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How to Migrate All Data Files from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra

Peter Rugg Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:25 PM

When you buy a new Samsung Galaxy Note20 or Note20 Ultra, you will want to transfer all important stuff to it from your old iPhone. While some people want their favorite photos and footage to be moved, others might want to keep their documents, contacts, and SMS conversations in the new device.

No matter which types of data and how much you plan on taking along, you want to make the transfer quickly. In today's discussion we're taking a look at how to easily transfer everything from your iPhone to your new Galaxy Note20 (Ultra). Depending on what data file you're transferring, you can use only one way or a couple of different ways to transfer it.

All-in-one Solution: Transfer all data on iPhone to Note20 (Ultra) with Phone Transfer

For device to device transfer, there are plenty of utilities you can rely on. If you're looking for something which makes data transfer quick and easy with nothing left behind, Phone Transfer should be the best option. It's an one-click solution that offers a speedy and step-by-step transfer process. You don't need to wait for a long time for it to finish copying data from iPhone over to Samsung Note20 (Ultra). It supports transferring contacts, call logs, photos, SMS messages, music, videos, calendar.

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for Windows | for MacOS

Here's the steps you need to transfer contents from iPhone to Note20 (Ultra).

  • Run Phone Transfer on your computer.
  • Connect your both old iPhone and new Galaxy Note20 (Ultra) to computer.
  • Turn on USB Debugging Mode on your Note20 (Ultra)
  • When the program detects two devices, you should see a screen like a image below. Make sure iPhone is on the left side, and Note20 (Ultra) on the right side.
  • transferring iphone to samsung note20

  • Check boxes next to data types you want to move onto new Samsung Note20 (Ultra).
  • Click Start Copy button. Phone Transfer will start migrating contents to Samsung Note20 (Ultra) from your iPhone. It can display a progress bar that indicates a percentage of completion of the process.

The following will show you many of other ways if you just want to move certain types of data from your iPhone to your new Note20 (Ultra) device.

How to transfer contacts

Obviously, this is one of the most things you want to transfer. You don't have to leave your contacts behind on your iPhone. There are a number of ways to do this.

See: How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android (5 Ways) -Ubergizmo

How to transfer text messages

Moving SMS conversations is easy, you just need to back up your messages data and then restore it on your new Note20 (Ultra) phone using a SMS extractor.

See: How to migrate SMS messages from an iPhone to an Android device - TechRepublic

How to migrate photos and videos

When it comes to transferring photos, you could make the move the old way and manually transfer them. Or you can just take advantage of the awesome cloud storage services.

See: How to transfer photos and images from iPhone to Android - AndroidAuthority

How to move iPhone music

Due to Apple's anti-privacy policy, moving music from iPhone to your Samsung Note20 (Ultra) is not as easy as transferring other files. If you have backup of your songs in iTunes library, you can use the old drag-and-drop method or to get your music from iTunes onto Note20 (Ultra). Or you can use a tool named Google Play Music to make music syncing through cloud.

However, if your iPhone tracks are downloaded from online and no copies saved in iTunes, you will need the 3rd party data transfer tool, just like the Phone Transfer we mentioned above. You can also find some other such kinds of applications to transfer your tunes.

How to sync your calendar

Your iPhone calendar can also be moved to your Galaxy Note20 (Ultra) device. All you need to do is sync your calendar to Google account, then log in with this account on your new Note20 (Ultra) phone to restore it.

More details here: How to transfer your iCloud calendar to Android

How to transfer documents

When you're making switching from iPhone to Samsung Note20 (Ultra), you'll want to take all your documents that matter in your life or business with you. This can be done through cloud service.

See more: How to transfer your iCloud Drive files to Google Drive


Switching data from one device to another doesn't have to be that hard! There are plenty of ways you can choose from to complete your migration process. Happy transferring!.

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