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How to Transfer Call Logs from iPhone to HTC Phone Easily

Blake Sullivan Updated on Apr 14, 2022 8:48 PM

If you are busy handling all kinds of problems by talking on the phone, then countless call history will be lying around on your iPhone. When you make a switch from iPhone to a new HTC Android phone, you will probably want to move all your iPhone call logs to the HTC phone as they are as important as any other files. Here, let's talk about how to transfer iPhone call history to a new HTC device in a few clicks.

The tool we'll use in this topic is Phone Transfer. With it, you can copy not only the call logs from iPhone to HTC, but also other data like contacts, calendar events, text messages, movies, songs, photos. The software offer you an option to make a copy of your data to the computer so that you can restore and view the backups when necessary.

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After you get a clear picture of this program, let's get started and migrate all your call history from iPhone to HTC in one go. First of all , download the application on the computer by pressing the download link and go through the install wizard to install it. This transfer tool works well on all Windows platforms, and there is a separate edition for Mac user, too.

Step 1: Run the program and connect two devices

Run the program and a elegant screen appears, displaying four modes for you to choose from. For this case, select the green "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode to get into data transfer window.

Get your two devices connected to the computer via USB cables. Meanwhile, don't forget to enable USB Debugging mode on the HTC phone and tap trust on iPhone to grant permission to access data.

Step 2: Select Call logs in the scanning results

Once connected successfully, the software will identify the two devices and shown them on the window, as screenshot demonstrated below.

Do note that here you will have the iPhone stayed on the left side as sending device, and the other as the receiving device on the right side. You can use Flip button to make a switch if misplaced.

Next, on the middle section, you can choose what data type to be transferred. Since call history is your target, simply check box next to "Call logs".

Step 3: Start transferring iPhone call history to HTC

Press the Start Copy button to start the call logs transfer process. Please don't do anything that might stop and slow down the process until it is finished.

You're done!

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