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How to Transfer Contacts from LG phone to iPhone 14 Quickly

Rob Parsons Updated on Sep 27, 2022 9:24 PM

iPhone 14, the latest Apple's premium flagship, finally get its mysteriously veil uncovered. If you're a LG Android phone user and you've got a new iPhone recently, migrating all your contacts you have been hoarding for years inside your LG phone to iPhone 14 may be the first thing you want to do.

In the past, it may bother you seriously since you have to fix your eyes on the numbers of all your friends and families in your old phone and then type them into the new phone one by one. That's really cumbersome!

Fortunately, transferring contacts from LG to iPhone 14 is never be an old-school fashion anymore. If you don't want to involve any tedious process, Phone Transfer is your answer. The beauty of using it is that you're given a quick-and-easy solution.

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Coming with an intuitive and clear interface, Phone Transfer offers you a comfortable transferring process to copy all your contacts from old LG phone to new iPhone 14 without any glitch, as well as many other data as text messages, music, photos, calendar, etc. Even better, It gives you capability to backup data inside the phone memory, just in case you lost the device or delete the data accidently.

Tip: If you accidentally deleted some of your important contact numbers on iPhone, check out our guide on how to recover contacts on iPhone. To avoid scares like this one, we strongly suggest you are regularly backing up things online or locally.

How to Move LG Contacts to iPhone 14

Step 1: Connect both your LG and iPhone to the computer

Launch the program, you will be presented with a colorful interface with four tabs. To transfer contacts from LG to iPhone 14, you click the green Phone to Phone Transfer tab to proceed.

After that, a transfer window will open and ask you to connect both LG smartphone and new iPhone to computer via USB cables. Note that you'll be prompted to set your Android device on USB debugging mode and tap Trust on your iPhone 14 home screen.

Step 2: Select Contacts you want to move from LG

Once connected, the program will display you the LG phone on the left side as the source device and iPhone on the right side as the destination phone. If reversed, just click the Flip button on the top center to shift their position.

Next, you'll a box in the center of the window, along with details of your LG data including contacts, text messages, calendar, photos, etc.

To copy contacts from LG Android to iPhone 14, you should mark the checkbox next to Contacts option.

Step 3: Begin transferring contacts

Now, all things left to do is hit the big green Start Copy button at the bottom center of the window, the Phone Transfer software will start migrating your LG contacts over to your shinny new iPhone 14.

The migrating process will end in a fast manner. And when it's over, disconnect both your LG phone and iPhone from the computer, and you're ready to go.

Happy contacts transferring!

Lost contacts on your LG phone? Data recovery software is just one way to go. Check out our post on recovering deleted contacts from LG phone for complete instructions.

The Bottom Line

After following these steps, the contacts should appear within the iPhone 14 address book. This guide can also be applied for other data transfer, whether it being messages, music, photos, and calendar.

Also, don't forget to back up your new iPhone data regularly, just in case you lose data such as contacts, messages, notes, voice memos, photos and more should something happen to it. You can do so by using the "Back Up Your Phone" feature of Phone Transfer, or through iTunes "Back Up Now" option in its main interface, which allows you to have a complete backup of your iPhone on the computer, or even via the Apple iCloud service.

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