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How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note20 (Ultra)

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:26 PM

Contacts constitutes one of the most important data in our smartphone. When you get a new phone (for example, Samsung Note20), the top priority is to get the original contacts to the new device. Among numerous methods to do this, this post is going to offer you a straighforward way to transfer contacts from an iPhone to a Samsung Note20 phone.

When you trade in for a new Samsung Galaxy Note20 (Plus) and want to put it into use right away, the first thing is to transfer the contacts from your old iPhone to new Samsung Note20. If you are conducting contacts transfer between two iOS devices, things are easier with iCloud backup. But things become a little bit complicated when it comes to moving contacts between Android and iOS. I believe that typing contact numbers and info. one by one manually is generally not a good idea.

This is less of a problem with Phone Transfer in this case. It's featured by an intuitive and concise interface as well as easy-to-use function, in an attempt to cater for both experienced users and beginners who are not technology-savvy enough. With it, you are able to get all your iPhone contacts transferred to the new Samsung Galaxy Note20 with ease. In addition to contacts, you are also empowered to copy other important files including call history, calendar, messages, songs, movies and other files from iPhone to Galaxy Note20.

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The second part of this post outlines a step-by-step tutorial to demonstrate how to move contacts from iPhone over to Samsung Note20 phone, you can achieve this on a Mac or PC machine.

Step 1: Choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode on the program

After you've finished the installation of the program on your PC or Mac computer, run it.

In the opening main interface, select the mode "Phone to Phone Transfer" for the purpose of data migrating including contacts from iPhone to Galaxy Note20 phone.

Grab two USB cables to connect your both devices to the computer. You are required to turn on USB Debugging Mode on your Samsung Note20 Android handset and tap trust on iPhone to allow the program to read the data.

Step 2: Tick Contact option on the checkbox in the scan results

After both your devices have been detected, you will see both devices displayed on both side. iPhone should be connected as source device and your new Galaxy Note20 as destination device. If not, click Flip button to switch their position.

On the middle pane, you're able to choose the file type(s) you want to transfer. If the only target file type is contacts, just tick off Contacts on the checkbox.

Step 3: Start transferring contacts from iPhone to Samsung Note20

Now, all that is left to do is press the Start Copy button at the bottom center and you're good to go. The entire contacts transfer process will be finished quickly since you are only coping contacts.

After the transfer process comes to an end, you're ready to open the Contacts app in Samsung Note20–your iPhone contacts should be there.

The Bottom Line

Phone Transfer is capable of transferring all your important data files from one device to another in a fast manner, whether it is your contacts, call history, text messages, or media files such as music, photos, movies. As you notice on the interface, there are another three modes named "Restore From Backups" and "Back Up Your Phone", "Erase Your Old Phone" which is used to prevent data loss or leakage. They can be something you can explore yourself if neccessary.

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