePlus

Now it's time to start the transfer task. Simply click the Start Copy button at the bottom and let the program transfer data files on iPhone to OnePlus smartphone.

Way 3: Restore iTunes backup to OnePlus

Usually, your data is stored on the iPhone and you can use the OnePlus data transfer tools mentioned above to move it to the new device. What if you lost the iPhone and want to restore data to OnePlus from iTunes backup you made before? You're still lucky enough. Phone Transfer integrates options to extracts data from iTunes backup transfer over to OnePlus Android phone.

Download Now!

for Windows | for MacOS

  • Connect the OnePlus to computer, and enable USB Debugging mode.
  • Launch Phone Transfer.
  • Click "Restore from backups" on the window.
  • Click iTunes. This will list all of iTunes backup files it detects in this computer.
  • Choose the most relevant backup.
  • Select the data files you want to move.
  • Click "Start Transfer" button.

Move iTunes to Android

Your data restored from iTunes backup will be transferred to OnePlus.

Way 4: Restore iPhone data to OnePlus from iCloud backups

Want to restore iCloud backup files to OnePlus? That's possible and simple.

  • Download, install Phone Transfer on computer, open it.
  • Attach the OnePlus device to computer, and enable USB Debugging mode.
  • Click "Restore from backups" on the window.
  • Click iCloud, and then sign in with your Apple ID
  • Select the most relevant backup to download.
  • Choose the content you wish to transfer to OnePlus.
  • Click "Start Transfer".

When the restore process is done, all your chosen data should appear on the new OnePlus device.

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