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How to Transfer Text Messages from ZTE to iPhone Seamlessly

Blake Sullivan Updated on Apr 14, 2022 9:38 PM

I just bought a new iPhone. There are over 500 messages and hundreds of contacts in my old ZTE phone, with other data. I'm wondering how I could transfer all my messages from ZTE over to iPhone. I did some googling but got nothing useful. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

You're tired of the Android ecosystem and you're ready to ditch your old ZTE phone and say hello to iPhone. Going from ZTE to iPhone is not just a matter of the new digital life, but a matter of the massive task to transfer a considerable amount of data in between. In today's discussion, we'll show you how to transfer text messages from ZTE to iPhone.

It's not that difficult to transfer between two different mobile platforms, thanks to Phone Transfer. It is a comprehensive solution that can transfer ZTE text messages to iPhone effortlessly, along with other file types like contacts, photos, music tracks and more on a full scale. Plus, It offers capability in backing up phone data to the computer and restoring content to the device, from the computer, iTunes, iCloud or OneDrive.

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you'll be pleased with just how easy Phone Transfer is to use. Now, please install the right version on your either PC or Mac and follow the quick guide to move text messages from ZTE phone to iPhone.

Step 1: Choose the data transferring mode

Run the application and click on the green field, namely, "Phone to Phone Transfer".

You'll be prompted to connect the two devices to computer with USB cables. One more step: Turn on USB Debugging Mode on ZTE and tap trust on iPhone.

Step 2: Analyze content inside ZTE and choose text messages option

The two devices can be seen on both sides of the interface. Press Flip button to set ZTE as source device and iPhone as destination device if necessary.

The content from ZTE has been displayed on the content box in categories.

Now, tick Text Messages and other options you wish to transfer on the content box.

The software don't support call logs and apps transferring due to incompatility between iOS and Android. You'll have to re-download apps from the App Store.

Step 3: Start migration

Finally, hit the green Start Copy button at the bottom-center section to initiate the process of coping the messages existing in old ZTE handset to new iPhone.

When the process is complete, you are able to view the messages in your new iPhone.

That's it! Happy transferring!

The Bottom Line

With easy-to-follow steps, an intuitive user-interface and multifunctional features, Phone Transfer is able to satisfy your multiple needs and help you migrate all your important data files as easy as possible between devices. Try out it.

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