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How to Transfer Call Logs from iPhone to Huawei Quickly and Easily

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 14, 2022 8:49 PM

When switching from one phone to another, it is profitable to get the call logs off your old phone and have them on the new device.

When you switch from iPhone to Huawei Android phone and want to browse the call history conveniently, it is better to copy the same call logs from iPhone over to the Huawei phone. This way, you can avoid the trouble of gaining access to the old phone when you have to place a call you don't save to the contacts, track the call details or whatever.

Among a great selection of transfer apps available online, Phone Transfer works fairly well and it provides great features and functionality. It helps you get all your call history from iPhone onto Huawei, along with contacts, text messages, calendars, videos, photos and music. This program is also qualified for archiving the call logs and other files on the computer and allows you to restore the content as you need.

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Let's have a look at how it works in call history transfer.

Step 1: Establish a connection of your two phones

Open up the Phone Transfer software and choose the tab labeled "Phone to Phone Transfer" to enter data transfer window.

Next, plug in the both devices to the computer. Besides, enable USB Debugging Mode on the new Huawei phone. For iPhone, tap trust to authorize this computer.

Step 2: Select call logs for transfer

After successful connection, you are able to see two icons on the screen with iPhone on the left and Huawei on the right. If misplaced, you can use Flip button to switch their position.

The program will scan for data files in your old iPhone memory automatically, and displays them on the middle section of the window.

Once scan is complete, in the resulting list, check the box next to Call logs.

Step 3: Initialize the transfer process

Finally, click the Start Copy button, Phone Transfer will start moving your iPhone call history over to Huawei smartphone. Depending on the size of call logs you have to transfer, it might take a while for the transfer to complete.

You can let it do its thing in the background and do something else.

The Bottom Line

Phone Transfer lacks the bells and whistles of more robust utilities in the market, but it's simple and get the job done in a fast manner, making it a top contender for data migration across the devices.

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